How many people suffer with IBS Syndrome and have other Disabilities with it like Cervical Spinal Spondylosis of the Neck and Spine Octeoporosis of the Neck and Cervical Spine Nocturnal Epilepsy .

Causing so many unwanted problem's and IBS Syndrome Attacks come out of the blue at times sometimes caused by unwanted stress that can be caused when someone who is waiting for benefits to be sorted out other things that causes some problems is the food we eat pays to write down what you have had to eat so you might track down the foods not to eat with IBS Syndrome and at times some medication can trigger it off. I at times had eight attacks in one day and very painful and can be very upsetting and at times you don't get much help and advice as they is not much information around only at times you might find something online but not everyone has a computer or even know how to use one more support for this would be a big help to so many of us that suffer every day with IBS Syndrome.


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  • Sorry, not quite sure what your post is saying

  • I Was Asking Those Who Have IBS Syndrome Suffer With Other Disabilities With Like I Do That What I Was Kindly Trying To Ask As It Can Be Very Painful If You Suffer With Spinal Problems Like I Have And With My Other Disabilities I Hope This Has Help With Your Question Thank You Colin BRAINSHOCK

  • i do too luv ,its a vicious circle .pain in one dept or another.

  • Hi Xuleach Thank You So Much For Your Kind Message Colin

  • I suffer from what you just mentioned. I am in pain every day. I tried suicide recently. I am thankful my husband found me. I am just taking one day at a time. I just dismissed by mu colon/rectal surgeon this week; she basically can't do anything for me. You many how many times I gave heard that.

  • Hi Jenny , Than You So Much For Your Kind Message Colin

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