Help...Extended ibs Flare

Hi I have had ibs for 22 years and like many it comes and goes usually a few days here and there may be a week but I'm now going into my 4th week and it's never been this bad it's so painful the bloating the diarrhoea mixed in with more solid mucus covered stools and the most terrible wind the smell is just awful and embarrassing ...I've been on colpermin for many years and usually it works but not now I'm barely eating because everything sets it off even when I have the colpermin before food...I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia so am on enbrel injection , mst, Co codomal, naproxen, nortriptyline, pregablin, hydroxyquarlaqine ...Any advice would be appreciated


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  • Sorry, I can't help :( feel for you, my longest is 2 weeks, but after each bout of Dhiarrhea, spasm, I can eat???? sometimes anything I eat upsets my tum!!!

    I am trying Sourdough bread n Aloe vera juice and Loperamide tabs,.

    I have Bipolar and sometimes wonder if meds for that, upset me???

    Hope pain eases asap,.

  • Try alovera gell for a few months, you need to give it about 8 weeks to start working

  • Thank you I am hearing a lot about aloe Vera it's worth looking into it ...didn't know you got it as a juice though...

  • Thanks I am hearing a lot about aloe Vera didn't realise you got a juice...where would I get that? 😊

  • Possibly the diarrhoea is being caused by a number of things e.g. IBS and fibromyalgia. Being in your 4th week with no improvement I think you need to see a GP (try an out of hours service) - A&E is a last resort as you will wait forever,

    Make sure you are keeping your salts up

  • Thanks I've made an appointment with my gp I can't even just try something unless it is checked against the enbrel very frustrating...I have fluid replacements just with struggling with fluids ...

  • hi cocodomamol proabably not helping ibs. speak with doctor.try no tea or coffee or fruit juice. for a few days se e if any improvmnt. sorry your having a rough time. iv had ibe 20+ years. now trying very little tea,no cofeee n less sugar in diet. some improvment. i take normacol as fibre substitute n men=beverine befire meals as that slows down digestion. buscopan helps if i get pain after diarrhrea.lots of water to replace fluids.artifical sweetners a no no. hope you soon feel better.


  • Thanks I have stopped tea and coffee and having sugar free squash it just seems to be anything I eat sets it off the pain starts then the wind which just smells awful then rushing to the bathroom ...

  • oh dear,

    smelly usually means too much protein or spices. spices are bad for ibs, well is for me. i love chocolate but more than a small bar a day upsets my system. should be cutting it out but hard when so many other foods are not available to me. have you tried mebeverine?

    have a good day


  • FODMAP diet? wish u well

  • Worth a try thank you 😊 where would I find more info about that? ..

  • A new diet might (might) help but there are a myriad of diets out there and you could spend the rest of your life, and wages, trying them all out possibly with no real benefit. You would need to try each diet for at least a month to see if there is any benefit.

    IBS tends to be individual (generally) to a sufferer. We may all have similar symptoms but the trigger may be slightly different.

    Start with the GP. Good luck

  • Ask nhs nutrionist to send you fodmap diet plan.may need your doctor to call them first.good luck.graham

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