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Chronic cough Syndrome

I have had Chronic Cough Syndrome for over a Year. This is being investigated. I have been prescribed different tablets, Antihistamine tablets, Inhalers. At the moment I am using a Nasel spray called Avamys for a month this also seems to be not working. I cough in the day and at Night. I cannot remember the last time I had a good Night's sleep. Have also tried Herbal products and Acupuncture. This is really affecting my quality of life. Anywhere I go I start coughing. If I could collect the amount of cough sweets that got offered to me I could have a large sweet jar. This is very much getting me down. I would be much interested to here if anyone else out in the community has the same problem and to receive any ideas to help this condition. Thankyou in advance😥

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I too have a very dry throat and a cough, it seems to be connected with my digestive problems but dont know how. I also have dry inflamed eyes sometimes. I usually have lemon in water as my first drink in the morning, but someone told me lemon must be avoided as citrus makes your throat worse. Trying honey now. A lot of things make me cough like mints, biscuits , ginger etc. Unfortunately i take these for my stomach.


I can identify with the irritating cough. Mine went on for years and eventually about 12 months ago I would start choking and gasping for breath. Meantime my GP moved and another one took over. As soon as he heard my symptoms he said that's acid reflux and I told him he must be wrong because I never feel any acid or heartburn. However he insisted I must have a hiatus hernia and put me on Lansoprozole - take 20 minutes before a meal and the cough/ choking is now a thing of the past. Good luck and I hope you find the right remedy for you 👍🙏🙂


I have cut out dairy as it creates mucus. I eat peppermints and cough sweets to keep my mouth from getting too dry. Cannot tolerate honey and lemon. Being seen again at chest clinic this week. Their last suggestion of long term antiobiotics was not received well! They gave me d&v and did not help with the cough!!


Sinus problems, a sore throat and persistent coughing can be symptoms of Candida. Could be worth being tested for that. if you are on this forum, I am assuming you have IBS symptoms too.



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