Magnesium and psyllium

Taking 1200mg a day of magnesium seems to help but unreliably (only when I eat lots of fibre) and this was also the case for psyllium (only worked when I had coffee too). If I take the psyllium in the evening the magnesium doesn't work at all though - could this be because the fibre prevents its absorption? If so, would it be a good idea to take psyllium in the morning and magnesium at night?

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  • You should take the magnesium at night after not eating for a few hours. Magnesium works best on a empty stomach with lots of water if you are using it for constipation. I find that psyllium doesn't work for me as it makes me bloated, but if works for you then take it in the morning perhaps.

  • What type of mg are you taking. Is it mg citrate?

  • ya citrate

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