magnesium citrate pills

just wondering if anyone uses pills instead of liquid for severe constipation.also how long before it would take effect,i am at my wits end cannot take liquid get very sick in the stomach hope someone can help me,I have had ibs  c for 10 yrs,everyday is a struggle thank you for listening

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  • I have been suffering the same condition, and read that Inulin combined with a probiotic tablet was good for this condition . So tried it and it is working better than anything else I have tried . I bought these things on Amazon , and the probiotics are guaranteed  100 per sent to work or you can get a refund on them. I hope this helps you . 

  • thank you so much for the advice

  • Yes I take magnesium citrate or oxide 700 - 1000mg before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water.  It works the next morning with no cramping. This is the best natural method and I have had Ibs c for about 30 years. I have spent a fortune on probiotics that have been highly recommended, but don't help for constipation. Try magnesium capsules. You can get on Amazon or health store. Some options are Now Magnesium Citrate or Solgar. They are not expensive.

  • thank you,i have a bottle will start tonight ,thank you for the info

  • Hi, I was just wondering why it has to be taken on an empty stomach, does it make it more effective? also how am i supposed to have an empty stomach at night after dinner 😂

  • Yes it does make it more effective and that is how most magnesium products for constipation are taken. Look up Colosan or Oxypowder. The reason is that the magnesium does not mix with the food in the stomach so when taken with a lot of water, can flush out the colon easier. I go to bed at about 11pm so it is a few hours after dinner. I also sometimes have it in the middle of the night when I wake up with water. If this not working for you, you are probably not taking enough. Look at a site called ibs tales/magnesium constipation

  • ok that makes sense, ill have a look at the site thanks x

  • PM me and I'll let you know what to use. 

  • Hi there try 2 garlic tablets a day and a good probiotic, take that for a month and hopefully it will clear your bowel. 

  • thank you for the advice

  • I don't use magnesium for constipation.. I use Senna tablets you can get them from the pound shop..They are gentle too take two before bed & then they work next morning..

  • I used to take Senna but they are addictive and give me cramps. Magnesium is a much better option and you can take them on s regular basis.

  • I am in heavy dose pain meds have been for several years, opoid based and all cause constipation. 

    One thing I've learned over years is the advice on all of these meds for treating constipation, like most have a cover your backside on them which cause you to hesitate and worry, say if not OK  within 7 days stop and see your health professional or doctor depending if OTC or script. So you tend to worry and take less thinking stopped back to normal and back to compacted again. And when that happens your poor anus suffers. I have haemorrhoids from this like most of us who suffer.

    So having tried all above recommended found out the best is Movicol, which works differently to all others and why I am no longer constipated after years of suffering it.  Really I tried everything over years and doctor gave me script for Movicol but didn't stay on it as never read up on it etc. Got annoyed and tried Senna and stool softeners from chemists when it came back so my own worse enemy.

    And Movicol there all the while but never explained as well as on line - info leaflet didnt really get into why it works better, safely - and keeps you from constipation if used regularly even for those who suffer IB syndrome as wellas those taking pain meds.  2 links one written and goes into all kinds of laxatives and how they work and why this one is targeted more so than others pages of explanation and second one direct page with video link. Worth having a look even if you dont suffer it right now. May do in future or have a relative you does as this subject not exactly dinner table discussion and so embarrassed to say suffer etc.

     these are Australian links. Have googled and looked at UK ones but usual type of long winded explanations for health professionals and again always say the same old what the yanks call "cover your arse" so dont get sued sentences. Which I have decided do more harm then good in that make one anxious over taking laxatives. Or any meds come to that OTT ones all say it. Mainly for those who sue or are not careful and IMHO probably wont read info sheets anyway!

    Just be sure to record daily what you take and if you go  and how many times. I have found since got it under control, go twice a day but also from making sure sit down first ting 7.15am and then again 7pm and bed time too 10.30pm.  Tends to keep you regular anyway as body gets used to it no straining etc.

    Also, I have found using Movicol correctly ie one sachet a day dissolved in water until it is clear, most important not to just stir and drink. Has to be clear so let it stand after stirring and drink once clear. Or wont work correctly, OK? small point but found out hard way.

    OK enough of this subject as off to prepare lunch ha ha.

    Good luck - and you're not alone in this constant battle to stay free of constipation. 

    And I hear your being anxious because I was until realized that we are all being treated to these again IHMO anxiety causing use for 7 days and  then go see  health professional, or else.

  • I was advised to take Linseeds by my dietician and it worked really well for my constipation without stomach cramps that Senna tablets gave me however my IBS has been really bad the last 2 weeks and am beginning to wonder if I should stop taking the seeds.

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