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Can anyone help me

I had a bad meal 8 weeks ago and was ill with it,saw a doctor who gave me three stool tests all normal.Then I had 5 blood test done over several weeks,they came back that my inflammatories were raised showing I had infection.Since then they have come down but then the other one has slightly raised.The doctors now have just left me,I'm having d everyday not to bad but not passing stools.Dr put me on iron tabs then I could not go at all.Im sure it's nothing serious but the d is getting me down.Im watching what I'm eating have awful noises coming from my stomach and not to be rude the smell is really awful.Apart from this I feel ok just worried.My dr has now stopped all the blood tests as she said it's going round over circles going up and down.But I was told by one dr that if this was a tumour or cancer the markers wud not go down but keep going up.

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Hi 3682,

You might want to read this I found for my information on candida overgrowth did you have this stool test?

comprehensive stool test from doctors

Stool testing

I find this to be the most accurate test out there. The lab will check for candida in your colon or lower intestines, and can usually determine the species of yeast — as well as which treatment will be most effective.

Just make sure that your doctor orders a comprehensive stool test, rather than the standard.

Hope this helps.


As far as I know it was probably the standard stool test I had,as I say the doctor had washed their hands of me as I don't think they know what it is.Did you have the diarrea for weeks ?


Sounds like a candida yeast overgrowth , i had this. It went on for month till i eventually saw a allergist/ nutrionalist.

I had a overgrowth which was inflamming my gut, i was in constant pain in stomach , bloated felt sick, headaches.

I ended up in a&e all blood test and urine showed infection then the antibiotics made me sicker.

So i paid and went saw someone. I had major overgrowth, it is brutal it when ( imagine ur belly a garden but all the lovely green grass has died gone brown all the flowers have died and it just brown and dry and dead)that how it was explained.

So i was determined to get better!

U have to cut out all bread / pasta,sugar( all sugar all yeasty products as it feeds the infection) i took digestive enzymes, good strong probiotics, aloe vera( inner leaf) and dida tablets ( which kill the candida)i did this diet 6 weeks!!! And i felt bloody fantastic after a week !

I have ibs aswell and it has more or less sorted that to.

So have faith give it a try.

I also lost a stone and

My nails hair and skin look great

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Thank you for this I will try anything if it's going to help me.Did you have the diarrhoea all the time and that awful smell ?


Yeh and wind and pain and i had chronic upset stomach nothing stayed in especially bread or cakes( yeasty stuff) my body would just eliminate it asap).

My poo(tmi) was weird it was smelly and loose and stringy ... have a look at candida poo on google see if yours like that?

Just remember bread, cake, beer, biscuits( aless gluten free) pasta( aless gluten free) sugar! Will feed it.

Also get urself some good probiotics! And gut enzymes, vitamin c, and DIDA tablets from holland and barratt. It will sort u out within 6 weeks


Thanks so much been to Holland & Barratt having a look.Yes mine is awful too mainly watery and just comes with a real urgency but the urgency seems to have stopped.Lots of wind and noises from my tummy morning and when I go to bed.Ive lost weight too. It n


Yeh i lost a stone and a half!! I went from 10 to 81/2 in 3 months, i got hospitalised once and they didnt have a clue!!

I noticed as soon as i ate bread i got worse and then i looked at my poo one day and thought wow that looks weird.

I went to a alergist and he gave me a test and i had terrible overgrowth of candida mine was from overuse of antibiotics and sugar ! I loved sugar but gave it all up now ...

It was like a severe case of ibs... but now with all the tablets i can eat and not poop just normal once a day. I am still gluten and dairy intolerant thought but that is easy,u can buy most things gluten free and also use soya milk


I too have lost two stone think all the diarrea I've had.Plus u don't know what to eat.One Doctor told me she thought I had cancer because of the inflammatories raised.My husband and I were out of our minds cud not eat or sleep.Then a senior dr said u don't have cancer as your inflammatories wud not be going down just up.I now have no faith in them.


U should see a dr and they should give u a ct scan or mri anyway. I had both when was in a&e so i knew it was not anything serious.

I also had a colonoscopy to meke sure nothing wrong there ie diverticulitus.. cancer, polyps.

If u have lost that much weight they should have done a ct or mri or colonoscopy just to b sure..

See i know i have nothing major coz all test ive had so knew it had to b something else.

Basically meat and veg i lived on for 8 weeks. Porridge in morning( no fruit or honey as sugar) then gluten free crackers and soya butter for lunch. So no gluten dairy or sugar. U have to do that for 8 weeks and i swear if it candida infection it will b gone!!!

Then u can go back to normal but dont ever go back to sugar as much


Can I ask if you had weird stools during this period - I was diagnosed with post infectious sibo - fodmap really didn't change much but I continued to loose weight. I've gone back on things as I felt the weight loss made me look worse / i cut out dairy gluten and didn't fix me. Glad you're better


If I passed any stools at all they were very thin,more diarrhoea and wind

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Yes my stools were white and stringy and always desperate once i needed to go.

I lost alot of weight nearly 2 stone now (size 8) but now the shock of the slimness has gone i look healthy but that not important i feel good!

I poo normal. I never have accidents. I get gut ache sometimes if i eat bad food but if i stick to good foods im good.

I am gluten dairy intolerant so there not much ican change about that. I take a lot of supplements to help restore stomach and stop

Gut inflammation which has helped me.


What are the actual names of the things you take pls


Are you better now ?


Are u better now ?


Get back to that doctor, it's their job to find out what's wrong.


I've lost faith in them


I lost all faith... i got told i had diverticulitus...

Colitis.... ulcerative colitis.... ibs..... then it was ovarys and endo and i had a laparoscopy which put me out if work for 4 weeks and there was nothing..... so i had a op for nothing...


Some of these Doctor s are hopeless one of mine says cancer to everything,Even when I told her I'd had. A bad meal that was the start of my troubles.She said cud be a tumour ?


Have u tried omeprazole? My husband got food poisoning through chicken and he literally couldnt eat for 8 weeks he lost so much weight. Then the dr gave him them and it sorted him out in about 3 days.

He also takes probiotics ( strong ones) three times a day to make sure he has good gut bacteria as his stomach still not right but it is so much better

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No but I will give anything a try thank you.A year ago I had some bad KFC chicken within 20 mins I was in the toilet I was ill for ten weeks.Looked awful cos of weight loss,I cud not even get up from the chair and it just came.Could not have anyone to visit either just incase I did it.I remember it was my bday and my brother literally just had to hand my gifts and cards in at the door.


Yeh good old KFC thats what did it to my husband! Never eaten it again since dirty crap.

Go to doctor ask for some omeparazole it helps with acid and influx and lining in gut after

U had food poisoning.

If u had it as soon as u were sick u prob woulda got better quicker but u do need to start putting good stuff back into belly coz if ur still eating bad ur stomach wont b able to cope

With it as ur putting it under stress.

Probiotics... digestive enzymes....


No I've laid off all sugars and feel better for that alone.Im sure I have thrush as this started bout same time as the bad meal.Also under my stomach of a night I have terrible itching again which started around the bad meal.Its mainly of a night in bed.Ive never put them all tgether before.


Also try to limit gluten dairy red meat as it hard for our body to digest


I don't eat much meat mainly fish I know I'm ok with that


I am going to be speaking to my doctor tomorrow,so will mention the tablets for food poisoning Also bout candida overgrowth and see what she says.I need to know just had bad pains again and d I don't want to take loperamide every day..Plus I don't know what to eat have stopped the sugars and bread already and I'm living on fish which I have no problem with at all.Stopped the meat on Sunday I had sausages but had awful pains so they are out now too.


Spoke to my doctor today absolutely hopeless did not want to know about anything.Said with my markers going down unlikely to be cancer.But I've still had the diarrhoea in the night which woke me up and again today.So think now it's trial and error for me.Dont know where to turn if I'm honest.


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