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Sigmoidoscopy next week

I was diagnosed with ibs a few years ago but recently have had excruciating pain in the lower left side of my abdomen spreading up towards the middle.

I have seen a gastro consultant and they think ibs may have been misdiagnosed, I have a sigmoidoscopy booked for Monday to have a look inside my colon.

When I have these ibs flare ups in the past I get unbearable pain in my abdomen that usually makes me pass out it's relieved by moving my bowls. I have frequent diarreah. I have altered my diet to cut out the trigger foods but this hadn't helped, doctors gave me two lots of anti spasmodics mebeverine and buscopan. I tried peppermint oil capsules but they made the diarreah worse.

I've had blood and mucus in the stool too, just wondering what this could be if it's not ibs?

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Best wait till Monday for professional opinion.But some years ago I had the same problem it turned out to be Gall stones Which I had removed.But wait for consultants opinion .


i also have this pain sometimes so bad it makes me vomit i am doubled over and have to have a rolled up bath towel to press into me,it was discovered through colonoscopy that i have diverticular diesease .


Yes I agree wait for consultants opinion. I had cameras both ends last Friday, found several things plus took 9 biopsies just waiting for results now hopefully I will have answers in another week. Good luck to you and try not to worry xx


You must wait and see what the Doctors say. This is a wonderful support site but nobody can tell you what is really wrong only a doctor. The internet is a huge problem as people read what they want. I have lived for years having been told I had IBS when I had a flare up last year I took to the internet, read all I wanted to know and followed advice. I was told I had bleeding hemroids after a sigmoidostomy and carried on . I now have Cancer. I beg of everybody to see you GP and only follow their advice


hi Emma I also going for colonoscopy soon as I have just been hospitalised for a week with abdominal pains and bowel blockage I don't think mine is IBS ,they are taking about Chrons as I get uncontrollable abdo pain and have to have morpine to relive the pain good luck with the procedure hope they get to the bottom of it

IBS is always banded about with this type of complaint but there are other things out there that need investigating good luck


Thanks for all your support everyone, roll on Monday! X


wishing you all the best


I had exactly the same symptoms myself. Fortunately the consultant found nothing physically wrong and diagnosed the problem as severe muscle spasms. I remember the term 'spastic colon' being used, which is a form of IBS.


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