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The Low fod map diet a list of safe foods

hi there i have recently been given a full list by a fully trained dietician of low fodmap foods so im going to list as much as i can in the hope it may help some of you:my lists include only the safe foods.

FRUITS; berries;blueberry,loganberry,cranberry,raspberry,strawberryand gooseberry.

Citrus; orange,lemon,lime,pineapple (1slice only),grapefruit,cumquat,clementine.Others are fresh tomato,ripe banana,cantaloupe melon,kiwi,passionfruit,pomegranite,papaya,rhubarb,raisin,grapes(max 10).

VEG;Alfalfa,aubergine,bamboo shoots,beansprout,pak choi,carrot,celery,chilli,chives,cucumber,kohlrabi,lettuce,green beans,olive,parsnip,plaintain,peppers,potato,pumpkin,marrow,courgette,spinach,buuternut squash,swede,sweet potato,sweetcorn,turnip,waterchesnut,watercress.

CEREALs and FLOUR; all wheat free products, white/brown rice,oats,barley,corn,polenta,millet,buckwheat,sorghum,sago,tapioca,cassava,corn flour,potato flour. all wheat free cereals,porridge oats,cornflakes,rice cripies,buckwheat flakes. Wheat free bread and pizza bases, taco shells and corn tortillas.

Pastaand noodles; Wheat free pasta and rice noodles.

CAKES/PUDDINGS: wheat free cakes and biscuits, egg custards,meringues and jellies

SAVOURY SNACKS: wheat free crackers,corn chips,rice cakes,oat cakes,popcorn,crisps (check for onion powder though),potato cakes.

SOUP/SAUCES: Homemade soups are best Bovril,soy sauce,vinegar.

PULSES/SEEDSand NUTS: Linseeds, Flaxseeds and oil, (all other beans and pulses are not allowed in any form!).

DAIRY/MILK: Lactose free milk,spread,yoghurts milk puddings so long as made with lactose free milk. Soya milk as long as unsweetened (as use apple juice) rice milk,oat milk.Hard cheese.small amounts of butter,cream and cream cheese are allowed.

SWEETNERS: sucrose,pure maple syrup,treacle,golden syrup,rice syrup and molasses.

Artificial sweetners include aspartame,canderel,silver spoon,splenda,hermesetas.

PRESERVES AND SPREADS: marmalade,jam,maple syrup,chocolate spread,marmite/vegemite,peanut butter NOTE: check all jams/marmalade for fructose sugar content as fructose not allowed!!!

CAFFIENE: prefer caffiene free but a max of 2-3 cups a day of caffiene containing drinks.

ALCOHOL: is an irritant to the cut so best avoided however you can have up to 2 units a day if you can tolerate it.

FRUITJUICE:100ml of fruit juice a day is the max recommendation.

MEATAND FISH: no restrictions other than to avoid these in breadcrumbs for obvious reasons!!

This is the list I have for the initial 6 week trial period after that time its suggested you reintroduce foods one at a time to see what it is irritatating your gut.It isnt meant to be a forever diet as is quite restricting.

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Thank you. I will have a go as I am very confused about what I can and cannot eat.

I dont appear to be intolerant to bread or wheat in any form or lactose.

I have not tried any other exclusion as I have had allergy tests which were negative.



best thing to do is ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian who will be able to give you the booklets for the low FODMAP diet. They don't just contain food lists, there's all sorts of other helpful info in them too.

Until you can get a referral, the best info is at: med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/... which is where the FODMAP regime was first developed. You can download an iPhone app from there. Also, Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS - Free at Last' was my bible until the NHS printed the booklets mentioned.

Just because you've had negative food allergy test results doesn't mean you're not intolerant of those foods, the two things are quite different.



Brilliant post, well done taking the time to give everyone this information. I have had great results with this diet, but have had no luck re-introducing anything so have kept to the foods you list. Wish you all the best with it! ;-)


Hi Inndie,

I'm glad you said that you've had no success in reintroducing foods - I began to think it was just me that couldn't do this! The best I can achieve is a couple of slices of wheat bread about once a fortnight and a very small splash of lactose now and again. I really miss bread and I hate that gluten-free stuff, it makes me feel quite sick. Have just launched into making corn tortillas which bridge the gap a bit.



Hi Roz

I noticed you mentioning gluten free bread makes you feel ill. I found this too, when I checked the ingredients on many of them I found the contained onion powder and many contained syrups of some sort so I have cut most of them out. I have found the least likely to cause a flare up is the Tesco own brand ciabatta rolls.


Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look at Tesco's ciabatta rolls next time I shop.



Have you tried Sourdough bread??


Know what you mean - was in sainsburys today hovering around the Freefrom section, but felt uninspired. There are some nice chocolate brownies that appear Fodmaps friendly, but am trying to lose weight! Also not keen on the alternative pastas-feels like chewing the sole of a shoe.....hey ho. I feel soooo much better though. ;-)


Sickandsore - Thankyou for posting this info. Very helpful.

Roz - any chance you could post your corn tortilla recipe? Btw, Warburtons gluten free bread is very close to the real thing.

Indie - LOL that's exactly what I do in the Tesco gluten free aisle. Except my issue includes sugar of all kinds..even in those yummy chocolate gluten free biscuits and I need to put on weight!. Do you think one day there will be a FODMAP aisle? :-)



Thanks for the tip about Warburton's gluten-free bread, I'll give it a go. It's the texture I hate as much as the taste, just not the same without the gluten stretchiness.

My dietitian told me to give rye soda bread a try as rye is lower in gluten than wheat and barley, so am about to buy flour and have a bash at that.

Recipe for corn tortillas (courtesy of Paul Hollywood on the Beeb):

150g masa harina (real-deal maize flour available online)

pinch salt

100ml cold water

1 tbsp olive oil

Mix flour and salt together in a bowl

Add water and oil and mix until dough is smooth (add more water if too dry, more flour if too wet)

Divide into 24 balls, cover and rest in fridge for 10 mins

Flatten out to about 3mm thickness

Lightly oil frying pan or griddle and heat until pretty hot

Fry tortillas for about 1 min each side

Will keep in a ziplock bag in fridge for a week or wiill freeze for up to 3 months. You can also shape dough into tortilla chips and deep fry. Simples!


Thanks ever so much for this post! I have been really suffering from IBS recently, it got much worse once I got pregnant, and I was not entirely sure what to do or how to change my diet.My GP just put on a blank face when I asked for guidance. I cannot exclude some of the things listed as not allowed to diet in pregnancy but will definitely exclude those which are not essential to my body but are not listed here like apples etc.. If I will have no luck, then I will press my GP for referring me to a dietitian. Thanks again!


SO you're saying the above foods are OK when testing for food sensitivities?

I cannot eat melons any more. the others in that group are OK.

I cannot eat broccoli, but other veggies in that group seem to be OK.

I cannot got wheat free because I become MORE constipated.

I am baffled. Thanks


It is very important to drink lots and take some fibre like milled flaxsees or linseed, I too suffered dreadfully from constipation when I started this diet.


Hi PatV

My FODMAP-trained dietitian told me about 1 tablespoon of linseeds which really help with constipation as long as you take with a glass or 2 of water. Try it.


Thanks sickandsore for this list, it's really helpful as are all the comments and the recipe for corn tortillas. I've been trying to remember linseeds and when I do, they really do work. I'm going to give this another try.


No worries at all I remember being completely flummoxed by all the info available online so was relieved to see the dietician, as one of the above posts says you are best to seek advice from a dietician as there are other booklets available one is a comprehensive list of what to buy and where from which has been incredibly helpful to me..too much info to type on here!! However I would recommend Tesco for the bulk of wheat free purchases and also lactose free, out of all the major supermarkets ive found their range is broader. Arla make lactose free milk,yoghurt,cheeses and butter type spread also a yummy ice cream :) Health shops are good but a rip off I think price wise.

Warburtons also make wonderful wheat/gluten free wraps now :) (Im not keen on the wheat free bread so they are a great alternative), also Nairns do really nice wheat free oatcakes plain and cheese flavour so good for lunches..I tend to eat a lot of jacket potatoes and have found the McCain frozen ones a godsend when i need a quick but filling meal. Heinz have recently come up with really nice pasta shapes and sauces, though i think they are overpriced and you can make your own sauce cheaper and just as tasty from scratch.

Linseeds are an excellent source of fibre if you suffer from constipation, I did buy mine from holland and barrat golden linseeds and I take 1tablespoon x3 daily but i think you can purchase them of flaxseed from the supermarkets, you MUST drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid during the day tho as if you dont they wont work and the constipation can worsen!(take it from me as someone who is terrible at drinking enough!!).

Also like others have mentioned when I do slip off the diet and try somthing I miss I too suffer, the dietician wants me to reintroduce foods when i next see her, im a bit frightened to be honest as am on a sort of even keel. I do find when i have a glass of alcohol, im not a big drinker but like the odd glass of diaronno I do suffer dreadfully the next day :( and chocolate (milk) is a big problem for me if i gorge out like i did over easter...suffering still a little!!

Im going to look at probiotics the dietician gave me the name of one called DSL3 as its the one they recommend to us peeps suffering with severe IBS however she said its best to get the diet underway first and then try them after 6 weeks so we know whats actually having the best effect or whether they compliment each other or if they make no difference!! will keep you posted. x



Yes, I agree that checking out what you can re-introduce back into your diet is a minefield to negotiate. I've found that I can't cope with any of the omitted groups as a whole and the best I can achieve is a small quantity of a high FODMAP food (e.g. two slices of wheat bread) on one day and then low-FODMAPs only for the three following days before trying a small portion of something else in a different group.

I took the probiotic VSL3 for about 4 months last year and it gave me really bad indigestion, so look out for that one although it may be okay for you. My dietitian advised me not to bother with probiotics at all - amazing the differing advice there is out there.

Although Warburtons gluten-free breads etc may be okay for some people, they aren't for me as, like all processed foods, they contain other ingredients I can't tolerate, e.g. rice flour and concentrated fruit juice (which is most likely apple).



Thanks for the tortilla recipe Roz...will give it a go.

Funny you mentioned that about Warburtons, I have not had it for a while...but did notice I was feeling 'heavy' when I ate the other supermarket gluten free breads. Warburtons and m&s were my fav but I have a feeling I may notice more symptoms if I go back on them. I have just had oats for brekky today after having a break for a few days due to an overdose on galactans ( another one for the no list) and I have a feeling oats might be going the same way even though they are gluten free. Will keep an eye on rice flour too as I thought that would have been fine.

Btw linseeds are fab! Grind them up if you can. I only need one or two tablespoons.


Thanks for the tip about linseeds, but I have d rather than c and they really make me run!

Yes, just about all the gluten-free products also contain dried milk powder as well as the other nasty bits.

All grains are out for me (on a regular basis) apart from maize and rice makes me bloat badly.

Can't win, can we?



OH dear just goes to show we are all different and what works for one may not work for another! it is a minefield..I seem to be ok on warburtons, my biggest problem is my craving for fruit at the mo..so much for the 5 a day healthy diet eh???


Thank you so much sickandsore for taking so much time and trouble for listing the foods you have been given. Fortunately I love so many of the foods you have listed - I adore carrots so am so glad you can eat those. I cut out broccoli, cauliflower and grapes from my diet a long time ago and they made a bit of difference so much so that I'm not suffering every day like I did. My dietician is being trained at present and will be in touch with me when she has completed it. Best of luck to you


For anyone in Scotland, I run an online forum on Facebook with lots of recipes and fellow low FODMAPS followers. Feel free to join and get in on the gossip, here's the URL!



...I'm just a newbie here... add my thanks for taking time to type out this list... oh, if only I could eat the things you mention.... also, can I win a million dollars/pounds and check myself into a health spa for six weeks and have someone prepare this food for me? Actually, if I won millionS, I would open up an ibs/other types of bowel issues clinic where patients who are at their wits end, could come and be treated (for free). Are there such places? My adult daughter went to USA for weight loss/nutrition for ten days, but why not for bowel problems I wonder? Probably too expensive, sorry to go off topic.


Just seen an interesting thread on here re SIBO small intestine bacterial overgrowth..the theory is that this can be the cause of IBS in many people and we can get tested a breath test apparantly!!look up Mark Pimentel "A new IBS solution" its rather fascinating stuff.

On another note saw the dietician today gonna go back to GP and see if she will prescribe a probiotic VSL3....need to rty somthing else as although the lowfodap diet has helped im still suffering :(


Did you have any joy getting a prescription? My dietician didn't suggest this, just told me the price, so I didn't even ask!


Very helpful to at least get a list. Most other sites expect you to trudge off to the dietitian if you can find one, or pay in some way.

I am confused though, about whether eggs are allowed, and also you don't mention nuts of any kind.

I've had a colonography test and am awaiting results (if they show anything!)

I have become at times afraid to eat anything in case the pain starts...

And now I see there may be a link with serotonin. I have recently come off my citalopram (a serotonin re uptake inhibitor) so I wonder if the onset of these bad symptoms could be to do with that.

Meanwhile, at least I know now that onions are to be avoided, and that apples are indeed bad news for me (similarily lentils and broccoli, which I love (sob!))

Settled on the gluten free products, and lactose free milk.....

But nothing will prise me away from my red wine


Just noticed Mark Pimentel's book A New IBS Solution. The theory is that IBS is caused by excessive bacteria and can be helped by specific antibiotics. Think I'll buy it!