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Please Help! What drugs are best for a bad flare-up?


I have IBS and suffer from anxiety - great combo! I also have fibromyalgia which involves lots of inflammation around my body. I tried FODMAP before Christmas, but for some reason, I found that cutting out foods has just made me hyper-sensitive to all foods, and I seem to be getting a lot more allergic reactions. For example, after eating, I often feel like my throat is swelling, and when I feel sick and bloated, my nose gets really blocked and runny at the same time. It sounds crazy, but when I feel really sick, sometime I will sneeze about 15/20 times in a row and this eases it somehow. In January, I got norovirus, and since then my IBS has really racked up a notch. I have constant pain all down my left side, from under my ribs, down around my hips, lower back and groin. Absolutely everything I eat seems to make me sick, and I have constant diarrhoea and debilitating stomach cramps. For the last 2 days, I haven't left the house, and I'm trying to starve myself so that the diarrhoea will ease off. At the minute, I just am passing large quantities of mucus, and feel full of wind. Does anyone know what I can take for this? I usually find buscopan good for cramps, but as I have been taking them pretty constantly since January, I think they may not be working so well. I tried taking 2 mebeverine yesterday, but I don't know if they helped or not. Years ago, I took something called kaolin and morphine, I'm not sure if it's still around. Has anyone tried this and found it good? I feel like I have to be my own detective, as my GP tells me it's down to stress, and has no time for food allergies. I feel that wheat and possibly dairy, makes me worse, and I definitely feel that there is a hormonal basis to this as well. Right now, I just need this awful diarrhoea to stop!! Thanks to anyone who reads this through!

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I have colitis which gives me pain down my left hand side of my stomach . It also causes mucus and diarrhoea

I have had various medication but at the moment I have been taking humira injections , also Pentasa oral powder ( injections are painless )

I would see a specialist but also Imodium for the short term .

Do you have contact with ibd nurse?

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I have an appointment for next week to see my GP. I will ask about the injections. Thanks, Pablo

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have you tried homeopathic remedies - i'm not really in the know but i took podophyllum - have a look online to see which one suits you best. I also had some baked apples which are nice.

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I'll have a look - thanks! I never thought of baked apples. I juice them and find them good.

Unless you can get a diagnosis of IBD they won't give you the injections as they are really expensive (I have IBD and secondary IBS). Have you been tested for IBD?

For wind I find Windeaze or Boot's Wind Relief to be good and also peppermint capsules and tea.

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I'm seeing my GP at the end of the week, so hopefully will get some tests done. I've had IBS for ages, but since having Norovirus in January, it's got really worse, and some symptoms have changed.

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Your GP will probably ask you for a stool sample and may refer you for a colonoscopy, if you need any tips about the latter feel free to ask :) Hope you get the help you need.

I take Kaolin and morphine, it is very good for the pain but does nothing for the diarrhoea


Hi there,

I had IBS and was starting to get fibromyalgia before I started to get the big picture. This article may be the actual cause of what you are experiencing:

I really would recommend going and seeing a reiki energy healer to take down the levels of tension and inflammation in your body. You will need several sessions, but you will probably feel much better afterwards. It is not a total fix because then have to find the underlying causes and fix them. But it sure helps calm things down and gives well-needed respite.


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Thanks, Alison! I think a lot of my problems are to do with inflammation. Conventional medicine is not great, so definitely worth a try!

Try prebiotics some form of relaxation and exercise if you can sleep is important and regular meal times .I would say you may well have some form of anaphylactic shock going on with your airway reactions .could you have reflux and a hiatus hernia ?

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