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Please can anyone help

Guys I’m really struggling.If any of you can relate to the following symptoms would you let me know:-


Feeling of going to the toilet but need to still go

Lots of burping and wind down below (sorry tmi)

Burping and having that weird egg smell/taste after

Scared to go to the toilet incase I see blood



These are just a few of my symptoms and I’m starting to wonder if it’s sinister.

I know it sounds silly but I’ve googled cancer all day trying to come to terms with the fact I might have it. My head is all messed up and I’m feeling very sad.

I just wish I could understand what’s going on and pluck up the courage to see a dr and get more tests done. I just know the outcome will be awful. I feel so alone and just need to talk to people who understand :(

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Hello there. You are in an impossible situation. I know this because I am in a similar situation myself, fearing the worst but not going to the doctor. It is so scary. The only thing I try to convince myself is that diet does make a difference although I am still at the trial and error stage.

Have you tried cutting out foods to see if it has an effect?



I can honestly say I have every one of those and have done just the same, I even convinced my husband I have cancer. I really feel your pain and anxiety. I was virtually hysterical at times when I wasn’t exhausted. Do you have anyone for support?

I turned out to have a sliding hiatus hernia and gluten intolerance as well as a fatty liver. I was looking for an answer to explain everything but it turned out to be several!

Try to remember there are so many more much more likely explanations, maybe more than one even!! It’s taken me 5 months to get some answers, it’s a long and frustrating process sometimes. I still have other unexplained problems but you can do it! Find a positive everyday. I find giving myself an hour timeslot for worrying helps a bit.

Good luck x


I think your idea of giving yourself a timeslot for worrying is a brilliant idea! Maureen.


Thanks ladies for your replies


I have IBS d with pretty much all of these symptoms. I am not a doctor, but it sounds to me like a digestive problem rather than cancer. You should see a gastroenterologist. There is not too much they can offer in terms of a cure, but they can certainly relieve your mind and reduce the worries. This in turn, together with diet, may reduce your symptoms.


Good morning

I also have IBS D and have exactly the same symptoms as you. I also suffer from pain in my tummy. It is scary but please go to the doctors to put your mind at rest, as stress can be a contributing factor, I know it is for me. I also seem worse at the beginning of my cycle, as for me hormones do play a part. I take mebervine and acidophilus which does help. Good luck xx

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It sounds like a digestive issue such as IBS but it is best to get checked out. Stress can make symptoms worse, so worrying about it is not going to help. By going to the GP, you can put your mind at rest. One thing that is worth doing is to keep a food and symptoms diary to see if there is anything you are eating or drinking that make the symptoms worse.

Good luck


Hey Kate,

I am sorry you are going through this. IBS can be very nasty.

Sounds eerily familiar to my IBS symptoms I'm afraid.

You will need to follow an elimination diet (like #whole30) and reduce your stress levels (download the Calm app). You can take a couple of days off work if you are working...

It is a very slow and painful process but every small change you make will be beneficial in the long run.

What's most important is not to worry about the smells :-) I take peppermint oil capsules, digestive enzymes and probiotics because they alleviate the gas when I am flaring up.

I hope this helps!

Take care :-)


Do you get the sulphur burps too? Thanks for your lovely reply


yes, I called them "the volcano burps" :-) I had to quit coffee and dairy for a couple of weeks for that one to go away.


Thanks for your reply xx


Dear Kate most of us suffering symptoms like yours thought we had cancer! There is now a blood test for IBS which is what it sounds like you have. Just ask for it. Next look at the FODMAP way of eating (list of foods available on the internet), follow it and also keep a food diary which will pin point your most aggresive foods. I think you can safely say it is IBS so please see your doctor and tell them how you feel, they are there to help you, they are public servants and are only there because of you. Let us know how you get on - we are all routing for you. Good luck


Hi Kate,

I too would recommend looking into the FODMAP diet, either to help you identify ‘problem’ foods or, if you are more disciplined than I am, to eliminate all such foods and gradually re-introduce them to find the culprit(s).

If you Google FODMAPS you should find an explanation of the research from Monash University and a list of ‘High’ and ‘Low’ foods.

I also find that probiotics (Acidophilus) and peppermint oil (Colpermin) help. I take both first thing in the morning, with water, about 20 minutes apart - Acidophilus first.

Do go and see your doctor and, if possible, a gastro specialist, too!

I hope this helps, and that things soon improve for you.


Please go and see your Dr. It's probably absolutely nothing to worry about, IBS or similar, as I have had all those symptoms. Not knowing is worse, because worrying is no good for you and will add to your stress. Good luck


Totally agree get an appointment with your dr immediately just in case it is something sinister and if turns out not to be then u have peace of mind Kate.


If you are seeing any significant red blood in the toilet, this is not common to IBS, but it is common to IBD, inflammatory bowel disease. Can you tell us more about the blood you mentioned?


I didn’t get any blood in my stool


I said I was scared to go incase I did see blood


OK, I must have misunderstood your original post. With the absence of blood and the other symptoms you describe, it does sound like IBS or SIBO. It does not sound like colon cancer, but a colonoscopy would rule out anything serious


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it


Try going on the Low FodMaps diet. You should notice a difference in a few days if you follow it strictly. If you aren't feeling better in a few days, then head to the Dr's. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine and I have IBS. Being nervous and worrying make all the symptoms worse..So relax, try out the diet first...


Totally understand we have all bern there. After 25 years of IBS you still worry. Although we know deep down, it cant be cancer after that many years. See a doctor for your own peace of mind. You will be fine. Its sounds very much like IBS. Try not to worry. Good luck !!


Hi Kate, it does sound like IBS, please see a doctor, you will feel so much better as Pennylewis said.

Just a note from my own experience, I had these symptoms and it turned out to be because I was taking Omezprazole for too long a time, it is now regarded as dangerous to be taking it for extended periods, it can cause all kinds of issues ...have you thought about a side effect of any med you may be taking? None of my doctors seemed to catch on to this, I only found out by reading an article in a medical journal. Take care, hope you feel better soon.


I've not read all the replies here but I bet others have said the same, see your Dr!! It's most likely ibs or some other digestive trouble and not cancer but if it is cancer then catching it earlier the better. Also anxiety can make all of your symptoms worse or even be causing some in the first place. You need to see a Dr for reassurance!! Good luck, seeing a Dr may seem scary but it's the best thing you could do!


I have the exact same symptoms. Are you on a statin? If so that causes this but also look for H Pylori!


Hi Kate,

I have suffered with IBS for about 10 years now and im 35 so started quite young really, ive had every test and every bit of help I can from the NHS but now im on my own and I understand that feeling that you are on your own but your not. I have all your symptoms except the bleeding and it is both draining, frustrating and upsetting. The best advice i can give is start by going to see your GP as scary as that feels its a step in the right direction, you need to get a clear diagnosis so you know what your dealing with then you can act on it. If IBS then there is help and advice out there to start to try and reduce your symptoms its just knowing where to look. I don't mind talking to you about what I have done and what tests etc as I know how alone it feels. I feel like I am on the right path but its taken 10 years as i didnt think there was any help either. Just let me know if you'd like to chat.

Anna x


Thanks Anna for your reply. I don’t have any bleeding, I meant I don’t have that x


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