It has been confirmed as IBS now so I can think about getting back to normal again. I have been prescribed mebeverine for the stomach pain and cramps. I have noticed a difference in that it hasn't been as bad and controls the stomach cramps a bit better. This morning I still woke up with stomach pain. But that might be last nights dinner possibly?

How long should it take to work o build up?. The best thing is that my mum is helping me with the food change over. The NICE IBS sheet said to eat less wholegrain products so I am trying White bread instead of Brown bread, If this fails will go to Gluten Free bread possibly. I have also been trying gluten free snacks.

Have you got anything you can suggest to try and eat? Does anyone eat entirely gluten free food e.g pizza etc? Do golden linseeds work?

Whoever is reading this have a brilliant day!!! Hope the sun is nice where you are:)

Julie W

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  • Hi Julie, I tried to reply but I think it got lost somewhere. The trouble with IBS is there are no definite rules we are all different. Start slowly, make small changes in your diet & see what works for you. Mebeverine works for me when things get bad. I can't eat too much fruit & have in the last few weeks realised that wheat is causing my bloating. I have reduced it & feel much better. Keep positive & with the support of your family I'm sure you will find a way of dealing with it. Good luck :)

  • Thank you. I have slightly symptoms already on the tablets and now can not worry about going places and doing more. It is a learning curve. It is good to know there are people in the same boat as such. White bread seems ok at the moment so is a good step from whole grain I think.

    Thanks for replying. She said mine is quite bad as I don't eat as much as I should because I worry about it and the pain is bad. I purchased gluten free products as well to reduce whole grain as cutting out wheat products is good from what I have looked at. I have bought snacks to see if it helps.

    I am also not drinking tea at the moment as that leaves on the toilet for ages. Do you think I should try dairy free milk ?

  • Don't cut too many things out in one go (unless you are doing the FODMAP diet) as it will be difficult to see which is working. I'm ok with dairy as long as I don't have too much! I haven't tried sourdough bread, I might give it a go as the gluten free stuff isn't great. Let us know how you get on - we are all learning :)

  • Hi Julie, try sourdough bread - it's lovely and I've never had a problem with it. You can buy it at mot large supermarkets. Good luck x

  • Also try and drink camomile or nettle tea - very soothing. I allow myself one cup of black tea a day

  • Thank you. This website has been so useful! I am going to carry on using it.

  • Try cutting out onions and garlic. They area worst triggers for bloating along with wheat.

    You could get the Fodmaps diet app which gives a really good guide to foods which may affect you and grades them with traffic light colours according to safest green etc. only costs about £6ish

  • Will look it up thanks. Is it on Google play or Amazon Kindle? Lovely picture of your dog as your masthead image May I add.

  • Before you try a gluten free diet,as you are for be in n white bread, try eliminate bating dairy completely from your diet. Pure spread comes in a soya and vegetable variety and soya milk is good although there are other varieties of non- dairy milk. If you do decide to go dairy free be aware that low fat foods, such as mayonnaise, can contain myself ok products.

  • Hi Julie, If you can find sourdough Spelt bread -- I have found that it is better for my IBS than any other breads. Berlin Natural Bakery makes it here in the USA. Not sure what is available in the UK. Spelt is an ancient hybridized form of wheat dating from Roman times, it is delicious and easy to digest. It has less gluten than regular wheat.

  • Mine as just eased of on its own with acute flare up with 24- 7 pain since before Christmas, you name it I tried it, eliminating different foods, every tablet, potion going, nothing worked for me, every now and again I get these bad flare ups, I was lucky this time last one lasted 9 months, and each time I go through same tests with scan, blood tests etc. I feel for anyone that is more pain then bowel movements, Ibs you really do convince yourselfsomething is seriously wrong, you would not believe that Ibs could cause so much pain, and take away you everyday living, now my pain as eased feel so much better, but the running to the toilet as started, but rather that then the pain any day, hope yours eases of soon

  • Watch out for weird side effects with Mebeverine, it made me more regular but i started getting psycological side effects almost like halucinations.

    I have pretty much cut out bread altogether and substituded it with eating more potatoes also you can try sour dough bread and sprouted wheat bread which does not seem to be so upsetting to the tum.

    Try eating more "soft fibre" ie porridge and less "hard fibre" you can get a list of each online. Avoid or reduce onions garlic and chilli.

    Good Luck.

  • Watch out in the gluten free products for other triggers. Often corn is in it, which can be a nightmare to some of us. The best is if you can do your own baking - gluten free or otherwise. That way you have control of the ingredients. Good luck!

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