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OK so like all of my symptoms of IBS have decided to appear today and it's really painful and hard to deal with. I have bad cramps, soft poop and then constipation, it burns really bad and I'm nauseous/small appetite. I'm so sick of it I want to go to San Francisco this weekend for photography but I can't because of my stomach it's just so painful and stupid

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Has anticipating the trip caused u to become stressed? Stress can be a trigger for some.


Hi Casharrian,so sorry to hear your unwell. I can understand how you feel,I'm the same. Can't plan to go anywhere,makes me so angry


Sounds like it's one of those days. It's good to have a good vent and let it all out. If you feel like getting out of your IBS hole, have a look at some of my posts on SickofIBS.com. They may give you some inspiration to move forward. I hope so anyway:)



Have a look at the Fast Tract Diet. It has worked wonders for me. Or you could try the low FODMAP diet which also works well for lots of people. Good luck - it is so frustrating.


Hi Bindy, I've just looked at the Fact Tract Diet and it looks really good. Thank you for sharing that

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