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Hi. I've been struggling with stomach issues for a long time. In November I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and also the stomach bug HPylori. I had a double course of antibiotics and a laxative to get rid of the hpylori. I've since had a kidney infection, 2 ear infections and a nose infection all requiring antibiotics. My GP did some blood tests and my Vitamin D levels are low so I am on a high dose of supplements to hopefully sort that out. After the diverticulitis diagnosis I was referred to a dietician to help work out what foods are causing a problem. I have been keeping a food/symptom diary for the last two months and I saw the dietician today. Basically she has said until I see her again which will hopefully be in 6-8 weeks I need to eliminate whole wheat/grains, pulses and beans, limit myself to 1 x fruit and 1 x veg a day and no caffeine or fizzy drinks. I hardly eat wheat as I always feel so bloated and lethargic (more so than usual). I'm just wondering if anyone had any meal ideas to get me started. I am desperate to lose weight and can't see that happening if I'm not allowed to have fruit and veg. Thank you

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  • I am so sorry for you and feel your pain. I have to limit my veg intake as if I eat too much I get problems so try and stick to soluable fibre. I've always been able to control my weight but of late I have put on a few pounds, not much I know but it makes a difference, my stomach feels constantly bloated. Unfortunately they removed the funding of a dietician for me so I've had to go it alone.

    I really wish I could offer you some ideas but I don't have any, it might be worth looking at Alison's blog as she gives some brilliant tips - Alison from SICK OF IBS <alison=sickofibs.com@mail143.atl221.rsgsv.net>

    Best of luck

  • Is rice okay to consume? Look up congee - it's a watery rice soup that I find really filling. You can add egg, fish, chicken, and/or some minor veg if you like, even just a few bits of scallions. I'd also consider making some bone broth soups.

  • It's not all fruit and veg, download the FoodMaestro app, a long long list of what you can eat safely

  • I can empathise with you. Like you I have tried lots of different meds, diet etc etc. I watch what I eat , diet is near perfect(I think). Low Fodmap G

    Last week I bought Silico Gel to try. After a couple of days I did notice an improvement. I have been taking it for 7 days now and have just bought a second bottle. Now I am IBS c. This has made me slightly more constipated, but such an improvement on my awful wind problems. I'm still nervous about trying to eat out especially in the evenings. I just can't do. Haven't any wind problems the past 3 evenings.

    Its up to you. I'm in the Uk. Holland Barrett sale it.

    All the best.

  • Hi I really do feel for you I too was diagnosed with diverticulosis it's absolutely terrible feel like your gonna pass out with the pain, sweats fever like worse still when your out no one shop will let you use there toilet disgusting yes I,m watching what I eat now hope you find something take care

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