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Low Fibre Diet

Hi All, I have been following a low fibre diet for nearly 7 days now and have to say that I have only taken 2 Buscupan tablets since I started - I was taking them every day, about 2 or 3 times a day before I started this diet. I love vegetables, nuts, fruit, beans, wholemeal etc but have eliminated all of those foods for a month.

A friend of mine followed a junk food diet (she didn't enjoy it as she, like me, enjoys decent food) for a month many years ago now and hasn't had any IBS symptoms since - she slowly went back to normal eating once the month was over.

So far so good and I will report on here how I am feeling after a month of following this diet.

If I start feeling bad once I have finished and started to introduce the fibre again I will start an elimination diet.

Best of luck to everyone else on here.


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Cannot eat the food on your fibre list with impunity


It's certainly worth a go for me to follow this then slowly reintroduce the fibre. Unfortunately it tends to be the 'healthy' good that is bad for IBS sufferers


Hi I will try this-many thanks for sharing

S x


As my mum would have said to be many years ago 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' i.e. if you don't try, you don't know. Like you and many others, I'm sick and tired of never feeling well. If this doesn't work, which I hope it does, it'll be an eliminated diet for me.

Best of luck to you x


I've been on low fibre for a while but need to take vitamins / minerals to compensate. It does get easier and I like to try one new thing each week.

I've just recovered from recent diverticulitis and find at times even low residue causing ibs discomfort.


Thank you for your response and pleased it has got easier - I am finding it quite strange as I love fibre and it's difficult to not eat the vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and oats that I enjoy so much. Luckily enough I have been taking vitamins for a very long time now and did think that by following this diet that I would certainly need to compensate for the lack of fibre.

Sorry that you have had a recent bout of diverticulitis and hope that you feel better very soon.

Best of luck to you

:) x


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