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IBS + Cystitus??

Does anyone else get inflammation in back passage (possiibly due to haemorrhoids) and worse still a type of CYSTITUS at Front once the diarrhoea stops, after taking Imodium ?? I have it for four to five hours afterwards and lie in my bed feeling 'tortured' as there appears nothing I can do about it, particulary the CYSTITUS - I get no sleep because of it, when it does ease off and after sleeping, its gone, like the sleep has cured the Cystitus!!

I have used Haemorrhoid Ointment for the back passage trouble, but am curious to know if others seem to get Cystitus as well??

As with all of you, no-one knows except the sufferers themselves, what a 'living hell' IBS can be.

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Cranberry supplement

Only water and baby soap for cleansing

Frequent change of cotton underwear


Read up on Interstial Cystitis sounds like it could be that. All the best.

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Yes IBS/D can show up anywere; have you tried having a relaxing soak in the bath.

And a hot water bottle.

I have only had cystitis once and that was enough !

I dont have heammoroids but still get bleeding and a sore bum-blood makes the bum sore when it comes out. Usually out shopping and then thats all I can think of and it spoils everything.

Hope you are soon feeling better x


I've got piles. Use anusol cream on prescription. £3.50 otherwise. Try to dab not rub when finished. Also use baby wipes. Have used pads in the past to prevent accident. Get adult ones fro boots. About £6 for pack of 8.


Absolutely scrupulous hygene, wash hands before putting cream on piles and after, I'm wondering if when you use the cream as it disolves, it's travelling up to the urethra and causing your symptoms, not as mad as it sounds, the cream becomes liquid very quickly when put in such a warm moist enviorment, and I've done this to myself. I started using the Anusol wipes, or massaging the cream in them wiping off any excess to prevent "travel". I hope this gives you some relief, the very fact it disspears after you sleep encourages me to think this could be a possibillity.


Someone said cranberry. Bad idea. It is acidic and makes pain worse. Cranberry was recommended in the past for infection not cystitis. I take azo. It helps numb bladder and urethra. It's like an aspirin for your urinary tract. Also ice pack helps.


Thank you so much for this info - is AZO available over the counter in a Chemist or is this a prescription drug??


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