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Good evening all.

I'm looking for some advise... I've recently been advised by a dietician to introduce some linseed into my diet. I've been doing this every morning. Unfortunately, at the same time my endometriosis has flared up. After doing some research, linseed is one of the main foods to avoid in someone with endometriosis as it causes more pain. This explains my recent flare ups.

So I'm now going to try psyllium. I've tried to drink the fybogel with great difficultly so I've decided to buy some psyllium instead.

What I want to know is how do people take it? I was putting linseed on yoghurt with fruit. Can I do the same with psyllium? I'd much prefer to have it with something for breakfast. Any recommendations would be great!


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Is the psyllium in the form of regulan or fibogel? You can't take it without dissolving in a glass of water.


you have to mix with water,I add a little vimto coridal and drink it quick before it gets to thick,tastes better than fybogel with cordial added the flavour you like.


Are you taking it for constipation ? Someone on here recommended Benefibre and I have been reading up about it. Has very positive reviews and can be put on porridge ect. I am going to try it ASAP I took psyllium in tablet form previously can't remember it being much help but everyone is different.

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Benefibre sounds great!!!! Can you buy it in the UK?


Hi Jodiex, take a look on Holland and Barrett's website for Psylium, they will have reviews, and how to use it. good luck.

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I have had chronic constipation for the past few years. I tried psyllium and almost all the available fiber powders in the drug store to no avail. This past month I started to eat fresh pineapple daily -- and it has helped me more than anything else. I started to read up about the health benefits of pineapple and it has great digestive benefits including relieving constipation. I suggest trying adding pineapple to your diet daily.

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Hi Jodiex

I took psyllium husk for around 8 months. Purchased it from Amazon in 500 g bags for under £10.

I put it in smoothies because I didn't like it in plain water. Started with one teaspoon and built up to one 1 tablespoon. After few days I reduced it back to a maintenance amount of 1 teaspoon with the occasional increase when I needed it. I found this worked well for me.

The reason I stopped was because I started eating more veg (lots more - in variety and volume with skins on etc) and avoided all grains (as they appear to be the cause of my IBS). I was part way through my second bag when I found I didn't need it as I was getting enough fiber from all the veg. However, I have used it as backup for the days when I couldn't get my quota of fresh veg.

I have recommended psyllium husks to friends and family. It is an easy way to top up your fiber. Good luck with it.


Hi Jodix

I have been taking (Lepicol ) the red pot I find that one is better ,I take one teas in a glass if orange juice and then a glass of water , every morning it's easy to take and works very well , I suffer with IBS D also IBS C and it works for both . I buy it on line from Bodykind and p/p is free I do hope this helps give it a try good luck .

Sunnycot x


Thank you to everyone for your comments. Ideally I want to take it with food as part of my breakfast as I find it easier to take it this way rather than drinking it.


Hi, I take Lepicol (the green one) as I too suffer with ibs-d and this leads to ibs-c ( i think the two are a result of an abnormal working of muscles in the gut)

After many years suffering and trying MANY things, I have come to conclusion that ibs is an ever-changing condition with many factors.

Stress really does play a big part due to the way that peristalsis works, the muscle contractions that move food along the gut. What Lepicol etc. does ( I have concluded) is it 'normalises' these contractions and so cuts down a lot of the symptoms associated with ibs.

We are all different, and different things work at different times, you just have to keep trying until you find something that makes you feel better, and then if a flare up happens go back to something that worked before.

Interestingly as Lexby said I too have found that when symptoms subside and I increase veg intake this too seems to help.

But in a flare up then I need to go back to dairy free, gluten free and fodmap based with little veg and fruit.

To keep things in perspective then I try to think of others that have far worse medical conditions than me. Because ibs can reaaaalllllllyyyyyyget you down.

Have a good week everyone



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