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Dry throat, cough with mucus

I have a troublesome bowel (typical IBS symptons) which is being tackled by a Continence Nurse and me!!

I get this really annoying dry throat with cough and mucus at the back of my throat. I bark like a hyena in an attempt to clear it all. Drives my wife mad!

Does anyone else experience this issue and I would be grateful to learn if there are tips to try out to ease/eliminate this.

Thanks - Mike

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Do you eat a lot of dairy? I find I cough like crazy if I eat a lot of dairy produce!


I've had a bad flair up for 4 months. For 6 weeks I had a cough and sore throat. My tounge had white stuff all over it. About 2 weeks ago I looked and it was bright yellow. I've been seeing the doc about my stomach and mentioned it to him. He said it was oral thrush caused with my stomach being bad and run down.

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Hi Mike

I think I might have a similar problem and the doctor gave me a nasal spray, rather than a cough cure and It does help. Beconase is the name.



im under the hospital with mine its called a silent flux i was told to steam myself ova a bowl with a towel ova my head and drink plenty of water

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Thanks for your replies everyone.

I don't have dairy, except for a small drop in tea 2/3/times/day. Use soya milk on my cereal.

Oral thrush sounds nasty - at the mo my tongue looks and feels ok.

I will try Beconase nasal spray.

I think my wife would gladly put a towel over my head and shuff my head into the bowl! I will give that try (on my own) and see if it helps. I know that central heating dries out the atmosphere. I do drink about 2L/day of water.

Happy Christmas - Mike


Relating to the first response, I cough and get a stuffed up nose with dairy - doesn't take much if you are allergic, so may be worth stopping having it in your tea for a couple of weeks and see if that helps!


Thanks for the tip.


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