burning sensation primarily behind & under right hand rib cage - driving me nuts

any clues regrading horrendous burning sensation behind and under right hand rib cage? more less there all the time. nothing seems to relieve the discomfort which is a burning sensation as opposed to outright pain, have had usual tests done and nothing so far found but going for endoscopy on 30 January, its incredibly uncomfortable but bizarrely does not affect my appetite and bowels are ok albeit a bit loose but does not half get me down especially when you don't think your getting help from the professionals! Have tried anti acid tablets, buscopan and mebeverine and would genuinely appreciate any responses to similar symptoms, have tried to stop drinking alcohol and that hasn't helped, stopped smoking over 3 months ago and that's not helped symptoms. Sorry for the ramble, just want to be rid of this discomfort which really gets me down. Really feels like I'm on fire right behind right hand rib cage and under right hand rib cage, sometimes spreads to left but primarily its right had side affected. Thanks for reading this. Cheers

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  • oh and forgot to add that it feels like something is ready to burst behind my rib cage - such a wierd uncomfortable feeling

  • Yes it felt like a preasure pressing out-could be gallbladder.

    It will be easily sorted by GP

  • Hi I went for a scan for gallstones for those symtoms but it turned out that my stomach was making too much acid; so they put me on a couse of Ranitidine.

    My symptoms were not as bad as yours tho

    Best wishes

  • Hi thanks for responding, I am going to docs tomorrow, I've got a feeling this is more to do with acid / ulcer and hopefully my endoscopy at end of this month will identify and issues. Cheers

  • James 007, I'm sorry for the discomfort you're having and it's really hitting home with me. I'm going through something very similar to your situation.

    I've begun to have similar symptoms as yours less than a week ago. In my case, I get a burning sensation under the right ribcage like if you applied a local pain reliving cream, but it usually only lasts for seconds at a time. However it seems to last for longer periods now but as with you, I'm not having pain as much as it's more of a discomfort. I don't have IBS but have been diagnosed with GERD. I've had it since I was 10, 50 yrs. ago. But to battle that I'm taking 300 mg of Ranitidine and Omeprazole DR 40 mg both twice a day.

    Is your pain constant or does it come and go? Mine comes and goes, sometimes I can have these symptoms several times an hour or go for hours without.

    I sorry I don't have any advice to give but am having something similar and I too would be interested in what's causing your symptoms. Hang in there and try not to stress yourself too much as stress probably makes it worst.

    Thinking of you.

  • Thanks Bob, I've got a feeling this is more ulcer / acid issue, after I submitted my post, I visited my local pharmacy and explained symptoms to the chemist and he recommended something similar to omeprazole which you could buy over the counter, I doubled up on the recommended dosage and about 4 hours later, I did feel relief so I'm going to docs tomorrow to get something on prescription that will keep me going until my endoscopy at end of this month. Hopefully this will identify the real issue and put me on the path to a better life!! I'll let you know how things progress. Cheers James

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