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Lower back pain with IBS-d

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this but thought I'd just ask a general question;

I've started getting severe lower back pain with my IBS. I'm not sure if it's wind or build up/blockage or just from using my pushing to go to the loo muscles to much (sorry maybe tmi) maybe it's all three but I just wandered if anyone has any suggestion of how to help the pain? Or help 'get out' what's causing the pain. I've tried paracetamol and heat patches but that just helps a little bit.

Thanks xx

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Hi Delilah butterfly93

I get horrible lower back pain with my IBS too, it really gets me down. I find magnesium oil rubbed into the sore spot helps. In fact I rub this oil into any bits that hurt, I couldn't be without it now. A deep warm bath followed by an ice pack ( or vise versa ) helps too. On really bad days I take Solphomol but I really do limit how many I take of those as they themselves can upset my stomach.

Hope this helps & best wishes to you



I've not thought of magnesium oil but I've used the bath salts in the past so I'll defiantly give that a go. Thanks I'd never of thought if that!


Ask for a MRI and be sure you have not got a back problem, most people have but don't always know.

I fully understand what you mean about pushing and how it strains so many areas, but i would suggest Lactalose and plenty of water, works wonders.


Thanks for your reply. My IBS is usually diarrhoea based but since being put on Pregaballin it's swinging to more constipated which I'm not experienced with dealing with. I'll try drinking more water but lactalose gives me painful wind. Thanks though!


I have a herniated disc and slow stomach emptying when I get bad back pain I use hot water bottle


Thanks that makes sense. I've checked with a health care professional and they a pretty certain it's IBS related pain. So that's a relief!

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I get back /side spasms sometimes before or after an ibs attack. I take Myrbentol and paracetamol , heat pads or cold pack.

If well enough I walk around as this is good for back spasm and colon .

Try not to push as this is likely to bring on piles. try more water at least 3 pints a day or squash.

Hope this helps


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Thanks your your reply. I do find walks help. Drinking more water will probably help too. I've not heard on Myrbentol, I'll look it up. Your right I do find its worse before a IBS-d attack but since being put on more constipation causing meds to help with the diarrhoea I find I dont get the attack just the back pain. Which is better don't get me wrong, but it does mean I don't get the release or Eva hating what causing the pain. (Sorry if that's to much information!) thanks for your ideas!


hi if really painful Codeine but not good to take regularly can cause mood swings n drowsiness.my last resort if cant sleep cos of back pain.

God bless



Might be wind! Could try peppermint capsules? Or peppermint oil in a bath? Might help. Magnesium bath salts help my back. Good luck


Thank you for replying! I think it is mainly wind. I've tried peppermint capsules but not magnesium in the bath, I'll definitely give it a go!


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