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Hi, i have had IBS for few years and take membeverine before eating which has helped me for the most part. I have days where i am passing 'coal' and some where it's more like sticky mess with the consistancy of a fool! The last few weeks i have had really bad pain in my lower stomach and it's got so that i have been indoors, mostly in bed for weeks. Hubby says i need to see GP but, surely, they will just say it's IBS! Looking at NHS direct that would trnd to suggest it' s not unusual for IBS but I am at my wits end with it. Any advice?

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    I avoid highly fatty foods or deep fried foods and whole wheat for the most part and regular exercise helps keep the digestive system working properly by increasing blood flow to it. I was diagnosed in 2011 along with GERD, Hiatal Hernia and Gastroparesis. Hope the above link helps. Dicetal (spelling?) is a prescription ive been prescribed but due to my lack of benefits between my two jobs I can't afford it on top of my other medication (Domperidone being one of them for GERD)

  • Hi Naya, guessing you are in Us as we don't pay for meds here in UK but most I can't take as they are seratonin based and i get seratonin sickness. I take gentle powders to help me go and dont eat fried food more than once a fortnight. I have cereal for breakfast but probably dont eat enough veg and salad as i struggle to prepare it. Hubby says we need to start buying pre prepared even if it's more expensive as it might improve things for me. Hope this finds you well atm? X

  • Go get it checked just to put your mind at ease.

    Have you tried probiotics they work for a lot of people, Yakult, actimel etc.

    I eat some coconut also which seems to help and if it flares up I eat a banana.

  • Hi Jimtom, i have tried actimel daily for a year but didn't see any change. Going to try and eat more veg and salad, see if i improve. Dosen't help that most of my meds constipate me. Thanks for replying x

  • Hi Jan

    Sorry to read you are suffering so much with pain. My mum has IBS and she has had a lot of pain too. She went to her GP who changed Mebeverine to Buscopan because he said Mebeverine can lose effectiveness over time!. She's found buscopan a great help and is coming out of her longest flare to date!. IBS is such a tough condition so I hope this is helpful for you. Certainly any pain that is severe or worsening should be checked out so good luck. X

  • Thank you for this, i thought they were the same drug and Buscopan was trade name! Will ask when i go for next check.

  • Hi Jan

    Good luck at your check. They're definitely separate drugs. X

  • Some good advice has been given to you, also ask to be checked for Dysbiosis .

  • Never heard of this, will look it up, thank you.

  • I found with my ibs eating weetabox everyday helps me go a lot easier

  • I alternate between weetabix and shreddies or shredded wheat.

  • See the GP

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