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Taking Next Steps~

Bit of an update on the ibs/stomach/bowel related issues~ Still ruling things out but he’s definitely certain that’s what I have. But nene the good doc he is, he’s checking everything in case.

The last few days have not been good. Had a massive flare up where I couldn’t eat, was curled up in constant pain, every inch of my body ached cause stomach was making all muscles tense...it was like been back to when it first started playing up and was just awful...think i was starting to lose hope of success...was just hitting a massive low point.

And course when I’m feeling my worse that’s when I had my abdominal scan appointment booked in. But, pulled through and forced myself to go. That was yesterday (and after the bad flare up for the day prior to that and yesterday, my stomach did not appreciate having someone pushing on it...) and even scored an appointment with my doc that night which was great. All my tests I’ve done over the last two months have come back clear so, as he said ‘on paper you’re ready to run a marathon’. So Course that means I get to go to the next joyous step of....a colonoscopy.

Cause I don’t have private health, referral has been put to the public system and now I wait to hear when this colonoscopy will be. Until then I am to keep taking the Iberogast (1ml three times a day with meals), he’s suggested I start taking Metamucil once a day along with Doxepin to try and calm the nervous system and my anxiety that has risen severely with this ibs issues. He’s also suggests gastrostop as an ‘as needed’ thing to take if I really need to go out and just need that added security knowing I won’t have an episode.

Of which I truly wanted. Cause my sister has her first ever musical performance next week and I really want to go! So I’m praying this stuff works so much...cause I really want to go and need that knowing that I can and won’t spend it in the bathroom instead.

Today I’m going to spend getting my body back under management (get food back in and such) after it’s flare up so I can get to store to get this new stuff. Fingers crossed it works...and keeps working. Got some hope for success again...think I really needed that.

And before I leave it there, you can tell my doc has a sense of humour. When he was telling me about the Metamucil he said and I quote ‘we give it to people as it dries up their mouths, that way they can’t complain’ x’DD He’s joking but just lol!

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Please read about Dysbiosis and see what you think?


I shall have a look into it! Thanks for the suggestion ^-^


U need a dr with a sense of humour as it put u at ease dont u.

I hate them

When there so serious always make me think i must b dying ha ha.

I have had ibs for 25 years,

I have done everything but after the last two years i have it under control... so my advice

PROBIOTICS, Digestive enzymes, peppermint oil capsules, and dida tablets( candida).

Since i been taking these twice a day about 15 mins before food it has worked a treat....

I eat healthy to .. no crap, sugary food, no gluten, no dairy and i eat all organic fruit and veg.

Small meals throughout day and it worked !!

Mayb this will help u.

I hope it does.

The thing i found worse for me was bread! It was the yeast and gluten


I like that he has the humour to make the atmosphere lighter but still been serious about the issues at hand. It’s refreshing alright having someone who cares. ^^ And it’s definitely better than having someone super serious! Haha

Ouch that’s a long time.... sorry to hear...

I’ve tried probiotics, the two lots I’ve tried so far have all failed or had a rather, backwards effect ^^; so I’m been wary of them for now til I find some other options. There’s weirdly not many here!

Haven’t tried digestive enzymes or the candida tablets yet but shall look into it, and the peppermint capsules I have tried (all it did was give me a mint taste all day but didn’t do anything for my stomach in the slightest.

I’m on a low fodmap diet at the moment and ruled out several intolerances already (dairy been a big one) and easing on gluten, onion, garlic and all that stuff. I’m not a big junk eater anyway so not eating much of that nonsense is easy enough. I do like my sugar....but I have cut back on that too ^^ Steps at a time! Slowly but surely hopefully making way toward set diagnosis and results! 😊

Thank you for your suggestions and support!



So glad you are being listened to and agree with Lulububs that diet plays a huge part with IBS. I am also buying as much organic foods as I can, mainly vegetables, I don't eat much fruit now as that does play up with me. I have probiotics but haven't yet tried the digestive enzymes but this is something I will try if I get any problems. Mine is slowly improving at the moment because I am being so careful what I eat - all natural and homemade.

I've also see other people mention Dysbiosis so that's another one maybe to think about.

Very best of luck.

Alicia :)


I do think ibs is mainly nerves or a intolerance.

I find i get both YEAH!!

I have started meditating twice a day, as soon as i wake and before bed and it has helped me with the stress part and i also do peliv floor release exercises as coz us ibs sufferers have such problems in that area our pelvic floor muscle can become ultra tight so if u having bladder , bowel or sex issues sometimes it coz ur ur floor to tight. This has helped me ALOT!!

Plus with the supplements and the healthy eating i more or less got it sussed!!

Although anything can flare it


You are certainly working on it well Lulububs, it takes a lot of hard work and thought but it is worth it in the end.

It would be so much easier to say, I'll just buy a loaf of bread in the store but that is when the problems arise. I am now buying organic bread flour, milk, broccoli, carrots. I cannot afford all organic but the more I can afford the better.

Everything homemade from now on, no rubbish.

Alicia :)


Well it bit of nitemare for me alicia as i am intolerant to gluten and cowsmilk so i have no choice on half stuff i can eat so it clean eating or go to the free from part in supermarket.

It gets so boring somedays and oh how i miss a cake or peanut butter on chrusty bread but i cant do it , il b doubled up in agony for days after!

So unfortunately ive kind of been forced into the healthy eating BUT I FEEL BETTER !! I feel healthier, lighter, my hair, skin and nails looks fantastic i used to suffer from real bad itchy blotchy skin and since giving up the gluten it all gone? So it was obv a alergy to it.

I think the ibs was the intolerances mainly but i do get nerve belly to... any stress or nerves and im on toilet.


It's so hard when you have intolerances. I have a bread flour in my cupboard it's gluten free, I got in in Morrisons and the make is Dove's Farm. I tried Almond Milk and didn't like it but I am lucky as I am not intolerant to dairy as I eliminated Lactose from my diet for a couple of months and introduced it back into my diet about 3 weeks ago now with no ill effects.

What do you have for lunch as I am so reliant on sandwiches?

The good thing here is you feel so much healthier and as you say you feel lighter as well and your skin is much better.

I definitely am much better with coping with stress when I exercise, there is nothing better.

Well done to you for the hard work, it sounds like it has paid off.

Alicia :)


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