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Extreme Bloating, Trapped wind pains every day.

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Hiya, new to this forum but I’m fed up and no doctors have any helpful advice. I am a 21 year old and have always had IBS, I have tried every special diet and seen every dietician there is. I am on Movicole laxatives everyday.

Basically as soon as I get up from the minute I drink anything (even if I eat nothing), I begin to bloat up. If I drink a glass of water it is instantly noticeable. If I drink no water and dehydrate myself my bloating is very minimal, however this leaves me with migraines and is not a solution. Food seems to barely affect it. No doctor believes me when I say this it is incredibly infuriating. I swallow so much gas I am constantly suffering with trapped wind, spasms, and major massive bloating (people mistaken me for being pregnant).

Drinking from the CamelBak eddy bottle with the bite valve lid seems to limit air being swallowed as much as possible however I am still completely fed up. I want to live a healthy fit lifestyle yet I can’t ever wear anything tight and am permanently embarrassed of my body no matter physically fit I am.

Sorry for the ramble. Really really hope someone knows what I’m talking about.

Thanks if anyone does

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I wish I had the answer to your problem. The only thing I could suggest is trying some other form of laxative. I have experienced wind with Movical. I take milk of magnesia as well. I switch between the two. I don’t take both at the same time. Also have you tried suppositories. They can help to release the wind.

Ohh really, I did have the bloating before I started the laxatives unfortunately but I will definitely get some milk of magnesia today and try that instead. Thanks for the help!

I would also suggest trying something other than laxatives as most do cause bloating. Have you tried the Peristeen system? Didn't work for me but I know it has for others.

I’ll have a look into it thank you xx

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In what respect did you not get on with this system I wonder? I have been using it for the past 4 weeks and it does help but I know they say it is not for everyone.

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It just didn't work for me, the water went in and the water came straight back out again! I did try for some time with various alterations but the nurse said some people just don't respond to it sadly. I'm glad you're finding it helpful!

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Sorry it didn't work for you. It does vary in its effectiveness but I am pleased to have it. Going to take it on holiday to Turkey with me very soon.

Hi, just a thought but if you do not have much of a problem with food, perhaps you can get your fluid intake from your food rather than drinking. You are probably eating a healthy diet, but perhaps rather than having a drink you could eat some grapes or something like that which would give you a high intake of fluid without too much bulk. Maureen.

That’s actually a really good idea, I should defo eat more hydrating foods and then I could at least drink less water and be hydrated. Love me some grapes, thank you.

I practically live on soups since my symptoms became very severe!

Something else I find helps is Honeydew Melon. The seem to contain quite a lot of water so that might help.

I know what you are talking about. I used to have that reaction every day. In fact I would bloat up 2 dress sizes in the course of the morning, from the moment my I woke up it started. With or without water or food. And now I have fully recovered from IBS.

Although swallowing air can be an issue for some people, this was not what was happening to me. I think this article about chronic constipation might give you another approach: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

You may have developed a trigger loop with water.

Hope this helps,


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Did you really? Could I ask how did you personally cure yours? (Obviously everyone is different that’s just such a positive story).

That’s a bizarre article, very interesting. Going to do some more reading about it now. Thank you for your help!!

I think the laxatives you take is affecting you.

I know what you feel like I have had s bad day with my IBS I look today like I am pregnant the only thing that works for me are heat patches Gail

Have you been tested for h pylori? Sound like what I had in a way but was fobbed off with buscopan that didn’t work. I was literally squeezing my belly to push out wind worse at night.

Stool test came back positive for pylori

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