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Hi, I have IBS c and d . I work different shifts and never know what to eat and when to eat cuz my stomach is always bad mon - fri due to the stress of my job. (It's bad at weekends too but so much easier to cope with) what do other people eat for breakfast and what do you take to eat at work? I work in a busy office where I'm sat down all the time which really doesn't help at all! Atm I'm just avoiding food at work but it's making me tired and not be able to concentrate.

Any advice please? ...also I'm vegitarian

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  • I have IBS-d, little pain and morning urgency. I'll give you my experiences, but of course they may not help you. Porridge made with water and home-made apple sauce. Gluten free biscuits as snack. White bread sandwich with maybe cream cheese or marmite for lunch. Keep it simple. I'm not a veggie, in the evening salmon, new potatoes and veg. My bad foods that make me ill, too, are chocolate and processed tomato pasta-type sauces, anything fatty and too much fruit. BUT I can eat ANYTHING (including alcohol) if I take Imodium Instants - my lifesaver!

  • Hi Vallie

    Thank you for your reply. I'll def be trying out your suggestions, yeah simple meals seem to be the best. Your bad foods are the same things I try to avoid but sometimes it's really hard! I'm glad imodium works so well for you, I haven't found any meds that help so far.

    Thanks again :) I will start tomorrow morning with porridge xx

  • Hi, I also have IBS-D. I try to take rice base food.You can take flat rice soaking it in boiled water, (if you can have hot water facility), Puffed rice, Banana ( small), pomegranate....avoid milk/milk base product, tea, coffee...if you find gluten intolarance then avoid bread, cake,pastry....take egg white (only)...

  • Hi Ashis_75

    Sorry for the late reply!

    Thanks for your suggestions, rice is something my stomach can handle but I'd actually never heard of flat rice, so you just add boiling water and it cooks fairly quickly? That's a great lunch idea, thank you.

    How's your stomach been recently?


  • Try using the FOdmap diet app which works on traffic light system. I eat only those foods which are green not the Amber or red foods. I also am gluten and lactose free. As a vegetarian you will find it much more difficult though although not possible. My standard day is porridge made with water with a banana on top and a little oat milk. Lunch a gluten free bread sandwich. Evening a protein source with potato or gluten free pasta or rice or quinoa plus vegetables. Trouble with vegetarian protein sources is quite a lot of them are non soluble and cause problems. I e pulses and beans and soya based things like tofu. Having IBS does mean you have to alter your diet usually and just find out what suits you. FODMAPS has helped loads of people on this site so do look up other people's experiences of it. The app is available from the Monash University website which developed it and is still ongoing with testing of further foods. Good luck.

  • Hey Sashapet

    Thanks for your reply, i've def got loads to think about and try out so that's great and there is hope! I don't eat much soya or beans because as you say they cause problems for IBS, I get most my protein from Quorn products and nuts. I know about the fodmap diet but find it a little bit confusing, do you have to pay for the app? Are you using the app? If you are, how are you finding it?

    Thanks again for your reply I really appreciate it


  • To help control your diarrhoea and irregular toilet habits, and the noise and the smell, you should try Probiotica7 from Holland and Barrett. I have been taking these for several months now and it has really changed my problems to the point I almost don't have a problem at all. I take 2 a day, but you can take up to 4 a day. They are tablets full of the 'good bacteria', 5 million of them in each capsule which help put the good back in to our gut that we are lacking as IBS sufferers. As for what to have at lunch, I am fine on Heinz Big Soup - Chunky Veg, Mug Shots and Batchelor's Cup a Pasta - Roast chicken and sweetcorn.

  • Mich631

    Thank you to you and everyone else for your suggestions it really mean a lot, I was getting so fed up with my symptoms and you've all given me hope! It's great to hear Probiotica7 works for you and has done for several months cuz some things seem to stop working after a short time, another thing for me to try!

    Do you eat a strict IBS diet as well as the Probiotica7 or can you eat pretty much what you want with these tablets?



  • I am careful what I eat and avoid things that I know will make me really bad, but I am a little relaxed to what I used to be, but it does stop all the terrible toilet habits that go along with IBS

  • Hi Mich631

    I don't know if you're allowed to on here but is it possible you could tell me the exact probiotics you use please cuz I looked in town and there was so many different types.



  • You need to go to Holland & Barrett and buy their Probio7 it is a mainly green packet, you get 100 capsules in the pack, but at 2 a day, this will last 50 days, so not too bad for the price, especially if you get the fabulous results that I have. Good luck and go buy some sooner than later, you won't regret it. x

  • hi, i posted this link elsewhere but just in case u didn't see it

    also have u tried the medicine mebeverine? This may help along with the diet as it can help with diarrhoea and with constipation in IBS and helps with abdo pain by reducing bowel spasms which cause the pain.

    u obviously need to find some dietary changes or medicine or most likely both to enable ur symptoms to not be so bad you can't eat at work as obviously u need the energy and nutrition. also going without eating for long periods of time can make IBS worse. i hope u find something that helps u. mebeverine can be bought over the counter called Colofac (this is the brand name it is sold under), but is expensive so if it helps u then ur GP can prescribe.

    also if u continue to have problems to the point u struggle to eat at work then u would be entitled to a referral to a dietician if u explain the difficulty controlling your symptoms to your GP and explaining u would like dietary advice for helping manage the IBS. also if u take the leaflet at the above link to the GP with u this would help support your need for a referral.

    either way hope u find a way to control ur symptoms as well as poss asap.

    Take care,

    Starbys :-)

  • Hi Starbys

    Thank you for all your info and or the link :) I've actually had mebeverine before but unfortunately it didn't work foe me.

    Ages ago I was eating linseed with everything and it worked so well I had no bad symptoms. ..because it worked so well I got carried away and ate waaaay too much which then gave me problems. I recently went back to adding normal amounts to my food but it doesn't work like it did before.. :(

    It's just so embarrassing having stomach problems all the time which makes me stressed and I'm caught in the IBS / Stress cycle.

    Anyway it's Christmas soon! Woooo!

    I hope you have the best Christmas possible :)

    Thanks again


  • Sorry, made a couple typing mistakes in that message ..

  • Hi.

    When my IBS is really severe, i turn to bland food. A good fail safe for me is Gluten free porridge made with light soya milk an a little raw honey (unpasturised)

    Boring i know, but sometimes its needed.

    Hope it helps.

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