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Lower right ibs pain?

How common is it for ibs to move to right side low in abdomen and into groin. Mine has been left usually but last couple of times it is quite low into pelvic region. Obviously I have had a ultrasound a few months back but it can be scary when you read ibs is always lower left.

Just wondered if anyone else gets it there have had some diarrhoea but had been taking magnesium citrate for a few weeks for a ear problem and wondered if that triggered this.


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Hi bourne62 .Ive had IBS for almost13yrs and over that time it has kept changeing,It started with just a discomfort,after no end of gastrologist,tests,and diets I have now got chronic IBS,and it is now pain day in day out.But to get to my point it is always in my pelvic area,I'm really just trying to reassure you that it can change,there is not any definite symptoms for IBS. Have you had a colonoscopy? Also if you read some of the posts on this site you'll see that were all different,which might console you. Good Luck.


Bourne 62. I just wanted to know if you are using the FODMAP diet. I have had IBS

since l968, and this is the best thing I have ever come across. After years of reading

trying drugs, testing and whatever else, this is my answer finally! I hope it will work for

you. Just keep your diet as simple and natural as possible within limits. And, yes, I have had pain in the lower right side many times myself.


my daughter's was always in or around pelvic area and went misdiagnosed for four (4!) YEARS! She went for an x-ray during an attack and turned out to be diverticulitis. SHe's cured herself with diet and exercise!


Hi Bourne 62. I ve had IBS some 40 odd years on and off always pain in the right side and general tum ache. Seems to be more bouts of it as I grow older. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding rich food and walking help me. I do know how you feel. No matter how often or long it affects you you still worry. It helps talking to each other on here and comforting to know we all understand. Lots hugs x


Thanks so much everyone you are so kind.

Gloden was your right sided pain low over pelvic region and into groin at any time. Drs seem to say only on left side but this cannot be true. You are so right about the comfort from this site i was so upset brfore I read your replies. Everytime I felt a pain I was panicking.

Thank you


Hi Bourne 62 . Yes I have right side pain all down my side and goes into my back too. Even after all these years I still worry every time I get an attack. This last bout I have had for two months almost non stop. Its mostly constipation but the odd diarrhea too. Hope you feel better soon xx


Hi! from my 30 year experience with IBS the pain can be either side . Mine has always been lower right the area that's called the right iliac fossa. Think this area can be troublesome if the pain radiates from where the ileocecal valve is situated. Worth looking it up. I have also got confirmed diverticulosis which shows with pain on the left side but surprisingly I do not get any pain from that side. If you have confirmed IBS look at your diet and have an exercise regime. Good luck!


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