IBS please help me!!!

Hello, I'm 15 years old and has been suffering from IBS-D for two and a half years (almost three) over time it's gotten worse and I'm having an IBS attack once or more times a day. I went to a dietitian and he couldn't find anything in my diet that maybe triggering my IBS I'm going to a gastroenterologist every three months my next appointment in September which all test have shown up negative making the doctors and specialists believe that it is stress related IBS. I can get very upset very easily due to my anxiety (more social then anything) when I get anxious I get hyper which makes me more anxious and it's a horrid circle. I suffer from anxiety (can range depending on the state of my IBS that day) which in turn has left me with panic attacks and agoriaphobia (fear of open spaces) I hate going outside… and when ever I get to leave my IBS flares up I'm not doing very well in school attendance wise which is showing in my grades the school knows but aren't very supportive,my major anxiety is being ill at school or out and about, my mum lives 2 hours away w/ my little brother and sister so I haven't been able to get down to there which has made my stress worse there are adding factors to my stress such as school grades, anxiety, my past hasn't been the best thing but I don't want to go into that it's mainly now I wanted to get sorted out. I'm on a waiting list for counciling but the one I had before moved a little bit away from me so I was unable to see her without getting stressed out, I haven't seen a difference with the CBT/counciling.

Sorry if this is a long message I just need some help any tips are taken into consideration

Thank you.

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  • PM me and I'll give you some help to resolve yhings

  • Dear Kizz - there will be plenty of advice for you on here but firstly if the doctors have ruled out anything else, it does sound like stress induced IBS. It sounds like the fear of losing control of your bowels is making you anxious about socialising and is making you fearful of leaving home as was my case. Have you anyone close that you could talk to about how you are feeling as you are very young and should not be dealing with this on your own.

    When you become over anxious, the first thing that happens is that your adrenalin levels will go through the roof and your body will go into fight or flight mode and the big D is a sort of primitive response to this. It's the adrenalin that causes you to have the horrible panic and the need to go to the loo. The thing that helped me most of all was my health visitor who explained that it's really a physical response and I was not going mad! She taught me deep stomach breathing and by doing this your adrenalin levels go back to normal and the panic disappears along with the urge for the loo. If you start to do this as soon as you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can stop it in it's tracks before it becomes overwhelming. I was like you and had so many wasted years, but I very rarely get a panic attack now, and if I feel one coming on I automatically breathe properly and it goes away. You could also ask your doctor if it's OK to take an Imodium now and then as these can be a huge help in stopping the big D, but check first.

    This site is a good way of getting advice and support from others including emotional support and just getting things off your chest. If you can get control over the big "D", it will ease your anxiety and fear of going out and socialising and give you the confidence to start enjoying your life.

    Hope this helps a bit...........

  • Thank you I take Imodium and Mebevrine to control it, with breathing when I focus on breathing I tend to worry more and my stomach will play up even more which sounds weird but yh.

  • Hi Kizz - maybe if you can talk about the things you don't want to go into on here from your past with someone you can trust, you may be able to move forward. None of us can change what's happened in the past but you're young and have your whole life in front of you. Being 15 is difficult enough with all the hormonal changes without all the pressures of exams, social media etc. on top of dealing with IBS.

    You say you are living apart from your Mum, but have you talked to her about all this as you sound like you really need her support.

  • I've talked about my past with an old counciler I had and it really didn't help me just brought up stuff that I thought I had buried, me and my mum don't talk much and have a very strained relationship when ever we get into the past or other things that needed to be talked about she tends to "go off on one" and becomes very defencive which makes communication difficult


  • It must be very hard for you as it sounds like you don't have a close family member to support you through your IBS and also the things that have hurt you in the past. Maybe they are painful for your Mum as well and that's why "she goes off on one" as she herself wants to bury these things but that's not helping you. It may also be the root cause of your stress and anxiety and in turn your IBS if everything else has been ruled out.

    You should not be coping with all this on your own at your age but if you can get on top of the IBS so you don't shut yourself away, you will start to have a social life and friends and will be able to move on with your life. You are not alone with this as there are many who come on here who will help to support you.

  • My dad and Nan have IBS but defo not as bad as mine they understand but not to the full exstent of my problem my mum has had a very hard past too which I hate bringing up which is also something that gives me anxiety xx

  • Hi Kizz - I can fully understand that you feel your Mum gets upset if you try to talk about things so you avoid it, so perhaps you have to try and move on with your life and accept that you can't change the past, but you can look to your own future and try to make it a happy one without looking back. You're so young and should be enjoying yourself. It does sound like your IBS is related to your stress but it could be the other way around and it may the IBS causing it and if you can get it under control you won't be scared to go out and socialise. Keep on going to your doctor if it doesn't get better.

    I really wish I could help you more as I really feel for you dealing with this

  • It sounds like it might be stressed related they put so much pressure on teenager's these days. ibs can last for years I know I've suffered it have you tried Ibs tablets over the counter these help with the cramps you may need to change your diet ask your doctor they should be able to help you will need to eat plenty of fruit and veg. It may help to get advice from a herbalist. Hope this helps

  • I have anti spazmotics and Imodium which I rely on daily


  • Keep hounding your gp they need to get this sorted for you good luck hope all goes well

  • We've been doing that for a whole year and it's just the same but thank you will keep on doing it x

  • I.d say yours is definatly stress related.you sound totally wound up all the time!! I know whrn i.m stressed out cos my bowels & stomache play havoc wiyth my health!! Bless you.x

  • Yes defo I'm working on getting over the fear of going out right now x

  • Owhh bless u. Do u have adhd as well . ? My daughter has severe stomach issues and adhd and we managed to get on a home pathic study. I've learnt that it's the bacteria in the stomach that's unbalanced.... We are going to try magnesium it settles the stomach and gently helps constipation ... The homeopath has been more help than the whole nhs !! As for c.b.t it should help you by giving you different coping mechanisms . Prehaps you need more. Counselling is not the same as c.b.t. keep hounding c.a.m.h.s and your gp . Sadly if you don't make a fuss they fob you off..good luck and keep us informed how you go

  • I don't have ADHD and with CBT it changes my routines which can get me worked up too, my dad doesn't believe in homeopath stuff but I will be sure to give it a go, I hope your daughter gets better


  • I feel like I wrote be above wow!!

    I have all of it! After 15 years it sometimes botheres me but not so much now I've been learning and teaching so much. Cut out all the crap. Gluten dairy sugars MSG even you may have egg allergies. Make sure to get all your vitamins take Imodium daily (after your first bowel movement) it's fine if you are out and about. For PCOS don't go down the medical route! Go natural take herbal tinctures and healing foods also practice and do stomach and genital area massages and breathing also helps with the anxiety and spasms. Drink teas and try to meditate and just zone out from people or places that you don't like. And try to cook at home as much as you can. keep your bag organised with things you may need for any issue. Message me whenever you want. Always good to know where the bathrooms are around the area you live too ☺️


    I'm a certified nutritionist

  • I take Imodium and Mebevrine regularly along with multi vitimins


  • HI SO SORRY YOUR SUFFERING.I CAN ONLY SUGGEST NOT TAKING MEBEVRN REGULARLY-I DID FOR 10 YEARD AND IM BETTER NOW I DONT TAKE IT AT ALL. YOGA might help.stress certainly makes ibs worse. did you try the fodmap diet-works for alot of people.



  • I was takin buscapan and Mebevrine daily but got told by the gastroenterologist that taking them together could be activating the problem


  • YES DEF DONT TAKE BOTH AT SAME TIME. MEAN TO RELAX DIFF PARTS OF COLON ETC.Only wished id stopped meberne sooner just got to rely on but not helping. i think buscopan ok but not daily. stress makes ibs worse im stressed at present and so getting ibs/ibs d this week. foods that trigger-onion, sultnans, prawns, grapes, fizzy drinks, garlic, wholemeal flour, veg skins.hope this helps


  • Ok I will talk to my doctor about stopping the Mebevrine and starting the buscapan again

  • We have filtered water at home which doesn't seem to do anything to my stomach only tap water tends to mess up my stomach


  • Hi Kizz2000, I have suffered since I was 18yrs old so know exactly how hard it is. Have you tried hypnotherapy? It might be of help I had it when I was 19 and it helped to calm my anxiety and they also showed me how to use a point on my thumb(think its related to reflexology or something similar)which I press when I am getting really stressed & worked up and it calms me down, reduces the IBS pain & urgency to go to the loo. You seem to be very stressed so I think getting some help from a counsellor and getting to the route cause of you of why you are so stressed will help. Aloe vera gel/juice is also very soothing & calming for your intestinal tract/bowel so you could give that a try. The problem with IBS is that everyone is different, what works for one doesn't work for someone else, so its all just trial and error x

  • My Nan has said about reflexology I have tryed pressure points for reducing anxiety but I haven't really seen a difference and I don't like the idea of hypnosis but I will defo talk to her about reflexology again


  • Hi Kizz,

    Really sorry to hear about your horrible troubles. Your story is almost exactly the same as my 19 year old daughter Emilys. We tried everything Diets, concoctions, pills, counselling as well as all the tests to rule out other conditions.

    After all this Emily has learnt to manage her troubles on her own. It sounds horrible but stress is a very personal thing and even as a her mother don't understand why sitting on a train is stressful for her (for example). I suppose it is hard for you to be so independent when you have your education and things. What I am trying to say is that you will know what helps you and what makes you worse. You might just have to insist that you manage those things on your own for a while if you have little adult support. One thing we have learnt it that there is no quick fix.

    Another thing to mention is that Emily received a disability allowance as a result of her chronic anxiety and IBS symptoms. It meant that she could buy relaxation music and hopefully get a dog soon. Your doctor/consultant will help with the paperwork but if this affects your life so badly it will come in handy to help with some of those costs to help you manage it.

    Emily is on here, her user name is Pseudonym. I'm sure she will love to help or answer any questions you might have (she has had this since she was 15).

    All the best and good luck with managing it.

  • healthunlocked.com/theibsne... a link to Emily talking about her journey xx

  • I have recently been diagnosed with Anxiety and Mild Depression and on a waiting list for CBT Therapy but the doctor has put me on Sertraline tablets to help reduce my Anxiety.I find my anxiety makes my stomach and bowel worse mainly in the morning and I settle down as the day goes on, you then end up in a cycle of worrying which then makes how you feel worse etc. I know you are only young but you really shouldn't be suffering this way and the anxiety is only making your problem with the IBS worse. I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder but there is Social Anxiety Disorder and OCD. I would go back to the doctor and talk about medication at least to try and settle your anxiety. Write down how you are feeling before you go in and hand it to the doctor, that's what I did. What you are experiencing is very common, especially if you have the pressure of exams. Let me know what you decide and I am here if ever need to chat x

  • I dont know if this works for IBS-D because I only had IBS-C but it's worth a try.

    I suffered from IBS-C for 5 years. It was ruining my life. The pain, gas, and constipation was unbearable. I went to the hospital 4 times in 2014 between October and March. I started taking mushroom supplements and the IBS-C is totally gone now. I have waited 6 months to make sure that the IBS symptoms are actually gone and I stopped taking the supplements and within 3 days I had that stabbing pain in my abdomen meaning that I was going to have an attack. I took my supplements again and have not a one ounce of pain since. I did a youtube video about what I use (I don't work for the company or get any sort of money from them I just buy the supplement on Amazon). If you put in "My IBS is Cured! This is what I did!" you will see my video on what I exactly do. I hope this helps :)


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