Sometimes the magnesium I have for constipation doesn't work, even if i take a higher dose, and i think this could be related to the days where i eat less fibre - however on these days I do still try to have lots of fibre. I find it quite difficult to get enough fibre (I seem to need a ridiculously high amount) for the magnesium to work so was wondering whether it would be worth getting a fibre supplement to have alongside? If so which ones are good?

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  • Fybogel (psyllium husk) or Benefiber (wheat dextrin) are both good supplements.

  • thanks i'll have a look x

  • Flax/Linseed

  • Would I just add some to each meal?

  • Yes on cereal or in yoghurt or in meals

  • Linseed or flax

  • I used to find that fibre made me worse, but everyone is different. Have you tried Psyllium Husk caps (like these ? A fibre supplement is probably an easier way to up your fibre, just don't over do it at first and see how you get on (ie. perhaps just take a supplement one day where you've had a low fibre diet that day). I think I've used Amazon before for fibre supplements, just look for a decent dose for the price as they can vary a lot and are often more expensive in places like H&B.

  • Yes I'm finding it hard to tell if the fibre is making me better or worse 😂 Will have a look on amazon, thanks x

  • Hi

    Sometimes taking too much fibre can cause you problems they can make constipation worse I was seen by a nutritionist on the nhs I now take 1 laxido daily with 2 buscopan first thing I make my own cereal with oats,sultanas and flaked coconut and that does the trick it just about finding something that works for you also I found that cheese causes constipation with me (someone else had said about this on one of there posts )all the best.


  • Yes i've just been looking at one of those articles about how low fibre is actually the way to go - there's so much controversy about it and I really don't know what to believe 😖 also whether insoluble or soluble fibre would be better. That's weird about cheese - i don't know if the fat content would make constipation better or worse!x

  • I think it's just finding something that suits you at one time I was taking 6 packs of laxido daily it's taken a long time to find out what works for me this it such a great site for advice and support as there's so little help from most doctors I hope that you find something to help.


  • Yes I think I'm gonna have to keep experimenting for a while! Thanks for your support <3

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