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I have an adult son with IBS, waiting on blood tests coming back. Over the past week nothing seems to help, probiotics, oil of peppermint capsules, audmonal and buscopan. He was told to try a gluten free diet and avoid dairy products. Since then he has had a headache since last week, he's been taking paracetamol with little effect but I don't want him to have the paracetamol giving him the headaches as can happen. I wondered if it was a detox going from food with gluten to gluten free and also he has been taking lactofree products e.g. milk, yoghurts etc. Any advice would be so helpful.

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  • Hi I was diagnosed ibs, nothing worked so I kept searching, finally a specialist in Australia diagnosed Dysbiosis. So if all else fails please ask for a test for this. Along with other things you need to completely go off carbs if diagnosed with this .

  • there are over the counter lactase medication and i suggest drinking plenty of water. i am a sufferer for 3 years myself and have had to adjust to alot of differrent types of i.b.s so it is a work in progress, i suggest keeping a food diary of what works and doesn't work for you. good luck i hope this helps you

  • Thanks he's kept a food diary but he's only noticed that coffee features quite often, so off to buy decaf. He does drink a lot of coffee at work and is off this week on holiday and has hardly had coffee and he doesn't feel bloated and more important not having horrendous cramps. If only it was that easy.

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