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Hi, this is my first post. I was diagnosed with IBS-D two years and since I've stuck religiously to a low FODMAP diet. I recently got a stomach bug and it has made my IBS a lot worse. I'm now struggling to even eat cooked chicken. I was wondering if anyone knows of any probiotics that I could take to improve the bacteria in my gut as I'm going on holiday next week and I'm now dreading it!😞

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Have you seen a dietitian? There are many types of probiotics out there but many are useless as the pill casing isn't resistant to gut acid, you could try one of the drinks, but these things are not a magic bullet and take time to work

I have just tried a new probiotic called SB Floractiv which seems to be helping a tad. I'm in Australia so don't know where you are. So not sure if you can get it overseas. Alot of naturopaths recommend it.

So sorry that your IBS has got worse since having a tummy bug.

From what I have read on here you ought to look at 'Kefir'. You can make it yourself but I would buy it already prepared initially as you have said you are going on holiday. Ready made Kefir is a fair bit more expensive but worth it. If you live in the UK you can purchase it at Booths (Northern supermarket) and Sainsburys; I would also look at Tescos and Morrisons. I purchased a bottle at Sainsburys and it was flavoured naturally with cherry - it was really nice.

Have a look at the search engine on the internet, you will find a fair bit on Kefir.

Hi I am on my 5th week of symprove it's a new type of water base probiotic it's really helping my IBS symptoms might be worth a try


I have been on Symprove for the past 10 months after 40+ years of colitis and IBS. It has worked wonders for me but it took at least 12 weeks before having any noticeable effect.

Hi Georgia, for best results you really need a mix of prebiotics as well as probiotics. Prebiotics are usually a form of fibre and act like fertilizer for the gut, and the probiotics are the good bacteria (which need certain gut conditions to thrive). I get organic inulin (prebiotics) from Amazon and acidophilus (probiotics) from Holland & Barrett. Best go for the highest dose of 20 billion bacteria to really get you gut flora back in balance. I was also told that you need to keep probiotics cool, so I keep mine in the fridge. Also fon't drink tea, coffee or anything hot when you take them as it will kill the bacteria before it gets to your gut. I note you're on FODMAP so check if inulin will be ok for you as it is a soluble fibre and may not be suitsble, maybe check with your dietician if there's any other prebiotics you could take if that's the case. Best of luck. 🍀

hi georgia please try cp1 probiotic i had colitis and could not even drink water without having to run to the toilet having taken cp1 probiotic i can eat almost anything would not be without them i can lead a normal life now , you will see a improvement day by day . good luck clydelaird

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