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Resolor (prucalopride) good or bad?

Does anyone have any experiences with Resolor ( Prucalopride) that they could share with me? I have just been prescribed these for chronic constipation which I've had since birth. I took one 2mg tablet yesterday and within 1 hour they had the desired effect and I had a comfortable bowel movement but unfortunately I also had a horrific headache which felt as though my head was in a vice and I still have the headache over 24 hours after taking the tablet. As wel as the vice type gripp on my head I have pain running up through my shoulders and neck. I didn't get much sleep last night and I feel dithery and really quite ill. I have checked the side effects list and know headaches is the first one listed but I can't work out if all my symptoms are due to the tablet or if I'm mysteriously 'going down' with something else at the same time- I know I cannot take any more 2mg tablets as I cannot get through a working day feeling like this, I haven't left my bed for over 18 hours, but I'm considering cutting the tablets in half to try taking just 1mg next time. Any experiences and thoughts on this would be gratefully received.

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Oh you poor thing. I have never had these tablets but have more IBS C so know what it's like to be constipated. I soak a rounded dessertspoonful of Linseeds in around a 3rd of a mug of water for an hour or longer if needs be and then drink, this works wonders for me for constipation and of course is natural. Quite a few people use ground down Linseeds.

In the meantime I would definitely go back to your GP as I think you are suffering far too much.

Hope you feel better very soon.

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Thanks. I tried linseed before but it didn't work for me. I've just recently seen my consultant and this tablet was the last medical option, I have to consider surgery next, if I can't make the tablets work.



I have been on prucalopride/reselor for a few years now as I have slow gut transition and rectocele. When you first take reselor I had a bad headache for about a week but after that it seemed to go so I would stick with it and see how you feel. My constipation is really bad also from a young age, i was under 1 specialist at a hospital and they didnt have a clue what to do with me so put me onto another specialist at another hospital and now i take upto 8 sachets of movicol a day, 4mg reselor at bed time and I also have a quofora toilet system which is like a colonic irrigation kit which I have to do every morning. Try to stick with it even with all these meds I still have trouble with going to the toilet. I was offered surgery but with me being a young woman they said it was upto me as they said it may cure it but could also leave me with an issue of leakage after surgery so I refused it.


Thank you. I have been on prucalopride now for 14 months and I’m fine with it. I take it at night with bisacodyl and it mostly works for me. I had movicol for 12 years but it stopped working for me. Can you tell me how long you have had prucalopride? I’m trying to guess how long I will get success from it, before it stops working too. The colonic irrigation has been ruled out as an option for me & an Illeostomy is being suggested now, but I’m wondering if I can avoid it for a few more years, if the prucalopride will keep working.


I've been on prucalopride for about 5years x


Thank you x


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