Right sided balloon feeling under rib area, need relief

I have had stomach issues for over 3 years now, it feels like there us a huge balloon in my right side and moves under ribs sometimes, I have had tests, scans blood done, dr said all organs on right side looked ok, dx me IBS w/ Constipation, was put on anxiety and depression medication and linzess, I get extreme pain upper and lower abs region, like labor pains, its excruciating and sometimes feel as though I will pass out from the cramping pain, i have went gluten free and for awhile felt decent but it's back and the balloon feeling never has gone, I feel as though I'm constantly being squeezed, any thoughts???

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  • Hi

    I get this occasionally and it can be extremely uncomfortable. It's great that you've been checked out and everything's O.K.

    The triggers for this with me is first and foremost anxiety (even mild!). Certain foods will not necessarily cause it but make it much worse. A very bland diet, until it settles usually helps.

    Best wishes,

  • For me it is all related to anxiety... The calmer I am the better my intestines function.

  • Hi babe I would not go gluten free untill you get tested for coeliac disease to rule it out becouse you are describing the same what I go through everday the upper pain & lower pain thats what mine feel like labor pains them excruciating pains & lowe spasms untill I go the toilet these automunne diseases have very similar symtoms but we suffer all the time go the doctors hun & see what he says also you could have ibs stay strong patricia

  • Hi

    After Christmas I was so depressed with feeling so unwell and in pain. I too can have similar feelings just under my ribs on the left (stomach area). However at one of my lower points I found this forum and someone mentioned the low FODMAP diet. That was three weeks ago and since then I've been following the diet and taking Bioglan Everyday Formula Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora 30 Capsules. I can honestly say it's made a huge difference for me and whilst i still have some ibs symptoms they are much much better. I've been tested for coeliac and chrones and don't have either of them. The low fodmap diet is gluten and dairy free and is for ibs sufferers. Check it out and good luck x

  • Hi , My. husband was liKe that with chest pains we have sat in car for ages waiting for pain to go , we tried alsorts , in the end a food dairy worked , he can't have fruit with pips too much dark green veg garlic onions and tomato , he is ok now except for odd times when he eats too much . I on the other hand still have on going problems have just started Fodmaps and it seems to be working , I hope you soon feel better as it is so debilitating and affects life in all ways ,

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