Dr told me on Wednesday I have IBS and was told to research FODMAP diet as well as taking some medication.

I've been trying gluten free bread since Wednesday and has a big flare up yesterday lunch (struggling to breathe as pain so bad) and again today. (Bread was toasted on both occasions). I feel horrible.

Question is:

As I'm getting a worse reaction to the gluten free bread do I risk going back to normal bread?

I'm feeling quite scared and the minute, hungry but scared to eat food

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  • I am a specialist nurse testing people for food intolerance. Wheat and gluten are a problem for less than 1% of my clients. But yeast ( including all cheeses and all yogurts) are a problem for 1/3 of all my IBS clients.

    It may be that there is an additive in bread that is a problem for you. Eg E282 or E471 that is your problem.

    Or tea or coffee is a cause of IBS in 1/3 of my clients. If you have more than 2 teas or coffees daily, try avoiding them, but bear in mind you will feel worse before you feel better, because of withdrawal symptoms, for about 4 days.

    Mary Roe

  • Ive been caffeine free for 4 months so pretty sure not that.

    It was the gluten free bread that made me really bad. I even made my own same reaction.

  • It may be he xanthan gum they use in GF products. If you can get it, try spelt sourdough, which is recommended as part of the low FODMAP diet. Available at Ocado. I can tolerate sourdough pretty well but just restrict it to a couple of slices.

    No biker

  • What were the ingredients in the gluten free bread you made?

  • Hi Khart, Gluten free is NOT a magical answer for most people.... I know this is challenging, but what can be really helpful is going completely 100% grain free... This is difficult, I'm not saying it isn't...but when I got desperate enough, I tried it and it WORKED. Maybe you could try this for just ONE WEEK... absolutely NO cheating...not even one bite... this includes processed foods (there are MANY) that have grain (esp. wheat, in them) ... So for one week, eat only meat, vegetables and fruit... I could also have wheat free ice cream occasionally as well as dark chocolate (so I didn't feel quite so sorry for myself! :) ) Going on this diet you may experience some discomfort (feeling crappy) because it is a cleansing diet... BUT OH MY can it be worth it!! Good luck to you. Google "Wheat Belly"...and read up on what the author has to say...

  • Gluten free bread was a disaster for me as well. Try rice cakes or bake your own gluten free bread. I don't know what is in the commercial stuff but it's instant problems for me.

  • Starting FODMAP is tough and you do feel quite horrid for a little while. This is because you are going with withdrawal and then as your gut starts healing.

    I felt super nervous about eating foods and found I wan't eating enough calories. It is so important to do this process with proper support medically and emotionally and to start to learn about FODMAP. The more I understood about it the easier it was.

    I did however discover certain food I had been avoiding weren't causing me problems, but other foods that I assumed were healthy actually caused the problems, I also learnt I couldn't repeat eat foods or reheat foods.

    I hope it works for you.

  • The Fodmap diet is not an easy diet to do and it is recommended that you try it under the supervision of a diettition as its very easy to do this diet incorrectly. Apple and apple juice is one of my triggers and this is in some gf bread and on fodmap apples are out. I made the mistake of not checking a lable on gf bread.

    Is eating gf the only thing you have changed? As the fodmap dirt cuts out a lot more food that this like I said I would ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian as then you will be getting support from an expert.

  • Wasn't really given any support just told to research it and try it.

    Ive woke up this morning and feel extremely nauseous.

    I've gone dairy free, gluten freen as well as avoiding the other foods on the list.

    Going to ring Dr this morning as I feel horrible. The nausea could be diet, could be the medication I don't know but I feel horrendous

  • Low fodmaps have helped me a great deal but NOT gluten free bread. I am still testing but I think I amm reacting to the Corn (Maize) part of the gluten free flour as I also don't react well to even small amounts of cornflakes, tortillas etc

  • I am booked in for an intolerance test next Friday so hopefully it will pick up my bad foods

  • What tests have you had to determine the diagnosis ?

  • Had test for ceoiliac, loads other blood tests. Had endoscopy and ultrasound.

    Originally dr said i had acid reflux but after medication on and off for 18 months i was still having flare ups. Dr i saw Wednesday said IBS

  • You could be intolerant to a food group like dairy.

    A lot of people swear by the FODMAP diet but you could do your own intolerance test by leaving one food group out at a time for at least 2/3 weeks and keep a food and symptom diary to see what changes there might be

  • Also gluten free bread still contains yeast. Are you sure it isn't yeast that is your problem?

  • Gluten free flour, vinegar, yeast, sugar, water, oil

  • Was soya flour in the g/f flour? What oil? What vinegar? It's all relevant . 10% of people I test who suspect wheat are intolerant of soya . 30% of people I test who suspect wheat are intolerant of yeast, and 5% of people I test are intolerant of some sort of vinegar. If the oil you used was sunflower, then it might be that also. 8% of people I test are intolerant of sunflower. Especially if they use it to cook with, or eat a lot of crisps. As subflower oil is in nearly all crisps.

  • You might be reacting to the Corn. You might want to look into a Paleo diet

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