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Hi, I have diagnosed Ibs and have recently moved from England to Sydney Australia. Before leaving I was advised to follow the fodmap diet, and have gluten free and lactose free products. This is a lot easier to do in Australia than at home, everything is gluten free! And they sell fodmap products in the supermarket. Although following these diets, since arriving here after every meal or food I have to go straight to the toliet, sometimes 3 times. I am starting to lose weight and although it's nothing drastic, I am starting worry a little. Can anyone advise if this is normal for these type of diets or should I worry


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I'd double check the gluten free products for triggers. Most of the commercially available ones in Canada give me terrible cramps and diarrhea. Also, you might have a trigger that isn't FODMAPS, gluten or lactose. For me it's corn and corn products, which often appears in the gluten free products.

I also think when we change time zones and the foods we eat it takes a few weeks to adjust. So if you've only been there a short time your gut may still settle.

Also, it could be new brands of food. For example, I can drink a small quantity of black coffee from most places. However, one of our coffee chains will send me running instantly to the loo. So it could be a function of new products that you might have to experiment a little with.

Good luck.

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Very much agree with runswithdogs about some low FODs causing issues. For me these include rice and its derivatives (took me ages to work that one out), blueberries and bananas.

Many gluten-free products contain apple juice which is a high FOD so do check all ingredient's labels really carefully before buying.



What an excellent reply samz76 and so glad that you got rid of your IBS.

We honestly don't know what manufacturers put in our food these days and I remember our food when it wasn't interfered with and went mouldy if you didn't eat it in time, isn't that the best way to enjoy food! I would say it's better to buy good clean food and freeze it if you don't think you will eat it in time than getting something with a date so far off you wonder what has been put in the food.

Do you live in the UK? Also, did it cost a lot more for the foods as that is what worries me?

Thank you :)


Hello Crazyfitnes,

I totally agree we just don't know what they put in our food anymore, I try to eat as natural as I can because you just know there is all kinds of preservatives in food along with to much sugar salt and loads of E's and god no's what else

this is why so many people are having bowl and stomach problems.

plenty of fruit veg and all Organic of course,

our bodies can't cope with all the chemicals that is in prossed foods,

Try say as natural as can with what we eat and that can only be a good thing.......


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Thank you Tess for responding and no, we haven't got a clue what is put in food anymore. We even need to check food out that is classed as 'healthy' as it isn't always better for us. We certainly need to scan labels.

Best of luck to you.



Thank you Sam and really appreciate your response and I know full well it makes perfect sense as our, what they call normal food, is laden with preservatives/chemicals etc. As I've said before, I much preferred it years ago when good didn't have a long life and you either had to eat it almost immediately or freeze it. Milk never used to last a week or more.

Thank you for the link, to which I am now going to look at.

Also, well done to you for improving your health.


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It could be trial and error working out what is causing it. I know that whenever I used to go to Canada I'd feel very sick and I narrowed the cause down to either the water I was drinking (it's surprising how much of an impact that can have on digestion even in first-world countries) or smoked turkey slices.

You might also want to try asking Natalya from notfromapacketmix.com/ - she follows and blogs about the low FODMAP diet and moved from Australia to North America (I know this is the opposite direction) but she may be able to give you some more localised insights into the perils of the low FODMAP diet down under...


I second that about the water - I live in the north west of England but many years ago the water in the south east used to give me diarrhoea! It doesn't now, I don't know if that's because I have less gut problems generally (being gf etc) or because they've changed what they put in the water.


I lost a lot of weight doing the fodmap diet too but my nutritionist and gastroenterologist told me too expect that so I wouldn't worry about that aspect. Although in theory fodmap friendly food shouldn't still be upsetting your stomach. Are you completely dairy free because I learnt that's where my most immediate triggers were coming from. I'm now blogging my successes and failures cooking gluten and dairy free at gdfree.wordpress.com do take a look for help with recipes including baking using uk ingredients. I know how ahead you Aussies are so I sympathise, in the uk u def have to try a bit harder to find what u need! Let me know if u gave any specific food questions I'd b happy to help! Abi x


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