Any tips on how to deal with wind

I'm 16 and when my IBS flares up I feel like I want to be sick, wind that puts pressure (where you would normally feel period pains) so bad that I almost faint and double over (gets relived when I go to the toilet I know TMI). Dealing with exams this becomes very stressful as I have to continue to run out of the room which becomes quite embarrassing. I have stress related IBS so exams really don't help, there has been a few occasions when I've had to crouch down or sit on the floor completely to avoid passing out (I know it's gas cause my belly rumbles and some of the pain and pressure goes away)

I've been suffering with IBS-D for 3 years and it's progressively gotten worse. I just need help or a bit of support I will take anything tbh! I take Imodium quite regularly and mebeverin everyday up to 3 times a day (tried buscapan but was taken off it I'm not sure for the reason)

Thanks for reading, K

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  • Hello

    I get it the same as you sometimes, but not often these days. I think the IBS and stress are related to each other. I eat a banana every day and if I do get a flare up I eat another one and it usually sorts it out.

    Read this link

    Maybe it can help you out a bit during your exams, I hope it helps you out.

  • Thanks x

  • Let me know how you get on of you try it that is.

  • I find Imodium really bloats me. Could your experiment with a half tablet instead of a full one? Also, I find exercise helps. Perhaps if you did some quick yoga (particularly child pose) or a quick jog you could relieve some of the gas before an exam. Also, your school might have accommodations for this. It would be worth checking with them to see if you could write exams in a different room so that you could stand up and stretch/bend over/pass gas as needed.

  • I have a seperate room but it's with 11 others so it's not idea

  • Rennie Deflatine. Recently came accross them and really helps with the bloating and feeling sick!

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