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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering what everyone would say is the best probiotic they've used and if there's anything else they would say has helped there IBS? I'm currently on the low fodmap diet with help from a trained dietician.

Thank you :)

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How is the diet working?

I have tried almost every probiotic on the market.

This is what I have tried - Probably more but these are the major ones..

VSL3 - Worked well only one strain

Florastor - works well only one strain but sometimes makes me feel a bit nauseous

JIGSAW PROBIOTICS - Seems to work well with no side effects...

Perfect Biotics - On order to try it

Prescript-Assist Probiotic - Going to try this soon - this one is interesting as it seems to use stuff others do not:

But with a description like this:

Prescript-Assist® (P-A) is a next-generation combination of 29 probiotic microflora "Soil-Based-Organisms (SBOs)" uniquely combined with a humic/fulvic acid prebiotic that enhances SBO proliferation.

I think I am going to be eating capsules full of garden dirt.

Try Symprove. It's the only one that has undergone trials at Kings College Hospital London. I tried the 12 week plan but continue on a low dose as I've had my ibs for years but has really helped. Just have a read. Good luck.

Lamloum in reply to Whoopdedoo

I agree I tried the same.

Symprove is really good. Only probiotic I can tolerate.

Still on it . Expensive but worth it . The original flavour variety as the mango and Passion fruit have sugar in them which does not agree with me .

It's gluten and dairy free and has no prebiotic in it which in my case helps . Sounds like I advertising for them but honestly I am not all I am saying is true in my case .😉

Whoopdedoo in reply to Lamloum

Is us expensive and can be difficult if traveling abroad. Still get 2-3 bad days every few weeks. Would love to lose that. Just reading about Silicol.

Will1234 in reply to Whoopdedoo

Hi Whoopdedoo,

Silicol well worth trying. I all saw get a bad day around once a week or so. It is a problem when travelling , especially if it starts when eating out.

I found Silicol taken twice a day prior to breakfast and dinner was very helpful.


Whoopdedoo in reply to Will1234

Cheers. Will give it a go.

I have tried a lot and for the last 2 years been using active balance 50 billion probiotic from Amazon there from America and great value complained to a lot I the others it has different strains and a high culture intake I haven't had the same pain flare ups but every body is different so what works for one won't for another


I have just started taking sweetcures probiotic only been taking it a few days but I have noticed a difference in my stomach already,I have done a lot of reading up on probiotics and as with everything what works for one person doesn't work for others but what I did come across was that they need a few months to work I have usually only taken them for a month then given up also the good ones need to be kept in the fridge.

Good luck treez

Thank you everyone for replying!

I've tried symprove and finished the 12 week course with little change in symptoms really just a bit dent in my wallet. I'll have a look for the ones suggested :)

Thanks again!

Anything 14billion or higher will help. Make sure it's not derived from milk or has any added sugars. Take it on an empty stomach. I get mine from Iherb Discount Code: QWV374 (no affiliation just the best price for the highest CFU)

Pat1 in reply to Franjanu

Hi Franjanu I also buy my supplements and probiotics from iHerb. Which ones can you recommend? I have tried a few but not much difference.

My nutritionist got me to take Bifida Boullardi something and Sacchimyces, both through Nutri-link company which you can phone and order from, but only if referred I think. Very potent stuff and worked a treat for my IBS-D.

Hi Franjanu I also buy my supplements and probiotics from iHerb. Which ones can you recommend? I have tried a few but not much difference.

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