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Lower left constant pain


Does anyones ibs manifest with really low pelvic left sided pain. It is constant except when asleep. Used to get pain there but it was never so constant. Last 5 years attacks have been on the right. Last year had 3 cts and vaginal ultrasound all clear. Was diagnosed originally through colonoscopy when I also was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I have health anxiety and despite a ct with contrast 8 months ago I am freaking out.

Any advice appreciated.

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Hi my ibs tends to normally be on he left side but when I have severe attacks the pains go right up into my stomach and into my chest that hurts like hell. Have you takenjoy any high for the pains? I find buscopan helps me.


bourne62 get this too only in my lower left side and down practically into the pubic area sometimes pain into my left leg too but always just on the left even period pain seems to only be on my left side too. I had ultrasound external and internal both were clear but she struggled to find left ovary due to a lot of gas in the area which is how it feels all the time. Just been told ibs and I also have anxiety too had problems with low b12, vit D and folate just don't know anymore :(

Is there nothing they can do for the diverticulosis? My friends mom was told she had a wheat allergy when she actually had diverticulosis and is now having part of her colon removed to help

Yes mine is always lower left literally where u would have period pains. Into pelvis area.

It kills me even to sit down on bum but i found out i was wheat and gluten and dairy intolerant and since giving it all up HAPPY BELLY!!

Have posted about this then saw replies to my first post so will ask you kind ladies. Do any of you feel you are sqyashing something or get a pain when you bend on that side

I had this problem until I tried a gluten free diet. I find I can get away with a small amount (like if it is in a sauce such as soy) and only get the pain now when I eat something with a lot of gluten such as fish in batter or pastry. Not saying it will work for you but it is worth a try.

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