Pain under the right rib

I have had this pain under the right rib for years. It feels like a tennis ball is trapped under there. i've had cat scans, MRIs, X-ray, colonoscopy, scope down my throat and have been told all I need is Collace. Along with the rib pain I've lived with terrible gut pain and constipation. I've done extensive reading online to try and find an answer. And I've found it. It's caused by GMO chemicals. The chemicals react with the good bacteria in your gut that normally make compounds your body needs, like vitamins. They compromise their metabolism. The bacteria start creating phenol, which is a poison. The phenol picks up a sulfate molecule which temporary renders it harmless. Once it gets to the liver, right at your portal vein, right under your right rib, your liver takes the sulfate molecule. The phenol becomes toxic and inflames your liver, which causes the pain. If you go gluten free and organic the pain will go away or at least subside. However, it is almost impossible to eliminate GMOs from your diet. First of all food is not labeled for it. Secondly, some form of it is in almost everything. Best bet is to look for non GMO foods. Some of those are labeled. Good luck!

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  • Thanks mortea55, that's amazing. Got to have camera up and down etc. all started since I had anterior and postterior repair with my bowels because the didn't do that one properly and my bowel got agrivated. Many thanks though x

  • HI jules123. Please look at this video. Its about an hour long. it's full of info about GMOs and there effects. It really opened my eyes.

  • Try taking a good daily probiotic and also a multi vitamin. I used to get that pain a lot and was told it was diverticulitis and indigestion. It used to keep me up at night. Since taking these and changing my diet I haven't had it once

  • Hi lynne, Perhaps we do not have the same problem. A daily probiotic and multi vitamin would not help in GMO poisoning. THe active ingredient in GMOs, glycosate, compromises those bacteria and makes them pump out poison. Multi vitamins are made with GMO ingredients especially vitamin C. Please watch this video. It may explain your diverticulitis and indigestion. Especially if it developed after 1990. Good Luck!

  • I get pain under the right rib too. I used to think it was my liver because my liver does struggle a bit, but actually I now reckon its proximal constipation, where the constipation occurs in the right hand side of the colon. The poop is fully formed but too hard and puts physical pressure on the organs under the right rib. Going gluten free helped me, but mainly because I stopped being constipated. The pain is definitely related to having a slow bowel, and the slow bowel is caused by inflammation which in turn is caused by food sensitivities. So there's an alternative theory for you!

  • HI Poing, What do you think was causing that constipation in the first place? I went gluten free and was finally regular for the first time in decades. Is it the gluten or what's in the gluten? Please watch this video. It will explain a lot of what is going on with the country's health problems and maybe yours.

  • Hi it is called hepatic flexure syndrome and is where gas etc gets stuck in the bend of the colon, you can also get on left side your splenic flexure; I get these a lot, not pleasant :(

  • HI LucyKris. What is causing that gas? Watch this video. Maybe you will find an answer.

  • Yes, LucyKris, mine is on left side. Nice to know there is a name for it. It has ruined many a day for me including the last 3 . I also have PD, so slow gut, diverticulosis. Gluten free gave me bad constipation so I have to mediate between FODMAPs to avoid pain and what I need to go. I have to learn not to resent some pain as it is just my poor gut trying to do what it's supposed to do!!! :)


    good explanation! avoid prunes!

  • Hi PatV, Do you wonder what is the cause of your PD, so slow gut, diverticulosis. Did it start after 1990? See this video. You may find an answer. IT is not an infomercial. It is a video of two scientists who wrote a paper on GMO effects on people. very eye opening.

  • I have had right sided upper gastric pain on and off since my 20s and have had all the tests under the sun.... diagnosed with IBS told I have the long term version and it will resolve itself... tried to get my gall bladder removed but surgeons not willing to do without making me feel very guilty... sure this is the root of my particular pain... now I just take omeprazole, watch my bowel movements and when it gets inflammed have to rest and take laxatives and go to bed... terrible pain... I have heard that it is called right hypatic flexture syndrome too but I am sure that it is due to some imbalance in the gut flora.... I have tried everything in the book and now that I am in my 50s have learned to live with it... I have not much faith in the medical profession as I don't think they have a clue when it comes to this type of problem... if they cant cut it out they are lost!... I hope everyone finds some comfort in whatever they try... everything is worth a try and some things will work and some wont... we are all individual.

  • HI Angela, Please watch this video. I am also in my 50's and have had the same problems. After watching the video. I went gluten free and try very hard to eat organic. I instantly lost the constipation and pain. The rib pain comes and goes and is not so severe probably because one can't entirely avoid GMO food (its not labeled). IT is not an infomercial. It is a video of two scientists who wrote a paper on GMO effects on people. very eye opening.

  • Thanks Mortea55, Might give it a go!

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