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Recently diagnosed with IBS advice needed

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS but im not 100% sure if it is IBS or what is causing it.

I wake every morning feeling more tired than when i went to bed no matter how much sleep i get. I feel so hungry first thing as if i hadnt eaten dinner, to the point where i feel sick. My stomach hurts most of the time and is worse after eating. I feel awful all day which is making work difficult as I get an urgency to go to the toilet and often go from constipated and not being able to go even tho i feel like i need to, to very loose. my stomach growls and makes gurgling sounds and i have had an increase in burping after excercise and passing wind. The main thing im worried about is passing blood infrequently.

I havent changed my diet as im very picky and although i suffer from depression, ive been off my anti depressants for a few years now and feel much happier now i have a new job.

Is this typical IBS? I dont understand why I am experiencing these symptoms and if the diagnosis is correct. I have felt like this since the end of december and still no better.

I have been given some meds to help relax my stomach and stop the cramps but they arent helping much.

any help or advice would be appreciated x

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A lot of what your describing sounds like Ibs and unfortunately once you have it you have it for life it just affects you in varying degrees. I make a point of eating three meals a day at the same times every day. I take a multi vitamin a prebiotic and my Ibs medication daily. I also drink green tea. Dairy, fried food, greasy food, fizzy and spicy tend to make things worse and for some wheat and gluten. It's trial and error as to what sets you off.


Oh and the gurgling, rumbling, gas and urgency are all very normal signs of ibs


Unfortunately for me I'm very picky when it comes to food and I live on fizzy drinks and tea so a diet change is going to be very difficult for me. I'm struggling with work & will try anything as I can't afford to be off work as I haven't been there long. Thanks for your help, I will try to cut these things out of my diet n see how I get on. I have started a diary of my diet and symptoms as I've heard this can help to recognise triggers


Advise you to avoid chemicals in diet drinks and foods which are full of aspartame and other toxic substances which can have a devastating effect


Look at fodmap diet, I'm not strictly on it but having cut out onions, dairy, fizzy drinks, alcohol and processed foods I feel much better. I also drink peppermint tea! Before doing this my ibs had gotten so bad I could barely leave the house some days because I was either in pain or needing the loo. It is really horrible and doctors struggle to take it seriously :/


Stop drinking anything with aspartame in . It's helped my daughter alot . Also someone on here recommended us to Intestaid ib and after 4 days have noticed huge improvement !


Thanks everyone for being so helpful. Today I'm going to be starting my new diet. It's going to be tough. Fed up of feeling sick n having stomach ache. I will try peppermint tea as lots of people say it helps and I will have a look at the fodap diet too. Thanks x


I agree with above. One day at a time try substituting something from fodmaps diet for what you're eating: I tried it and haven't had pain but for me very binding. So had to modify. Good luck. And definitely ditch the fizzy drinks of any kind.


After just over a week of being very strict I'm feeling alot better. Ive started the fodmap diet. ive cut out fizzy drinks and started drinking de-caff tea n squash instead. No wheat gluten or dairy, I'm now grilling and draining the fat from all meat that I eat and trying to stick to the fruit and veg advised on the fodmap diet.

I'm still not 100% there yet but my main worse symptoms have all calmed down. So happy!

Thanks everyone who gave me advise its really helped.



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