Hello to all. I have just come across this site after being advised to get a toilet card, I am so surprised that there are so many sufferers of ibs. I honestly thought that I was one of a few. I have been suffering for years but after the loss of my son my condition got worse due to me getting anxious at times. I really do need help now. I have had a few accidents at work and have had to leave work. I find this extremely worrying to the extent that I'm constantly thinking if I need to go or not. I work in a big office environment and it scares me to think this may happen in my office. I am not taking any medication for ibs and just wondering if anything would help. I am already on prozac and have been for a long time.

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  • Get an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society and a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet in the UK from the RADAR kay charity

    Do you know if you are intolerant to lactose and/or all dairy because if you are there will likely be lactose in your medication which will not help

  • Hi I am also on prozac but was on amitryptilyne before they were better; i find prozac makes me go to loo more.

    i get immodium syrup from consultant.

    So sorry to hear about your Son; that must be heartbreaking-what happened ?

    You are very brave using your photo; you look lovely and your home is ammazing.

    Have you got a consultant ?

    I am a 57 year old gran of 2.

    All the best

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