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Abdominal pain, ibs-d? Weight loss

Hi everyone,

New to this forum, could anyone tell me please if any of you suffer from abdominal pain from ibs-d I have had terrible loose stools would say it's a 4 on the stool chart and can go from a 4 to 6 and 7 sometimes and sometimes it's explosive too. (Sorry)

I have just had a gastroscopy with 8 biopsies and it all came back clear. Today I seen Dr chatree at Sunderland royal, he's sending me for an mri for the pain (abdominal) and weight loss.

Have any of you had weight loss with ibs-d? I also have anxiety, I've had a handful of panic attacks over the last 4 month where I have lost my appetite and not eaten properly sometimes sloped meals.

I'm trying to eat as much as I can to try get the weight back on, but I just empty on a morning.

The pain in my abdomen is painful to touch sometimes like I have wind there could this be wind in my stomach?

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Hi! jjb1983

My confirmed IBS-d has been around 6/7 on the Bristol scale and I do suffer from pains lower RIF and I do believe in my case it is gas. I have had weight loss and at 50 kilos am underweight for my height and age. I do not know why you have had a gastroscopy and 8 biopsies as my IBS-d was confirmed by a colonoscopy. Hope this helps and good luck



He said I didn't need one as I had a colonoscopy in 2014.

What is RIF pain? Where is that.

I get terrible wind.

Is your weight loss due to ibs-d?

It's not very nice is it.

I had a gastroscopy because of feeling sick a lot.

Had bad indigestion.


Yes, I believe my IBS-D has caused my weight loss-I am stuck at 50 kilos. RIF pain is lower right hand side pain, (medical term right iliac fossa), yes gas can be so uncomfortable so I take Mebeveine it helps. Good Luck to you for the future

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Hi when I have an ibs d flare up I can't eat much plain toast wheat free plain biscuits and yes I do loose weight. When I was first diagnosed I was afraid to eat because it caused me so much pain and discomfort and from 9 stone I went down to 7 stone. Hope this helps I also have explosive diorrhea and need to be near the loo and stomach cramps and terrible smelly wind it's a good job I live alone!!!!!



I can so relate, although mine tends to be on a morning once I've woke up.

But I can have bouts late night too.

Do you loose your appetite or is it because you fear toilet trips and pain?

3 stone weight loss wow mine is 9lb in 5 months so far I'm trying to eat as much as I can so I don't loose weight but unfortunately I crap it out on a morning lol.

Does anything work for you?

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I loose my appetite and gradually build up to eating normally. But after I've been to the loo the urgency to get to the loo goes off but it aches for hours or days after.

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Hi, I too bad severe weight loss from IBS-C. I went from 186lbs..down to a skeletal 114 lbs where they were thinking of putting me on feeding tube. I too was skipping meals or pushing food around my plate for fear that anything I ate would make me cramp..to the point where I stopped pizza, soda, bread, hoagies, nachos, potato skins and many of my favorite dishes. I started seeing a dietician at a clinic I go to..free of charge, no co-pay. With her help..I have finally gained weight to where I don't look like I just got out of concentration camp. Try to eat smaller meals a day..to see if that helps..also protein nutrition drinks like Ensure, Boost or CB-1 weight gainer helped me as well as "Belvida" high protein cookies.


Hi wind can cause pain in lots of places in your body and if you are not eating you will lose weight I have had ibs for a long time and i find it difficult to put weight on Its very hard to live with and anxiety makes it worse Good luck with your Mir scan if that comes back clear you may be able to get past the anxiety


Thank you,

I didn't realise wind could be in different places.

I'm eating but kind of makes no difference as I just empty on a morning.

I'm finding at the moment it's difficult to put weight on.

Me too thanks.


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