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constant pain under right rib

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I have constant pain under my right ribcage as if something is stuckunderneath or enlarged. I have had ultrasound and cat scan and they can see no gallstones. They did find some cysts on my liver but dont think that this would cause the pain. It improves if I stand or remove my bra but this is not always possible. anyone else experienced anything like this?

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I get this a lot but usually strikes during the night. Not a great deal works sometimes walking and stretching, I also take a windeeze

I've had intermittent pain under my right rib in the gall bladder area, and my gall bladder scans were clear too. I think it might be caused by inflammation. I went gluten free and haven't had much of this pain since I did so (and got it back one time when I tried gluten to see what would happen). But maybe that's a coincidence... I saw a suggestion from another poster on these forums that gall bladder pain might be due to a sensitivity to aspartame/formaldehyde.

I've had that too for months! Clear scan, abdominal MRI and blood test. I've tried all the meds under the sun, including Windeeze. So to this day, I still don't know... But I would welcome suggestions too from other people :)

I too have suffered some rib pain on the right side but it is intermittent and unfortunately the only thing I've tried is a hot water bottle, this does help ease the pain.

Hi I suffer from this too, it is called hepatic flexure syndrome I think. It is where the colon curves round and wind can get trapped etc. I also have pain the other side which is splenic flexure syndrome, all part if ibs I think but not pleasant!

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jojo55 in reply to LucyKris

thanks for giving this a name! Ive seen several doctors and a gastroenterologist who dont seem to know what I am talking about. They have put it down to muscular pain but I know it isnt.I'll look this up on the net. thanks again.

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I have also wondered if this pain can be costochondritis, with the absence of any other diagnosis, I think maybe suggest this as a possibility to doctors.

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I was pushed from pillar to post by doctors for 2 years every test "imaginable" and in the end was told it's mosculoskeletal and please don't keep coming back.. but splenic flexture was never mentioned but yes I can relate to this.

Hi jojo, hope above helped, did you look it up on the Internet? X


ive been having pain for the last 3 years under my right rib, and it feels like something is stuck. it get so painful that it bores through to my back and lower back, I also have a burning feeling in my stomach or feel like my stomach is sore or inflammed. Would this relate to you? Ive had 3 ultra sounds, endoscopy and colonoscopy and numerous bloods. Still they have no idea. ive now been put on 10 mg imipramine as the consultant thinks it maybe nerves in the stomach. im at my wits end with it all. Can anyone help?

Hi, I can totally relate to this, I have had the same for 2 years!!!, I have had all the same tests, they found a sliding hiatus hernia, but said it would not be causing the pain. Its got so much worse and i'm in constant pain. My stomach burns, my skin prickles, I have to take my bra off where ever I can as it kills!!!, they have now put it down to nerve damage!!!!, have you had any luck since this post??

Wondering if you have found any further information about your conerns. Mine are almost identical!

Hi Madonna 1962. It seems we share the same misery. For 2 years I have been going round in circles and now back where I started and worse off. I had a CT scan on Liver, Pancreas area, Clear!. Then I had a Gallbladder function test, clear. I have a small polyp in there but nothing else showed. I had a Colonoscopy as I'm so bloated all the time I look pregnant!!. Nothing in there. I paid to have an all round ultra sound to check womb, ovaries ect, Clear. I had 2 endoscopy's, a ph study test which was horrific!!, it showed my acid levels at 33 when they should be 12.5.They gave me acid pills that make my pain in my stomach worse!!. I have heartburn all day, drink Gaviscon all day, it hurts to breathe at times and my chest feels raspy and sore. The last specialist I saw said it was nerve damage and gave me horrendous pills to take which have terrible side affects!!, have not took them as I know my own body and its not bloody nerve damage!!. I have spoken to a woman on another blog that has been better than any doctor, who too has a sliding hiatus hernia, she has terrible bloating, pain under the rib, heartburn ect, all the same!!, but the hospital says it wouldn't be causing my pain!!!. On a bad day my skin prickles, itches, I have pain all around my diaphragm and like someone is digging a knife in my shoulder blade. sometimes its lower by my kidneys and down my sides, but mainly under my rib!!. I have 3 kids and I'm tearful everyday as I still think it's something bad like cancer. The pain never goes, not even at night!!. Iv'e cut out diary, tea makes me bad, and fatty foods. I'm going back to doc's next week as ive been told to ask for a barium swallow. I can't live like this!!!. Hope this has helped you. Hear for a chat :-)

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Heidip in reply to lesleyperry

OMG I have the same problem! I have become obsessed by it and we can't figure out what it is! It feels like something is stuck under ribcage. It is not excruciating but it is constant and radiates thru to my back! Going for a ct scan hopefully I can figure it out!!

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Will you please post what they find. I have same issue. I was told IBS-C. Been dealing with for over 3 years and it is not fun. Please let me know if you find anything so I can ask my Dr. about it.

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Ladyjackie37 in reply to Heidip

Hi to you I know this an old post . I just wondered if you ever got sorted out with your pain ; as I have the same

OMG, I've had the very same problems for years now. It's so uncomfortable and yet I feel let down every time I go to the doctor so I never want to go back. They've said the very same things to me..."it's IBS, here take some gas pills, or some antacids and uh, oh don't eat anything that you enjoy eating anymore." Did you get your barium swallow?

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Hi lesleyperry and Madonna1962,

I can absolutely relate to everything you experience, as I went through the same and it is most debilitating, also very depressing not knowing what causes it despite all those tests. In my case we found out that I had a severe candida infection (from longer term antibiotic treatment). The treatment for candida gave relief on day two yet took 5 weeks initially and then 2 more short term treatments. I still have to be careful what I eat (tea, chocolate, cheese, milk and sugary foods are off the menu), but I feel much better and have started to regain some of the weight I lost. I also found a yoga exercise which helps release excess gas and pressure: Raise your arms straight up as high as you're comfortable with. Bring the palms of your hands together and raise the arms a little higher still. Then bend slightly to the left (if your pain is under your right rib cage), hold for a couple of seconds or as long as you're comfortable (but no longer than 30 seconds), straighten up with your arms still up and palms together, then release. Repeat 5 times. Keep breathing throughout the exercise! I sincerely hope you will find out what's going on and get better.

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I just wanted to reply as have been suffering exactly the same thing for years, on and off, but it happens to be particularly bad at the moment. Well this yoga exercise has worked wonders. Whatever it has done, the relief happened instantly. I felt something drain from the source of the pain (trapped gas, liquid, something else?!) immediately followed by pins and needles down my right side. Now my upper right abdomen feels looser and less painful. Just wanted to pass on my thanks and recommend this technique. I think I might look into yoga to solve my IBS problems!

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WoolPippi in reply to Eddy1978

Thanks, I will try this too. I already do something like this when in bed: lie on right side for a few minutes, roll on back, tilt pelvis to the sky and massage traverse and descending colon. There's almost always gas to be passed. I think it got stuck in the bend at the liver and rolling around coaxed it to the exit.

The yoga pose you endorse sounds like the same thing: opening up some fold to allow trapped air through. Followed by relief of all the backed up stuff in the ascending colon that can finally move. Going to try it, thanks.

Hey, really sorry to hear how much you're suffering and I really identify! I've had the blood tests, endoscopy, scans etc and apart from rough liver and some mild Imflamation in the gut everything is clear and works fine. I have the pain under the right rib, acid in stomach, itchy skin etc. I have just left my job due to stress and this hasn't helped but it's really starting to get me sooo down it's untrue. I know my thinking around it doesn't help but it's not all in my head I know. I was convinced it was my liver but now I'm not so sure. How are you feeling about now?

I have exactly the same thing you do. It is strange that they cannot figure out what this is. I've had this on and off for 8 years now and it really started after a colonoscopy. It was also around that time that I got off of an ssri (I used them after a family member died). Recently I found out that SSRIs make the gallbladder dysfunction (often turning the bile to sludge) which causes pain. I'm desperate as the pain is waking me up in the night and is much worse at night....

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Tomfin13 in reply to lesleyperry

I'm sorry for you I hope you get some good news

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mno123 in reply to lesleyperry

My daughter had same symptoms. She was diagnosed with Fybromialga.

I have had same problem over 3 years and some months now. Yes they did almost everything but in my case they did find submuosal tumor. They did drain it second time when they go in to do endoscopic ultrasound and they said it was abcess of lymph node. They put me on antibiotic for more than two months, i seemed to be ok but the whole pain started just I was about to finsh my antibiotic. So we are back at square one no body knows what is going on. Seems the pain is right under my rib cage and at times little below that feel like tightness at times i feel like I am carrying something inside. When I lay down it hurts in my right side toward the back feels like something is poking, yes tightness also. MY Gi finally this week told me may be needs to be looked by orthopedics ---I know it isn't. About a month ago i was told it may be IBS, so I was given to take fiber. Which the fiber gave me very bad constipation I had to stop it. I eat most of the time glueten free (Teff flour) or quinonoa, so I have tried to be off gluetin and tried but pain is there. So i know in my case it isn't the gluten. I don't take any medicines no except when the

pain is so bad i do take pain relief but I try to stay away from it. I don't drink coffee at all neither soda and alchol. I hardly eat sweet staff. So what is it? Yes I do get relief from time to time on it is own. I do drink plenty of water bottle water. Yes, it is mystery not only to the physicians but me as well who is living with it all the time.

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Ginger66 in reply to unsolved3y

Hi I had the same symptoms. went to a lot of doctors with no help but an old lady told me to try garlic which I did great help. Bad taste but it worked hope this help you. You can also try garlic tabs but u have to take a few at a time.

Hi my condition Is like yours. The pain was in my side under my right rib and radiated through to my back and moved up to my back just behind my right breast. The pain was that bad I could not get comfortable and cried it was so painful. I've been admitted to hospital with the pain and had all the cameras and scans and still found nothing. They thought it may be haul stones or my haul bladder. My mum had the same problem for over a year then her haul bladder burst. I was given tramadol which really helped to begin with then started wakening up with which felt like severe stomach cramps at the top of my stomach just between the rib cage, doctors thought because of this I may have pancreatitis but tests proved I didn't. This pain went in for around one year and I was taking tramadol and oral morph together. It was a good relief but again after a while it didn't help the pain. In the end I became immune to the pain killers. The morphine started making me sick too. After about a year of having this pain It just went, but still got the odd twinge but nothing that wasn't bareable. The pain every now and then is getting worse again. I can't be bothered going to the doctors as I feel I'm wasting my time. Anyone have any suggestions.

HI I know this thread is old but did you get an answer to your symptoms?

I am having the same problems but all scans are fine.

I have experienced same thing . Did you ever discover what it was ?

Yes I get back and rib pains in my right side and sometimes it goes all over its not very nice the doctors don't know what it is I have add it for about 6 years now it would be nice if it just went a way

hi, like you iv had all that also gaulbladder removed but still this burning pain nobody can tell me anything, I also have very bloated stomach all the time but worse after food hope you find an answer if you do please let me know thanks


im having the same symptoms it started overnight with a deep pain in my right side then tightness under my right rib with pain, my ribs were sensitive to touch, i notice the tightness feeling more while im sat down, and movement seems to irritate it, ive had an ultrasound because doc thought i had gall bladder problems but it was clear, doctor said there was no need of any further investigations as it ibs, my pain also moves and it feels like it travels down my right side then near my belly button, it is driving me mad!


I have the exact same symptoms as described by Lynne25ukuk . I've had scans and the like but they all came back clear. I've suffered from IBS and from what im reading here there appears to be a link

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Jules123 in reply to oTool

I've had the exact same thing and still got it. Had scans, all clear. Hospital say I have ibs. Just like you have a tennis ball under your right rib and burning in your stomach, plus a lot of trapped wind.

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Madonna1962 in reply to Jules123

THIS IS ME TO THE TEE!!! Can we chat online and see if we can put our heads together. I am at wits end!

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Jules123 in reply to Madonna1962

Hi Madonna, sure we can. It recks your life, yeah x

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Oh my god I cant believe i'm reading all of this, i've been going to the docs for 15 years with this pain, started straight after my last daughter was born, in fact its because of this pain that i had my bloods took again and they discovered elevated lfts and had a biopsy which said I had pbc, that was just this September, ive felt like such an hyprochondriac, they actually said they'd be investigating the high lfts and send me for a biopsy and treat the pain as something different and at the time I thought, please, its the pain I want sorted but my doc has also said that it may be ibs, i've had times sitting rocking on the floor with my back to the radiator its so bad, my stomach is like i'm 8 moths pregnant, I have found its a bit easier if I constantly take laxatives. may I ask, if youre on urso, does it make you have diorrhoea or are you constipated? im relatively pain free when I have looser stools which may point to it being ibs. xx

Jojo, I get this too, I have a hiatus hernia which I think agrivates my IBS as food can cause excess gas. sometimes I've been on all fours with the pain and I've though I was having a heart attack. It is very frustrating at times and my thoughts are with you. It is reassuring sometimes that others feel the same as sometimes I think I'm falling apart x

Helps to read all this too, I thought I was having a heart attack, I get all of these symptoms that I have read, also bad acid reflux!! I am also so bloated I look pregnant and it's embarrassing to go out. The whole thing is making my life a misery!!!! :-(

As others have said, it is reassuring to read that you are not the only one with this complaint.

I've had the pain on my right side for about a year now. I've also had the ultra sound and x-ray which showed nothing. It doesn't stop you from worrying though. I have another appointment at the doctors today to see what he suggests is the next option.

The only change in my lifestyle which could possibly be connected, was after a visit to the surgery last year. This was when they suggested I change from eating white bread to brown, and that I should eat cereal for breakfast. As well as cutting out sugar in tea and coffee.

Who knows ?

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Funny that when my problem started up change in me food which I think is a bad thing its like putting desiel in a 10 year old petrol car would not like it

I also think it may be related to kidney or some kind of inflamation that comes and goes on its own. It may be also two things going toghether at times but makes us feel confused in how to describe it to the doctors. I was told I have multiple cysts in my ovary but I doubt if those will cause issues all the way up there. I know I am in good hands with my doctors and sooner or later we will get to the bottom of it. As they both seem to hear me out and document everything and they are not there to make money like most but look for the best interest of my situation. So, I hope the rest of you all have great doctors that you can talk to but it helps to know I am not alone in this. Best of luck to all of us.

Looks like I'm not alone

Same symptoms 3 years of agony. scan Bloods etc done no Answers :(. 1 Dr said I was imagining it ?? 3 years of agony I can't imagine. Attacks getting worse and more frequent day and night. Thank god I read these posts thank you!! Any suggestions to ease pain or reduce attacks please x

Hi did you have any luck finding the problem

Same symptoms..currently suffering 1st hour ofpain:(

Oh my gosh, I am in so much pain and feel better that others describe the same symptoms as me. I have just undergone a hysterectomy and actually saw the pre- op doctor who asked me about this pain. He said it sounded like a hernia. Every other GP has said maybe helicobacter pylori, acid reflux but honestly I am crying in agony all the time and just lie on my bed with a hot water bottle on my right side of ribs all the time waiting for the day to end. I cannot play with my kids and am now at rock bottom as hysterectomy has not solved this problem. I have had every scan available and everything says all clear. I am sure the doctors think it is in my mind but the pain is most definitely real. Will now set off on path for hernia as I need to know what is wrong .

Iv had it for 5 to 6 years now of and on feel like I've a golf ball under right rib and dull ache and tender to touch some time s had load ultra sounds colonoscapy all clear it so bad makes me feel tired bloated gassy acid wish I new what it was docs say IBS my rib does click if I move side to side but not to shore if its it and I do have scilosis twist in the spine fed up of being ill and it starting to get in the way of work hate it grrrr!!!!!!!

I have exact same same symptoms. I also have a similar click in my right rib cage and also have scoliosis. I wondered if the scoliosis might have any thing to do with the pain. I have recently looked into the FODMAP diet. I am hoping that offers some relief. In addition to FODMAP, I am also taking good quality probiotics. You might give it a try. It couldn't hurt. Check out this link,

I found the Stanford site pdf to be very helpful. They gave a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat. They also explained how long to remain on the diet and examples of snack and meal ideas. I was really surprised at the foods on the list. Many of them were very healthy foods that I eat all of the time. My nutritionist recently suggested that I give it a try. I had never heard of it before a couple of days ago, but it is basically a disorder that causes certain foods to not break down properly in our gut and sit in there and ferment. Also there is a disorder called sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. I am thinking that might be what is going on with me. It causes all the symptoms of gall bladder disease but with normal test results. I have had blood work, HIDA scan, and ultrasounds with no abnormal results. The sphincter of Oddi dysfunction is when the valve that regulates bile flow either spasms or is being constricted causing pancreatic fluid to become backed up and cause pain and bloating. There is a surgery to open the sphincter but it is super risky and can cause pancreatitis which can be fatal. So in my opinion the surgery is not worth the risk. I have found it helpful to keep a food journal and to do an elimination diet. Keep a very simple diet, like just chicken broth for a day or so, then slowly add items back into your diet and journal how your body reacts to the various items. Hope that these suggestions help.

jamiehaentjens so true iv bin thinking the same oddi dysfunction I'm thinking scoliosis as abit to do with the pain as some times have a burning feeling in back and the clicking is so weird Iv even look in to slipping rib syndrome but not to sure . That fodmap sounds good will try that. And keep up date on how things go on .its grate to have sites like these to help unlike half of the docs thanks for the suggestion .

So I have been on the FODMAP diet all week and for the first time in a year I am not having pain. It is amazing!!!! Hope it works for you too Daniel. :)

This is all familiar, sometimes sharp pain when bending to shave legs or tie shoes, when laying on right side feels bruised or like I am laying on something hard, it is often sore to touch. Has been going on for over a year, have had ultra sound and all clear. I was wondering if it could be endometriosis, which was found when I had hysterectomy 8 years ago. I have read it can go to different places in your body, and I had ultra sound then and they didn't see it in until surgery. Just a thought, but since the doctors don't know what this is we may have to figure it out ourselves. Anyone else have similar situation?

Me too, me too! It started a few days after a fall, so the doctor and I assumed it must be a bruised rib because all if the other tests, ie ultrasound, blood, etc. we're negative for liver, gallbladder and kidney. It's nice to see I am not alone.

Diet seems to help, ie avoiding sugar, bread, chocolate. But without knowing the exact cause, it's kind of trial and error. And it's back now - ate a chocolate bar last night, which may explain it - so clearly need to find a solution, especially with the holidays approaching.

Has anyone else noticed a connection with specific foods?

Ive got same problem my pain is all under ribs going alway down my right hand side and across my back. Ive had cameras done after fighting doctors for 9years. Ive had cameras up and down i have the reflux hernia, i have severe i.b.s i get severe pain when eating and drinking i have a fatty liver and i have a polyp in my gallbladder apparently that what causing the pain in my right hand side its 11mm big it grown 2mm in a year you have to have the gallbladder removed because in later life it can cause cancer so ive been told but i do recommended asking doctor for amitriptyline for gallbladder pain it works wonders im currently on them and sickness tablets and peppermint tablets to only things i find help with my gallbladder and i.b s pain.

Omg, thankyou all, reading all these comments have made me feel like I'm not going crazy, I hate my body at the moment, all the symptoms described is ME, went to see my gp on Friday because I've had enough, he is so complacent though, his attitude is basically it's IBS live with it! Why should we, just 1 good day that's all I want, beside the IBS, the reflux I'm suffering is horrendous, feel I'll all the time, I take so many different tablets, I think I will try gluten free for a while, where can I get a diet sheet that will maybe help me with do's and dont's?, any suggestion would be great, I'm at the end of my rope, just glad I'm not going mad and I'm not alone

I just stumbled upon this site today, looking for answers just like everyone else on here. I have the same issues as well with the right side pain. I also have had several test done and everything is normal. They said it is IBS and gave me a RX laxative. And they said it was probably my bowels causing my pain on my right side. Had anyone had a bowel spasm on the right side. I have also been dealing with this for around 3 years and no real answers. Just feeling worse and worse.

I've been through 2 years of hell, I've had all the tests done and nothing found but I am in constant pain and discomfort under my right rib cage, I suffer from extraordinary painful cramps and one week I can shit for Scotland and the next week I shit nothing! Have tried all the named tablets and diets but just cannot figure out what my triggers are apart from stress! My pain is under my rib cage and spreads round my back and sometimes feels like an elastic band around my midriff. Also suffer from pain in shoulder blades. Some days I am nearly in tears and this has had a huge affect on my work and social life. Am back at doctors this week and looking to find out if there is a local community group in my area (Dundee, Scotland). If anybody has any tips or off the wall suggestions, can you please share with me, no matter how ridiculous, if it worked for you or helped you, please share! Thank you.

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lesleyperry in reply to James007

James I have exactly the same. Constant under my right rib, like a knife in my shoulder blade, tightness and cramps in my diaphragm that make me freeze till it wears off!. Horrible heartburn with anything I eat now and I look 8 months pregnant with hideous bloating!!. Its ruining my life, I cant even wear a bra for more than an hour which makes the pain 10 times worse!! I'm convinced I'm going to die or that it has to be cancer to be this painful and constant!!!, been like it for 2 years and still getting worse!!!

Have you taken any tablets for the stress and anxiety? Pregabalin can help with the anxiety. Currently I take Domperidone and Ranitidine to help things move along. Have also used Senna. I have IBS which alternates too. Resolor helped too with motlity. Don't know if you've used these or not!!!

Thanks Dallygal. I am going to print off your response and take it with me to docs on Wednesday. I'll try anything even to alleviate the pains. I was on Citalopram (which really made me run to the toilet) and amitriptyline (which was great at night for helping me get to sleep) but i can’t use amitriptyline during the day in case i nod off! But I will take this to my docs on Wednesday and see what she says. Thanks again for the advice.

I really can't believe I've found this thread, this is what I've been enduring for about 9 years now! Everyone had me pretty much convinced that it was all in my head but it seems I'm not alone! Has anyone ever found anything to relive the symptoms?

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led1953 in reply to Edcarroll02

Hi there, I have also been suffering on and off with this problem for about 10 years, (since the onset of menopause), and am currently enduring yet another bout of pain, under the right rib cage, constant for about a month now. I have had 5 colonoscopies and 3 endoscopies over the years, been hospitalised twice and had many CT scans and last week yet another ultrasound, with all of them, including the most recent, CLEAR.....the pain can be excrutiating and the "cures" like Mylanta, Rennies, etc only give me more wind which can be very embarrassing. Recently I have been using 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in Ia glass of apple juice and that gives some pain relief for a short period of time. I have also found that each time that I have been for a colonoscopy and have to take the medicine beforehand to clean out my bowel, by the time I have had the op I am again feeling fine.... a previous visit to one of my GP's had him telling me that he thinks that I have a lazy bowel and that I should take the Picoprep without having the colonoscopy to clean myself out whenever this starts....until reading all of these blogs I had actually forgotten about this advice, but the reason I haven't tried it before this is because it of course means taking myself out of life for at least 24 hours and at the moment I am so busy with work, hobbies and babysitting my gorgeous grandson I am not sure that I can afford that 24 hour break. I also find that worrying about it makes the pain much worse, and that if I distract myself it eases a little. I will persevere with the apple cider vinegar, ginger and lemon tea, ginger beer and cutting down on gluten as excess gluten seems to be the trigger for me along with sometimes MSG found in Chinese food. It is always better to have these things checked out, and especially if the pain persists for a long time and you can't ease it with any of the above remedies. Hopefully, we can trust the doctors when they tell us that it is IBS, lazy bowel etc., It would just be really good if the doctors had a list of things we could try to help ease the discomfort without it having to be a chemical (table taking) remedy, and also that they didn't make us feel like we are being overdramatic, (those that I have seen obviously haven't had this type of pain themselves), it would be really good if there was an actual name for this, but then I guess all of us are different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. I hope this helps some of you to try to be able to relax a bit more and stop worrying too much, I am going to try to take my own advice....just about to have a cup of Lemon and Ginger tea and put my "heat bag" on my tummy and get an early night hoping to get a bit more sleep tonight. Thanks for all of your blogs and ideas.

Wow. I've been reading and rereading all the replies to this thread. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences everyone and for all the info. I'm sorry you've all been suffering so much and really hope it can be figured out for you asap. My post is a bit long with info of my own experience so far, but maybe we can help each other somehow by such sharing...

My symptoms have been just like yours (pain under ribs -both sides, but most often on the right -which can move down and sometimes go near my belly button too, pain can migrate to the back, can't stand to wear a bra any more than absolutely necessary, etc.). I discovered some months back that I have a hiatal hernia. Been having a lot of issues with gas (burping and flatulence, unfortunately), lots of stomach problems, lots of acid, etc. --I should remember to mention that I haven't been diagnosed with IBS. I stumbled on this forum through a Google search of my symptoms.

I've noticed that my system seems to be processing my food more slowly than before. So that, now, I rarely have a bowel movement unless eating my next meal has brought on the need to go. Kwim? Is this something that any of you have noticed too? ...In addition to that, I have seen a change in my bowel control. My movements are fairly normal (that is, diarrhea/constipation are rare), but for maybe the past year, when I get the sensation that I need to go, I can't really hold it anymore. Not for very long, anyway. It would be exceptional to be able to hold it for 15 min or more nowadays. It has changed enough that it impacts my activities/plans. I'm always conscious now to be sure that I have a movement before leaving the house (that is, I always have to eat breakfast now, so that it brings on the need to go). And I always need to plan to be near a bathroom if I think I'll need it at a particular time, etc. Never had to worry about that sort of stuff in the past and I'm only in my late 30s now.

Well, I was at the doctor today. They have already done an endoscope (which found the hernia), a colonoscopy (which came back clear), and today I got the results of the ultrasound of my upper abdomen. For that ultrasound, I was supposed to refrain from eating or drinking for 4 hours before the test. Well, I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't eat much for 24-36 hours before the test, and the last thing I ate was about 8 or 9 hours beforehand. I didn't have much of anything for a movement until after the ultrasound was all over. It feels a little embarassing to be writing all this, but the test showed that I had a lot of, let's say, 'backup' in my large intestine/colon as well as a lot of air. So my doctor agrees with me in thinking that my body is processing more slowly than it used to.

I told her about what I had read here, especially about the hepatic and splenic flexure syndromes. She agreed it's possible that this could be my problem. Perhaps the buildup from my slow system is causing these symptoms of mine which seem to correspond well to the hepatic and splenic flexure syndromes. She told me she wants me to take something from the pharmacy every day for 3 months. I forget the name of it at the moment, but I get the idea that it is probably something like a laxative. She says it will help my body to clear out faster and should give me relief. I can see some logic in it, I suppose, because I know I got some relief for a few days before/after my colonoscopy when I had to flush out my system in preparation for that test. But I'm not certain if this 3 month thing is the best idea. Seems more a temporary fix and not something that could help longterm, if these flexure syndromes are going to be a longterm issue. Also, I'm worried that 3 months of a medication with a laxative effect might actually cause my system to become a bit too dependant on the medication and a bit lazy/sluggish on its own -which is the last thing I need given that my system has already become more slow. Sooo, any thoughts on this? If you have any advice or further info you might be able to share, I'd really appreciate it.

Hi Jojo , just like myself , all of the above except my pain is on my left side just behind my last rib , it's there almost constantly and can be excruciating at times . I can't remove my bra of course ha ha , am half way through a 12 wk course of hypnotherapy , it does help me to relax and eases things a little but it doesn't last ... Can I just say one more thing , I am sick and tired of people who are supposed to love you and help / support you talking down to you as if IBS is nothing to worry about and that they know every thing about IBS and how easy it is to " get rid of ", I wish we could swop and they have my IBS just so I could have a little more than a few hrs / days rest . Sorry to go on but I thought they cared . Gook luck everyone .

I have the exact same issue. Has been happening for weeks. I thought I pulled a muscle but can't reach it.. Have you figured anything out?

I'm thinking its the in the food and it's the problem for every thing if u look at back of any food packet it's got some cr_p in it like stabilisers ( dipotassium phosphate ) emulsifier .e503'e500 . Raising agents .even in our grate bread that we love mono and di Acetyl tartaric . Sodium stearoy .sodium sorebate which is a cancer induced like what the buck there killing us as long as thay profit and all of us still eating it and even the water thay clean it with chloride and it bad for u to over long time so next time u go shopping just look and google it and some food it said natural flavoring which is lies as it's just new name for sorebate the and uk government mone about the Heath cost in uk we'll if the food inds would not put sh_t in our food we wouldn't be ill I would like all above to just think what iv said and get back to me

Hi there everyone. My first attack was about three years ago. I very much believe it is a problem that is antagonised by certain foods. jamiehaentjens further down in the replies suggests checking out this site, I haven't tried it yet but as my symptoms are the same as everyone else's, I will!

Chocolate, chocolate ganache, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake; I love them all but they are terrible antagonists of whatever it is I suffer from. Pain was so very bad once, my blood pressure dropped n I passed out! Freaked my husband out. Got rushed to hospital where no explanation, other than the fact I smoke, was given for the drop in blood pressure or the pain. That was the worst time. Wondered if I was having an aortic abdominal aneurysm! Or at least a heart attack! Other times the level of pain varies from a mild discomfort (that makes me afraid it's going to be bad again) to so terribly excruciating that I can't even sit down, never mind lie down! It's so debilitating and depressing. Can completely relate to those who say they can't live like it. Warm apple juice (I hate it) drunk in large quantities (ie at least 30 oz throughout the day) is very beneficial, I've found. Plus cutting out greasy stuff and white flour and dairy. And drinking more water.

hi, I'm a 30 year old male, been suffering from hiatus hernia and pain under right ribs for 10 years. I have got rid of both of them.... I managed to push my stomach down and to the left which seems to have slotted it onto place. It's staying there now and has done for 1 month. But under my right rib cage is the dull pain still. I think my diaphragm is completely destroyed and everything is allowed to move up if i'm bloated. Like a balloon. I'm guessing its the intestines. i have a quick fix anyway for you to try. You have to push it down. Relax your stomach and gently push where it hurts downwards. Even just hold your hand there while it slowly moves down. Once its moved to just above belly button height i have a abdominal hernia support belt and a velcro strap . Both work. You have to strap it above the bulge. it won't move then. This belt seems to act as my diaphragm. Once it stays in the right place you should find that you fart freely with no problems. Just to add if you want to reduce bloating follow the FODMAPS diet. It illuminates all bloating foods. You end up eating a crap ton of rice and potato but its better than being ill. Once i started this diet i went from needing 10 hours sleep a night to 7. I am still on 7 and feel amazing! Even my girlfriend gets jealous of how little sleep i need. unless i eat a load of bread or beans then i pass out for 12 hours straight and get restless leg syndrome all night. Not to mention the dull pain under my right ribs! You have nothing to lose! Good luck. x

Hi I have just found this site after googling! I have had the exact same symptoms for 9 months. Have had blood tests, endoscopy (clear) pelvic scan (clear) and having a colonoscopy on Saturday. I'm so worried it's not IBS and it's sinister. I have had IBS for many years but this right rib pain is new. My IBS pain used to be on LHS and more cramp like. It's ruined the last 9 months of my life. Did anyone get to the bottom of this?

How relieving to read this. I've come across this site out of extreme desperation. I have been going thru what I can explain is exactly how you worded it. This has been on and off pain for at least 5 years, increasing pain at times, sometimes it would dissapear for months. The last 6 months have been the worst. I can't work, I can't eat, sleep, sit or do anything but lay on a bed on my back. My left side has started to hurt the same. I have had every test under the moon and am terrified to go back to another doctor. If I find some kind of specialist and they find nothing I am at the end of my rope. I'm 30 and the quality of my life is horrendous. I'm supposed to get married next month and I can't even b excited wondering how I will make it thru the day. I have become so depressed and withdrawn. At this point I'd b happy if they found it was cancer even! A diagnosis. I'm that desperate. Nice to know I'm not alone.

I just found this site when googling my symptoms. I have pain under my right rib cage, sometimes radiating through to my back. I think that these symptoms could be related to gluten or dairy intolerance. I was told by GP 25 years ago I have IBS, and in recent years have had more tests, cameras, colonoscopy , scans only to be told I have also got diverticular disease and eat more fibre! Due to some domestic issues I have eaten badly over the last two weeks or so - sandwiches, burgers, cakes etc and my pain which is normally under control as is the D that accompanies it, has reappeared. I reduced my gluten and dairy intake after my last bad episode of pain over a year ago and it seemed to work. I am now still in pain but it is decreasing since 48 hours ago when I started my ' clean' diet again, I am hoping that by the end of a week or so I will be a lot better. I am sure that gluten and/or dairy are involved.

I've skimmed many of the posts on this topic and though I've never had the pain under the right rib, I've had other symptoms of sluggish liver/gall bladder function, and I know this plays a factor with IBS. I suggest some products that have really helped me with my sluggish gall bladder / liver function where the medical doctors said they could find nothing wrong. My naturopathic dr. got me started on these. If you can get to a holistic doctor, do it. MDs have virtually no training in nutrition, and the American diet is poison. These are food-based products that will help your body to repair itself.

Here are products that have worked for me: Standard Process Betafood or A-F Betafood and Livaplex really help these organs do its job to break down the fats. Priority One makes a product called Enzygest which provides the enzymes necessary to break down food. (Get them from a holistic doctor or on Amazon.)

I've also found that cutting out the poisonous foods make a huge difference with hip, lower back, joint pain, stomach pain, even elbow pain (which flares up whenever I indulge in coffee--referred pain for liver.) The culprits are: Coffee (my fave), chocolate, sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, fried foods. Dairy is huge because it produces a lot of mucus in the GI tract. One website that explains why these foods poison the body is "coffee and joint pain" for the article. It's located here at this link:

When the liver & gall bladder are sluggish, it won't show up on a scan, but it really messes up digestion. Most M.Ds will miss this and give you drugs for pain. You probably need a good liver / gall bladder cleanse. It won't hurt you to try. It's all tied into digestion. Do a Google search on "pain in right ribs holistic (or gall bladder)" and you'll see that pain under the right ribs that radiates to the back or right shoulder is a sign of a gall bladder that is sluggish. (Not always diagnosed by an MD) If you cleanse your liver / gallbladder, it's a good idea to look up a good kidney cleanse as well. These organs all work together.

It's also good to follow the diet that keeps your body alkaline instead of acidic--lots out there on the web about this. And Braggs Apple Cider vinegar works wonders taken over a period of time. Lots of helpful information on the web about Chinese medicine as well that you may want to check out. Do a Google search of the Chinese pain meridians for the right rib cage and see if anything comes up.

Well finally I have an answer to what has plagued me for the best part of 20 years. Thank you all for your questions and answers. No Dr has been able to diagnose my symptoms for years. I have had MRI's , Endoscopy, Ultrasounds. Every time I eat certain foods or drink a cup of tea or coffee with full cream milk the pain under my right rib returns. I too have thought the worst about it being cancer and have persisted in getting answers but to no avail. I will try this FODMAP diet and try culling fatty greasy foods from my diet, which will be hard after all these years :) Thanks again everyone for the answer I've been looking for. Cheers

Hi I have read many of the posts and I also have been dealing with IBS. Its been about 3 years and I am now working with a Naturopath. He has me on a IBD diet (inflammitory bowel disease)No sugar of any kind except stevia, no wheat no grains of any kind, no potatoes of rice, no dried fruits, no tropical fruits including bananas, no chocolate, no alchohol,no caffine, no dairy,nodeep fried. Basically, Lots of veggies, salads,protein, eggs, soy, almond or coconut products,fish,nuts seeds. It is very restricive but you do get used to it and you will lose weight to! It sounds like alot of people have inflammation all over the body and you can calm it down with diet. It could take months so be patient. Also try taking Slippery Elm, Probiotics 20 billion a day,and try ! TBSP of aloe vera inner leaf gel daily. I am just finishing my first month. I also have chronic headaches and a drippy nose. Could all be inflamation! We will See!

Yes I get a sort of pain under my right rib, sometimes I think it's a swelling but it isn't I don't think and it comes and goes

I have had almost the exact thing for the last few months and it is really starting to annoy me. I am a 45 year old female, in good health, I take no medications, thin, active, I eat healthy, so I am at a loss. At first I thought I had strained a muscle b/c I had been working out in the yard the day before it started. It doesn't hurt, it just feels like there is something there that shouldn't be but when I touch the area there is no swelling or bulge. After about 3-4 weeks when it wasn't going away I went to see my doctor. They did blood work, urine labs and sent me for an ultrasound of gallbladder, all came back normal. I have no other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. just this feeling like something is there. It seemed to go away on it's own and then came back and has come and gone since sometimes lasting a few days, sometimes a few weeks. I also have the same issue wearing a bra when it is back. The only other symptoms I have had that I think are related are these: A few months before this started I experienced a fluttering sensation, almost like when I was pregnant and the baby moved, in the same location a few times. Since this has started, on 3 or 4 different occasions, I have also experienced a charlie horse like spasm in the same area, below the right rib, when bending over from a sitting position. Does anyone have any answers as to what this might be?

Yes I have got it, never goes. Away

HI all, WOW, a lot of us out there with the same symptoms... The only difference with mine is that my pain is under my left rib, I get myself in such a state, I am at the start of my IBS journey (Diagnosed) and am struggling to keep it together. I think the worst. I suffer form anxiety, and this deffo doesn't help me... I have the bloated under the rib cage - diaphragm, as well as the tennis ball feeling under my left rib, the stabbing pain in my shoulder, though this is sometimes a dull ache too.

So far Ive only had blood tests, which came back ok - I am slim, healthy, ex smoker, my tests showed a slightly under active thyroid, to be retested in a couple of months and vv slightly low on calcium - thats it - everything else all clear (tested for bowel cancer and the likes too). Been prodded, had the finger up me bum, and am actually now going back to the doctors to insist on some other tests, scans and colonoscopy to start - more to reassure me and hopefully that will ease my worry, and in turn ease the pain.

My skin burns and itches, right from the bottom of my rib to my back and down my spine area. The more I panic, the worse it gets. I dont like taking pills for pain, so I try and manage on the odd paracetamol - which doesn't help.

Ive had this on and off for about 2 months, getting worse. The only thing I can think thats changed, is I have substituted sugar for honey in my tea, and been drinking more cider in the hot weather - both honey and apples are not recommended on the FodMAP diet I discovered today. SO will now try to omit them... :-(

Anyone else get it under the left rib?

Ever suffering... Hev xx

Never knew the bi-carb trick but boy it makes the wind come up. I'm so over these pains.

Thanks all for these posts. I've just joined. I have had what appears to be a similar pain under my right rib for over 6 months, now have acid, and burning stomach, and am about to have a CT scan. I saw a consultant last week who put the fear of God into me and said I should stop drinking alcohol immediately (I'm in no way alcoholic! But like 1 or 2 beers max in the evening). He thinks I may have chronic pancreatitis but we'll see. Some of the symptoms others describe are identical to mine, and I'm not so sure I have many symptoms of C.P. Anyway, we'll see. It's a great comfort to read your posts, so thank you. Has relaxed me somewhat. In the meantime I'm just going to get as healthy (in terms of food and no-booze) as humanly possible. Will update this in a week or two. In the meantime good luck to all. Seems a weird and tricky area.

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SharYan in reply to Mark_C

Hi Mark_C

I know this is an old post that I'm replying to but I just wondered how you got on with your CT scan? Did it reveal anything? My symptoms are similar to yours (pain under rib cage, acid etc.) I have had numerous tests and scans, which haven't revealed much. I am on 40mg Esomeprazole per day for the acid reflux, which seems to be helping at the moment. Hasn't relieved all my symptoms, though.

I have the same symptoms. I have had ultra sound which showed nothing. I also was diagnosed with liver cysts a few years ago and doctor was surprised I was not in pain, as I was not at that time. So now I am wondering if the cysts are causing the pain.

Wouldn't it be incredible if we could get several doctors to read each and every one of these posts and put their heads together and try to solve this! ;)

Hi everyone .Same pain under right rib .Had hida scan test and turned out my gallbladder function very low so thought brilliant I found an answer .Had gallbladder removed 2 years ago now and pain still there .I take morphine daily for pain along with buscupan,nexium,gravel and gabapentin.Pain worse in afternoon and night time .Feeling very depressed lately.Had every test known done seen 5 doctors in past year .

Hello i started having the same pain upper Endoscopy was done.Found out i have gastronitis. But everything els was ok. Then ultersound of gallbladder and liver That was fine blood work came back low red blood cells and slighly high liver enzymes. That tells me Imay have low iron.Therebis several things that can give you high liver enzymes . My next step will be a nuclear hydia scan too make sure my gallbladder is working correctly. Personally Im considering a chriropractor also. We shall see This has been going on since july . I cant wait too get this firgured out . Seems like a lot of people have this. And we must remember .drs practices medcine.So when you get blood work if anything is abnormal .Learn the codes and research it .You may not pin point it but atleast you will know a gew things it could be. Very time consuming. Good luck take care

yes I'm having this pain every day and night they tell me its my IBS

Hi, I get this and it looks like a melon is under my ribcage, I am in menopause at 45. My doctor just keeps giving me painkillers what can I do ?

Try to reduce the amount of gas that builds up in the colon, it gets stuck in the bend near the liver causing back up and pain.

Gas reduced foods are explained in the FODMAP diet. Also bending your body to try and release the trapped air will be helpful. I myself am thirdly helped with a low fibre diet but the bend in my colon is crazy steep and has been there since birth. Your situation is different.

I have more ore less the same symptoms for more that a year. I am just curious to know if any of you as a part of the investigations was given by the doctor a calprotectine test (usually requested to differentiate IBS from IBD).

hi same as me but am 30 weeks preg hurt really bad

been to doc too and said 6 week to go been more then that now had pain tablets

I get this discomfort under my right rib cage. I did have my gallbladder out but I think it's caused by IBS. I have a hernia on my right side too but it's much lower.

I too have had pain under my rib but more on the rib - feels like I've been punched and the rib is bruised. I don't know what it is but it isn't wind. I got to the point when someone hugged me it hurt. Don't know if I've damaged it somehow by a knock?? But I do know that the more you focus on it, the worse it gets. When I stopped being obsessed with it, it did subside - maybe it was that I was so tense it was flexing all the muscles near the rib?

Goodluck with it - but if you've had scans just relax obviously nothing serious is wrong.

My pain has been with me off and on for about 7 years. I too, have had colonoscopy, endoscopy, gall bladder function(HIDA Test) CT scan, you name it, I have had it!! My pain is on right side of stomach, across from naval and under rib cage. It is worse when I sit. It feels like something is stuck there that shouldn't be. Every test I have had comes back normal or gall bladder function just a little sluggish. I have a fatty liver but they tell me that should not cause pain. Then what the heck is it? Am I losing my mind? Very frustrating!

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This really resonates with me. Sorry to hear that its been tough, it is frustrating for so many and to hear so many have these un resolved issues which go on for such a length of time. I've had this for 6 months following an early miscarriage and it sounds just as you describe. I too have had scans all looks normal and good. I am now waiting on an endoscopy and colonoscopy and have been waiting 2 months, but not confident this shall show anything. I now follow a strict natural diet and take a number of supplements which help following regular visits to naturopath. I use slippery elm and this helps although it has flared up again recently and the discomfort although used to be lower really is sitting on my lower right ribcage and radiates down to my right hip. I lead a very active lifestyle and as you say sitting and driving makes it worse, but frustratingly want to have full range of movement and the ability to do more strenuous exercise again which I cannot. Did you ever find the cause? Have the symptoms progressed?

Such a relief to read all these posts as I have been suffering this right sided pain with such a lot of general abdominal discomfort that it's too uncomfortable to even rest my hands on my tummy. I had IBS diagnosed 14 years ago but it is only (only??!!) in the last 3 years that I have been having what everyone has been talking about. It seems to be getting progressively more of an issue and I have worried it was a huge cancer or aneurysm because it does feel like there is something in there that shouldn't be. I have been following the FODMAPS diet which has been helpful but I feel like I am having a flare up right now (again). GP took about 30 seconds to tell me it was gastritis and gave me lanzoprazole and Buckland which helped zero. There must be something somewhere to help. It feels like my entrails are taking over my life completely. I am going to try that yoga exercise mentioned a few posts ago. Fingers crossed!

I have had the same thing. I also suffer with IBS, but I didn't relate the two together. When I have the pain under my right rib I have wind with it, constant burping as though I've eaten something that doesn't agree. some months ago I thought maybe I have an infection there so I drank loads and it went away. but it's back. I don't eat a lot of carbs mainly protein as I need to loose a few stone. You would think having IBS I wouldn't have a problem. I wish.

It's like others have said it feels like something is stuck behind the rib cage, some times it's so bad I can't sleep. what's embarrassing is the burping. I have wind in my top stomach and it moves as it passes through until I burp.

The next day it could be gone for weeks then it starts all over again.

I can relate to it...I have this pain since 2014 Dec and it's getting worse..all tests are normal gallbladder clear kidneys clear.non alcoholic fatty liver but that doesn't cause the pain. Ribs clear ..ct scan clear but everyone is stumped and can't say hat is causing the pain. I feel.helpless and cry doesn't allow me to sleep sometimes.its 24 by 7 and I feel like poking the skin there all the time... I wish I get rid of the pain soon...any suggestions are welcome

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I had the same, I located it on the splenic flexure part of my transverse colon. It then turned into IBS. I googled SF Syndrome, and my GP confirmed that it is localised IBS.

Hi, i was having the same symptoms, pain when bending over to right side, while driving, itching, like a gas ball under right rib than sometimes irradiates to back and shoulder.

I did ultrasound and nothing, blood test all fine except for high indirect billirrubin so i have Gilbert Syndrome...but the pain was still there.

For about 8 months I was just using painkillers, but then one day it started to burn, like hot water moving at the same place of pain, so I went to pharmacy and told them my new symptom and they told me to try Esomeprazol because it was maybe some duodenal ulcer.

I started using it everyday, at morning before eating, 20 mg. ... At the second week the pain started to disappear, i am now on third week and it is still there a little annoyance when i eat a lot, but no pain. I can sit without problems, drive..etc.

I told my doctor and he program an endoscopy to check and search for H pylori or even hiatus hernia...and to be sure that was the problem.

Im now better, but still having sometimes itching on the liver area...

There is hope.

Hi jojo55, I can relate to this type of pain, mine felt like there was a lump there but there wasn't any lumps there. It would just happen at any time and occasionally the pain was that severe I ended up in hospital about 4-5 times. Each time I was admitted they would say I was constipated, which I knew it wasn't, it wasn't gall stones cos I had my gall bladder removed the year before. I was out one Saturday night having a good time when at the end of the night I was in so much pain that I was crying in a club. I was merry but not drunk, an ambulance was called but as it took forever to come one of the bouncers in the club called me a cab to take me to the hospital. The next morning I was admitted, after waiting all night in the waiting area, I was given co codamol which eased the pain. A couple of hours later my mother arrived, it was then that I started having a flare up and boy was I in pain, I was crawling up the walls and screaming out in pain. I ended up after a few more attacks and being admitted to hospital I went private. I had every test going but he could not find out what it was. My GP then referred me to the pain team and they suggested physio. On my first visit to the physio, I explained everything, he took a good look at my back and my scans and he turned around saying my pelvis was out of line and the right side was pushed up where the left side was fine. After a few months of physio and my pelvis going into where it should be, I could no longer feel that pain and started to get on with my life.

I hope you get it sorted out cos it can start to take over your daily living and send you into a depression state. Good luck to and sorry for the long story.

Natalie xx

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E55a in reply to scattienattie1

Hi Natalie,

This is a bit of a delayed message but was the issue down to a misaligned pelvis?


Hi E55a, yes it was. I did a few weeks of physio and it went away. Why do you say that?

Hey everyone! I just created an account that I was having many of the symptoms you are all describing for over two years. I found out I had h. pylori via a blood test (although a urea breath test is preferable) and I'm now taking antibiotics. Don't be cheap and do this test to discard this possibility. Also, look into SIBO and Candida overgrowth. An endoscopy, ultrasounds, stool analysis for parasites and basic blood analysis didn't identify anything on me. Going to a chiropractor also helped. Good luck guys! :)

I started having a feeling under my right ribs about a year and a half ago. In the beginning it felt kind of like when you foot falls asleep but on my side. It soon turned into a pressure feeling like a golf ball was stuck under my rib. The feeling was always more noticeable at night and it made it very difficult to get comfortable in bed. Gradually, it became worse. It began to bother my stomach and my right ab area would fell uncomfortable when touched. In addition, I was always bloated to the point of feeling pregnant.

Two nights ago, I was in bed (super uncomfortable and bloated). I decided to try massaging my stomach for the first time since developing this issue. I was pretty rough. I went in circles around my stomach and under my rib on the “golfball.” Gas released and the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach was gone. I could lay in any position and be comfortable. It has been two days and it hasn’t come back yet. I hope it is gone for good. Hope this helps someone.

Hi, I was just wondering if your circles were clockwise (or anti-clockwise)?

Clockwise i think. I did big circles and then small circles. I was pretty rough. The relief was instant. I have been dealing with this feeling for over a year and a half and these last couple days without the feeling have been great. Not sure if this will help anyone else out, but I hope it does.

Thanks for replying. I have heard of people doing this before, some with good results, like youself, and others have said it's made it worse. I hope you continue to be fine.

Hi, so thinking this might be my problem too...I have had horrible pain under right ribcage for past 4 months had a million tests done with normal results but yet no answer and still massive pain...mine gets worse with activity the longer I stand or the more I do my pain intensifies and radiates to my back and my back gets really tight tense feeling and I get sweaty nausea to the point on many occasions of throwing up..only relief is lying down and sometimes putting a hot water bottle under my back on right side...It feels very similar to my gallbladder problems but mine was removed year ago...the pain for hepatic flexure sounds similar but I dont get constipated....I seem to just get controlled diarrhea and more bowel movements a day then I used too...I'm desperately wanting an answer I'm supposed to go see a specialist gi in Hope's for more answers but afraid wont get that...only thing I havent had done is a colonoscopy wondering if that might help to see how the colon bends etc??

I have same problem two years on. I had gallstones though and bile salt malabsorption. Docs say it may be a pain that they don’t know what it ever is. All tests camera, bloods, X-rays all come back clear which is great. But no answer to ache/pain in right side under ribs, only way I can describe it is like something wedged under my rib or like a swelling .. very strange

Interesting, I have the same problem! I recently went for a chest x ray ( unrelated to this problem) and they found out I have fractured ribs, from a nasty fall 3 years ago! Couldn't believe it, but at least I now know why I get this pain it's horrible!

Hi all. I know this thread is super old but I’m wondering if any of you finally found a magical diagnosis/cure? I have exactly all of the symptoms you all describe, golf ball under my right rib (gallbladder removed but hasn’t made any difference), tight and heavy abdomen plus pain in my back.

Please tell me one of you found out what it was!

Does anyone here vape? Well then read this... I had the exact same symptoms you’re all describing, cured 24 hours after I read this... you’re welcome.

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