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I'm really trying to help

Hi. I'm new to this forum, and relatively new to the IBS community. I am not trying to SPAM this community, so please, if I am doing something wrong, just tell me, and I'll stop.

I'm the co-founder & president of a company that sells a digestive enzyme. Long story short, after years of digestive pain, I came to realize I had a combination of IBS, gluten sensitivity, and a few other food sensitivities. I've made a lot of progress, but I know that long-term, I need to repair the years of damage done to my digestive tract.

Before I started my company, I stumbled upon digestive enzymes. A few of them helped me, so I took it upon myself to work with medical professionals to develop my own product and form my company.

I'm not going to post any links to my company's web site, because I don't want anyone to think I'm SPAM-ing, but if folks are interested, I'd be happy to share the link.

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Are digestive enzymes available on prescription? That is the only way some people could afford them. I know I would give anything for something to alleviate my symptoms but I can barely afford the NHS prescription charge, let alone Symprove or hypnotherapy or other helpful suggestions. What research has been done into digestive enzymes and which journals might I find it in? Would be interested to find out more.


Yes please Im interested in trying anything right now, so depressed :(


My dietitian mentioned enzymes to me, but I didn't follow it up, perhaps I should have done. Please post the link, I'm sure a lot of us would be interested in the website.


My company is based in the US, and digestive enzymes are freely available here without a prescription. I want to also note that the purpose of my site (and my company) is to help people. Even if folks never buy our product, we spent a lot of time putting together an advocacy-based informational web site.

Here is our site: getsorbeo.com

Details on our product are here: getsorbeo.com/product.asp

I hope this helps.

Jonty Yamisha

Co-founder & President,

Sorbeo Holdings, LLC



Having looked at your product ingredients I note that it contains powdered pineapple and papaya. A lot of people on this site are on a low FODMAP diet and, although both of these fruits are listed as 'safe' to eat when fresh, they are listed as containing high amounts of oligo-fructans and 'not safe' when dried (ref Monash University). Therefore, I'm wondering what the effects of a powdered version would be on a fodmapper. At $34.99 for a month's supply and not knowing whether the outcome might make me worse, I think I'll give this a miss.

Thanks anyway for posting the info.


Paganmoon, if I might ask.... we're a brand new company, and still trying to get our bearings. What is a price point where you would be ok with taking a try on a new product?



I would be happy to try a new product priced between £10 and £15 (sterling) if I thought there was a good chance it might help.

The main problem with your product for me and others with IBS is its powdered fruit content which many of us do not tolerate well as previously explained.

Most of us on this site have spent a lot of money on products that either have no effect on our symptoms or make them worse.




Have a look at this one. I recommend this to clients, excellent quality and reasonably priced


Thanks very much for the info. However, I just had a look at the ingredients and it contains sodium benzoate and rice. Whilst I might just get away with the rice, the SB would give me a lot of problems.


If something is available on prescription in the UK then it is a fixed price of £7.65 for a supply of maybe a month-(or several if you have a nice GP!) and some people can get help with prescription costs. I agree with Paganmoon on this one-personally I cannot have fruit in any shape or form so this would potentially make my already horrific symptoms even worse. I realise this is a risk for any supplement or medication or food but some are more risky. Hope this makes sense since the Oramorph is now kicking in!


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