New diet making things worse

Hi, I'm new here and hoping someone might have some advice. I've had mild-ish ibs for a few years generally getting d soon after eating a couple of times week and being bunged up at other times. I finally decided to do something about it rather than just accepting it so have looked at my diet and cut out wheat and grains (except rice), dairy and eggs, sugar and alcohol. Other than that I've been eating similar to normal, and have always eaten plenty of fruit and veg, but I seem to have got worse! I'm on day 11 and have had stomach cramps and d almost every day to a varying degree. Any ideas why this would be??

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  • The obvious answer: you could be cutting out the wrong foods. Diet is a difficult thing to get right with IBS and it's a process of trial and error. One question and one observation. Firstly, what have you been replacing the food you've eliminated with (maybe that could be causing you problems)? Secondly, the fruit and veg you're eating could be the problem. Lots of these contain carbohydrates collectively known as FODMAPs which your body can't digest but bacteria do. This bacterial digestion can be the cause of the cramps and diarrhoea you are observing. Ironically, it is possible that some of the foods you are cutting out might be helping to prevent the diarrhoea. I'd recommend speaking to a dietician.

  • I haven't really added anything new to my diet but have been eating more rice than I normally would and other rice based products. I've tried to just rework meals from what I would normally eat although probably have upped the fruit and veg to stop me getting hungry. Think I'll reduce those again and may have to try and get a dietician appointment. I'll look into FODMAPs too, hopefully might allow some foods to be added back. Thanks :)

  • I have been gluten free for the most part(accidents do happen) for two months now. I am biopsy confirmed coeliac but i still get bloating, and i still get days when i cant go.

    My dietician is now considering the possibility that it is the fruit and veg fibre which is causing the problem. I have to see if it settles doen before i next see her in a couple of months if not then i have to go veg less.

  • Is it particular fruit and veg they think may be causing your issues? I hope you figure it out!

    I think I'll give eating less fruit and veg a go and see if that helps, fingers crossed.

  • Bananas are a definite bloater for me in the morning, yet it doesnt seem to have the extreme result later in the day, so im guessing it doesnt go down well on an empty stomach.

  • Too much fibre causes wind and cramps. Cut out big servings of roots and brassicas

    Avoid raw veg eg carrots radishes cucumber

  • The fruit and veg thing seems a common theme so I have cut back the last couple of days. Things seem to be improving so fingers crossed it's not just temporary. Thanks for the advice.

  • I think it's best if you onky eliminate one food group at a time to see of that is causing your symptoms.

    Go back to eating normally for a week or two then cut out one food group at a time for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to see what changes there might be

  • I think I'd hoped that by doing it this way I would find an answer quicker but I think I was naive to assume it would be so easy! If cutting back on veg doesn't work then I'll opt for this method, thanks for the help :)

  • I recently decided to up the amount and variety of fruit and veg that I was eating. Not a good idea as an ibs attack was the result. I usually try to keep to those advised in the FODMAPS diet. But I agree with cricketqueen that it is best to try eliminating one food at a time. Good luck.

  • Oh dear, hope you're back on track now! I think I did something similar which may be what is causing the issue... I need to review the FODMAP list to see what's in and what's out, would be sad to have to cut out my favourites but worth it if it works. Thanks for replying :)

  • Hi I have had IBS for 20 years and have tried nearly every diet and scheme going. I have not been able to eat fruit or vegetables for about 15 years and these are one of the triggers that set my IBS D off. I take vitamins to help with not having vegetables etc. I try to keep to a gluten free diet, not always easy, only have goat milk and yogurt and cheese, not too often. Hope this will help you

  • Hi, thanks for the advice. I didn't realise how much of an issue fruit and veg could cause assuming them to be healthy. Gluten free is difficult I agree, it's amazing how many things itsneaks into!

  • Several years ago I was told by doctor that I had IBS and his advice was to try cutting out food groups like dairy, wheat etc to see if anything helped. When nothing improved I went to see a nutritionist for advice. They told me to avoid artificial sweetener as it has many many side effects, including the constant bloating, constipation/ diarrhoea I was experiencing every day. The worst sweetener is aspartame which is found in hundreds of products in the UK but I generally avoid all types (eg nutrasweet, Candarel, saacharin, sorbitol etc). I found bring very strict and checking all food labels got rid of my stomach issues over night!! People often think that to avoid artificial sweetener they only need to cut out sugar free soda but the truth is, it is in so many products. You also have to check labels very carefully as even a tiny amount can make you ill again. It is in sugarfree soda, sugar free diluting juice (and also many "full sugar" drinks as companies are now adding a percentage of sweetener to bring down calorie content/save money), chewing gum, sugar free yoghurt, low sugar sweets and snacks, some sweet crisps, eg sweet chilli crisps, low calorie hot chocolate, fruit flavoured bottled water etc etc. It takes a while to learn what not to eat but it has changed my life and my stomach is now normal. I have also passed this advice onto many people over the years and it has worked for them. Not sure if you consume these products but well worth trying if you do.

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