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Pain in lower stomach on the right

I suffer from ibs for over 20 years sometimes going 2/3 times a day, then occasionally get constipated. Sunday night I did a bit of lifting some rubbish, nothing strenuous just a ironing board and some hanging pots and old Christmas stuff out to the dustbin. In the night I had a pain lower right and couldn't move or cough or twist over without it hurting, I went to the toilet in the morning as usual and haven't been since . I know I suffer from a lot of gas pains ,but I am really worried about this pain . It hurts when I move about and when I try to open my bowels , it sort of goes into my hip as well. I have taken a fybogel and loads of water,I was going to go to the doctors , but I don't feel up to it at the moment. Can ibs or wind pains cause extreme pain on the lower right I have examined my self and the area is tender and painful to touch. I thought I might have pulled a muscle or have a grumbling appendix.its like a bad stitch down near near the groin , I had a colonoscopy last year and have slight diverclitis excuse spelling.. it doesn't hurt when I sit still , but coughing or moving about brings it on and getting up from chair.sorry if I sound like a whimp. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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I would urge you to go to the doctor and get this diagnosed properly. Could be appendicitis, could be you have a hernia, but could be other things too. Just go - that's what they are there for.

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I have been to the doctors this morning and he examined my stomach and lifted my leg right up right leg I mean and pressed the appendix area, he found from the urine sample I have a infection, also the ibs was bad this morning due to taking all bran and yesterday a fybogel, as I hadn't been going to the toilet properley for a couple of days, usually I go 2/3 every morning,he said I didn't have a grumbling appendix I have a urine infection and maybe muscle strain he didn't mention my ibs which I asked him for a opinion anyway I have taken a antibiotic and the pain in still there. Just cramp like pain but still hurts when I cough and move about. I asked him if I should have a scan on the appendix area and he said no I didn't need it. I did do a bit of lifting Monday , but nothing strenuous , I am concerned as I have never had this sort of pain before usually with a urine infection it was just in the fron but this is different. He said the pain was a combination of muscle strain and urine infection, he never mentioned the ibs.


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