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what sort of specialist is best?

I`ve had IBS for years - much worse for the past 3 My main symptom is needing to go to the loo lots of time every day - but not diarhoea. During that time I`ve had a colonoscopy, MRI and sigmoidoscopy - all overseen by colo-rectal surgeons who lose interest when they can`t find anything that can be rectified by surgery. I`ve now been passed back to the care of my GP and am wondering if it worth asking to see a gatro-enterologist. There doesn`t seem much point if he/she hasn`t anything else to offer. (I`ve already gone down the fodmap diet route and tried lots of different medication)

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I started off seeing a gastroenterologist and he just booked me in for an ultrasound, blood tests and a stool sample. After everything came back negative he just told me to follow the FODMAP diet and not eat my trigger foods. So in my opinion they won't do much else...


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