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left lower side pain

cant keep doing that ,as im have pain lower left side every few days ,,, could i take painkillers ,, only trouble is cant keep doing this , it wouldnt be a good think long term would it ??? i havnt taken any as yet ,,anyone tried aloe vera capsules or flaxseed capsules, is this a uk site /? thanks for any replies valerie

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I have had aloe vera capsules before but i was advised by my dr to stop taking them. I didnt notice any help from them tho.

I think if you were taking paracetamol it would be okay. But opiates can slow down your GI tracts.

Have you mentioned the pain to you GP?

Im not sure if this is uk or what but i bet it dosent really matter.


it dosent hurt to take painkillers just to take the edge of the pain u might hv a bloged bowel if so take 2 movical pket,s if not and ur loose it cud be stress on the bowel if not go to the docs and see wat he or she say,s


I think you need a prescription to get movicol in the uk. But yes a pharmacy would have it. I would advise talking to your GP or a pharmacist.

Opiates are things like co codamol,codien, tramadol, morphine. Gi tracts is your guts basicly


I think you're fine taking paracetamol, as long as it isn't every day. I use Paramol for pain as I find that anything with caffeine or ibuprofen worsens my symptoms.

I didn't find Aloe Vera much use but tend to drink chamomile tea which helps a lot and I find Yoga is really helpful for my abdomen because it forces the muscles to stretch which reduces the amount of cramp.

Alas with most IBS treatments, it's a try it and see so what didn't work for me might be perfect for you!


I agree that camomile tea can help along with gentle stretching, though I also have been advised to take peppermint oil tablets or drink peppermint tea as it does a similar thing.

Good luck!


i have crippling pain in lower left side every few days sometimes i cant stand or walk because its painfull.iv had i b s 6 yearys now cant take painkillers they make me very sick the only comfort i get is when im not stood up soon as i get to my feet tummy cramps up cant get it through to docs its worse when i move /


i also have a pain like yours , when i discussed it with my gp, he believes it to be a small intestine spasm -all part of chronic IBS not very helpful when ur in a pain, i find (for me) that painkillers don't work on spasms , all they do is upset my stomach. i find that exercise does seem to help to ease the pain , but it never goes entirely. i hope it gets better for u soon :)


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