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Hello everyone

I've just bought some Psyllium husk to try and add some more fibre to my diet in the hope it'll make me more regular. I've never taken anything to add fibre and I'm on a fairly bland diet at the moment following a recent bout of D. I'm normally pretty constipated.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom with Psyllium husk? It says take 1 to 2 daily but I am anxious about it tipping me the other way.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Try one a day for about 3 days - see what happens then up or down dose. Need to drink quite a bit as it draws fluid from the body.

  • About 8 oz of water for each teaspoon.

  • Hi: Itake Metamucil [psylium] - You MUST drink lots of water when taking this product orit will act like ce ment in your intentines - 2 FULL large glasses usually is sufficient but more is good too. It does keep you regular and does the trick but REMEMBER, water, water,water. Good luck.

  • scoobiedo I have been making a smoothie out of it with almond milk. MY doctor says its ok. BUT,I dont trust her 100%. Do you think the Almond milk is not ok?

    Right now I am suffering from IBC C

    All week I was suffering from IBS D.


  • No - you HAVE to use it IN WATER. Water is what we need to put into the intestines tohelp with B.M's. If you do not drink lots of water after taking the psylium it will turn to 'cement' in the bowels which we don't want! I amNOT a Dr. but I don't believe your Dr. [you referenced] is correct. She should know that WATER is the BEST carrier of Metamucil. Good Luck.

  • @Scoobiedo

  • scoobiedo Thanks for your frankness.I believe what you said about the water. I will start changing tomorrow.



  • Hi again - capsules are OK but the METAMUCIL powder is much better. If you start with 1 heaping teaspoon in a glass of water [1/2 glass[andmix well and drink down followed by larger glasses of water. It may take two or three days to become effective and it should not affect you adversely.You can buy it usually it is oranged flacvoured and quit pleasant. Hope this info helps.

  • scoobiedo I had the orange flavor. But now I buy the regular without any sugar. I think the sugar is a trigger for some people. I also dont think fake sugar is good for IBS** To make it sweeter I use *estevia*. Or Stevia lactose free.

    **Balch book

  • Skyrooms: If you take it without sugar it is a better choice. Your natural sweeteners are a good choice, I think. And yes, sugar is not good for many conditions and we have to be careful. It is a 'learning' experience, isn't it? I really hope these all help in some way.

  • @stacy36

    I take 2 teaspoons a day with 16 oz of water. I would call the doctor exactly with which brand u have. Ask doctors how you should take it and how much.Its different amts for different brands also. I CANT live without it.They gave it to me straight from the hospital. I THINK you have to try a small amount first. BUILD on this amount every few days. It helps for both IBS C AND IBS D

    Much love and luck to you!

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