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Hi I have been told to eat little & often a bland diet dr advised no not fruit no veg no salad no fibre! but appear to be having problems with gluten & dairy. Have had diahorrea for a month & been on so much medication! Apart from gluten dairy wheat free biscuits, gluten porridge, gluten free bread, inside of a jacket pot, rice cakes & peanut butter & banana I don't know what to eat. Await a app to see some at local hosp & then get app for camera 😭. Was provisionally diagnosed in 2010 with Ibs any advised would be grateful thank you Mandy

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  • Hi

    I was given the same advice by my doctor with regard to duet but it didn't help at all. In fact made me worse so did my own research and started following low fodmap diet about 2 months ago as well as taking pro-biotics. I feel so so much better.

    It might be worth investigating while you're waiting for your appointment.

    Good luck x

  • Should say diet not duet

  • Thank you I did make a note of low fodmap diet. So hard to know what's making it worse whether it's foods or medications. Loosing weight daily & already little. Nhs such long wait for appointments! So frustrating. Seem to spent my life on the net! Thanks again Mandy

  • I'm lucky as I don't take any medication other than the contraceptive pill so I know mine is diet and stress. I like the low fodmap because you can still eat veg and fruit but it cuts out the ones that are more likely to trigger it. I noticed a difference within days of starting it. There is an App you can download which I found useful.

    My doctor told me to take peppermint oil and i think quite a few IBS treatments contain peppermint but that gave me terrible acid reflux. Used silicolgel to calm things down just after Christmas.

    Hope they get you sorted soon. Xxx

  • Thank you Mandy

  • I do worry about some of the G.Ps. who have so little time that they will give any medication and advice so as to get you out of the door in the time allowed. I avoid G.Ps. like the plague and prefer to get advice from a homeopathic doctor (note I say doctor not a homeopath) who will spend time analysing your complaint.

    I must say that I question all this said gluten intollence and wonder if it isn't due to the fact all the flour used in today's bread and other similar products is of a refined nature and has probably been sprayed with various chemicals I don't know how many times in the fields.

    Our food is contaminated and so many of the doctors seem unable to connect illness and degenerative disease with the tampered food we are forced to eat. That is why we, as a familily, are always searching for organically produced food.

    I am not a doctor but I do feel that there is too much science and not enough common sense. I cannot see the logic behind the dietary recomendations you have been given as the digestive system is an organ of bulk. I don't suppose that ancient man suffered from the diseases we see today.

    Best wishes, Tibbly.

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  • eggs, chicken stock, squeezed lemon pulp put through a strainer, cod, chocolate, gelatine (from fish for example)? Is what I eat ;)

    The chicken soup and gelatine will be good for you :) with lots of liquids, amino acids and salts to counter everything you lose with your diarrhea. Eggs have lots of nutrients too but may be heavier for you to digest.

    btw, porridge has fibre. And make sure your rice cakes are white rice, not whole grain rice.

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  • Hi Mandy,

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