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probiotic making wind worse?

I`ve been taking a probiotic for 10 days (Healthspans Super20 Pro) and my problems with trapped wind seem to have actually got worse. For example I was very uncomfortable when I went to bed last night and it is still bad this morning - even after a bm.

I wanted to give them a reasonable trial but am very temped to give up - even if it is just for a few days to see what happens. I have a book which says you should give up after 4 weeks if they aren`t making an improvement but doesn`t say what to do if they seem to be making you worse

Any advice would be appreciated

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Just to add - the probiotic I am taking has 20 billion live cultures per capsule (I take one a day). Is this too much?


Ps I started on 10 billion then moved to 20 billion. You have started so best to continue with them you will be fine x


Don't give up - probiotics will seem to make symptoms worse for a short time but this is normal it's actually a sign the good bacteria are starting to recolonise the gut but might have a battle with the bad bacteria first! I had an awful 'flare up' when I first started taking probiotics and awful spots too but it was worth it. I'm now taking Super20 Pro twice a day as hoping to move into the super50 Pro next. X


janke .

I can remember having trapped wind kept me awake at night, it was so bad one night i was doubled up in pain crying like mad ,there was no stopping the pain.

after visiting the DR's had tests, and found out it was a gall stone blocking the gall bladder.had some kind of pill which sofened the shell of the stone and thankfully passed it, not even knowing it..Oh the relief.


I too have been taking this probiotic and had the same problems you have had - absolutely crippled with stomach pains and wind -take mine after dinner and by the time go to bed have really bad stomach pains and wind that last all during the night till the next morning and like you even going to the toilet still continues - mine lasted all day yesterday so after two weeks taking it - I didn't have any last night and my stomach feels a lot better today. My stomach has been quite hard the last few days taking it. I just ordered a new box last week as was having good results - prior to the new box the contents were brown - I open mine up - but this new batch contents are white and tastes different - I wrote to the company and they say no formula change but something is different (Optibac Extra Strength have exactly the same contents as Healthspan and inside that capsule it is also brown - I re-ordered another box of Optibac only to have my order go missing).

I have posted on another post regarding Healthspan how it did me good then the new box - for me - is not having the same good results.

I stopped last night because to be crippled with pain all day at work is not pleasant.

It's not getting used to a probiotic for me because I've been taking them for four years but this one has been the worst for giving me pain


Have you had a test for Dysbiosis? What doctors call IBS could be fermenting food in your gut?.


Hi I started taking acidophilus a week ago and have really bad wind and the odd cramp. I have been told the side effects should ease after a few weeks, so I am going to stick with them. They do seem to be making a difference. Good luck xx


Had a dreadful day yesterday so I have stopped taking the probiotic and will see what happens. Haven`t been tested for dysiosis but I`ve had bad IBS for about 4 years and this wind problem is relatively recent


I feel for you as I am much the same. Awful trapped wind especially at night. It sounds like such a small problem but can be so debilitating. Have you tried food intolerance testing or a stools test (assuming your doctor has ruled out all the obvious things)?


Would suggest as well a stool analysis particularly for candida overgrowth I couldn't get this done on NHS but did this privately they also tested for parasites and PH levels x

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I’ve told I have a Candida overgrowth too .

What can I take to help with that


Dont give up it just ur gut dispersing bad bacteria it basically cleaning ur gut out... i had it for about a month then i just settled now i do 20billion and wouldnt b without them.

I also take a peppermint oil capsule before i eat and a digestive enzymes to break down fats and carbs as i find them hard to digest.

Happy gut though now


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