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Hi Everyone , i have suffered from ibs coming up for 10 years now ever since i had my gallbladder out due to gallstones , i have tried every med going and recently had both cameras and still nothing showing up. After much research of everything going on it all comes back to bile acid which Dr agreed it was. my last app at the hospital was just a joke which i was told to try another med and left it as that, however i was at work the other day in which the hospital called me up and said they wanted to book me in for an out patients app to see a higher consultant (confused) as i havent been back to the Dr since as i thought there was no help and been left to get on with it. I suffer everyday mainly mornings with so much pain in my stomach which then leads on to sharp pains then followed by going to the toilet and its getting to the stage where i really cant hold it and panicking i going to have an accident, to stop all this every morning i take sometimes up to 4 codine phosphate mg which my Dr knows about an as most of you are aware these are very addictive so as ihave been on them for maybe 3 years if i dont take them i get awful headaches and want to stay in bed all day. Any advice on anything that can help me or any advice i can go to my Dr with would be very much appreiciated.

I have also noticed my breath is really bad and no matter how much i brush / mouthwash it does not make any difference. Has anyone else had this problem ?

Kind Regards

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  • I sincerely empathise with you as you are in exactly the same boat as me.I had my gallbladder out about 10 yrs ago I've also been all through the NHS and private and I'm still in the same position as you. The only suggestion I give you is to keep looking on this site to see if you can pick anything up of help off anyone else,as were all pretty much got the same problems.Try to think positive and don't give up hope.(I know easier said than done) I'm giving you lots of hugs......it's all I've got to offer sorry.

  • Many Thanks for your reply. This website has been a massive help with understanding things alot better. As much as i wouldnt wish this on anyone but its nice to know im not the only one going through this.

    As with most women and im sure men it is not nice as it really does take over your life i work full time , i cant even go out on my days off well on long trip as im worried about going to the toilet ( i dont like using toilets out on the go as i get really embarrassed incase some1 is in the same facility if you know what i mean.

    Well fingers crossed my next hospital app gives me some answers (23rd July) < cant come quick enough :)

    Wishing you all the best aswell (for once i can say to someone i know what your going through and mean it)

  • Also had gallbladder out and still having problems.Find Colpermin helping sometimes.Also go swimming and waking. When all else fails take pain killers micro hot bottles and hope it passes. Never realised it was such a life changing problem

  • Ps also been referred to high professor at Manchester. Appointment at beginning of August. Hoping he can make some helpful suggestions. Have noticed quite a few nibs suffers mention gallbladder problems

  • Let us know how you get on .i was referred to a Proffessor in Nottingham no joy .I hope you have better luck

  • hi there read my reply to angel97

  • hi there read my reply to angel97

  • hi there it sounds like you have sphincter of oddi disfunction, you need to eat low fat, no meat and no fibrous veges, I take questran lite which I believe it gathers up excess bile.

  • Hi I have virtually identical symptoms to you - since gallbladder removal 15years ago. I was managing on over counter colofac/ loperamide. But 3 years ago had a very bad stomach bug for 2 weeks. Since then I have been terrible, bad diarrhea every am & throughout the day. I have all the tests/ cameras etc as you have. My Consultant finally came up with Bile Acid malabsorbtion ( BAM!)

    Anyway I now take 1 QUESTRAN Light sachet - you can take more but I find one enough (Cholestyramine is another type) every night which helps a lot.

    I am also on a gluten free/dairy free/yeast free diet. ( I had a York Intolerance Test which highlighted a very high yeast intolerance ( this came on after stomach bug). I have tried taking probiotics but they make me worse. Have seen a dietician & a nutritionist and this is a combination of their suggestions. Sort of based on FODMAP diet as well! I mostly manage now bit am sticking to a very boring rigid diet. Makes eating out difficult.

    Anyway Good Luck !!

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I too have been prescribed Cholestyramine & due too this site reading someone elses post i told the hospital it was bile acid which they agreed. I am yet to try the Cholestyramine which i am hoping to try when i have a week off work to see how i get on with it. Do you suffer with severe pains at all like when you need to go as i get them an they are soo bad i can hardly walk to go to the toilet if you no what i mean, i have to wait for it to pass then get to the toilet by then ill have another one coming on. I have the hospital again on the 23rd so fingers crossed i may get some more answers.

    Glad that you are getting to manage it quite well now. :)

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