Wind, wind and more wind!

I have had ibs for several years, the main issue is that i have so much wind. I have cut out wheat and dairy and various other foods that i am told i have an intolarance to. I have spent so much money on supplements and nothing works. I have tried peppermint oil, buscopan, charcoal, aloevera, windeze, digestive enzymes, artichoke, fennel ginger....... does anybody have any suggestions. I am not over weight, exercise daily, don't drink fizzy drinks or chew gum, chew my food well, move my bowels daily. Please help.

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  • You have my same problem....have you tried FODMAP? It worked miracles for me. I don't take any medicines - they are useless. Through FODMAP I have eliminated not only gluten and lactose (I only take them occasionally) but also certain veg like onions, garlic, cabbage, etc and fruit like watermelon and peaches. No soya either. Try it's tough but it works.

  • I agree with Drina - it worked for me too! I now know if I am suffering - just eat Low FODMAP.

  • Have you tried a probiotic?

  • I started using acidopphilus with pectic from holland and barrett. It worked but feels like it is starting to wane. I may also try fodmap. I cut out alcohol,bread and started eating rye bread. SUgar really makes my wind intensify! Good luck

  • I am having same issues for last 2 years, change my diet plans several times. Even if I feel discomfort I dont mind to go to toilet. But constant wind pass making me irritated. I try Windzee / meverberrine which I get in UK, Still doesnt help.

  • Hello all

    I am new to this forum and just getting to find my way around but so far feeling it is a relief to find other people having the same symptoms. So far for this problem and other symptoms- I have tried mebeverine which does seem to reduce symptom severity and peppermint capsules and herbal teas also seem to help but not had a go at following Fodmaps fully yet- still trying to get grips with it! I have completely eliminated any dairy and have been alcohol and dairy free for a few years. Recently went gluten free also.

    I find the wind and bloating still a significant problem and I appreciate how hard it is, for those who have not tried it yet- I believe going back to keeping a food and symptom dairy may be helpful to try and identify what is triggering symptoms but right now I feel as though it is just about everything!

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